Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nov 26 - Dec 2

Mon-AM: 1:50, 4000' ~ Green & Bear
Got out with my college bud Dan Kraft (Imogene Pass winner this year) on a morning of freezing drizzle.  I was hoping to show him some scrambling but the glaze of ice over everything relegated us to the trails, which were also crazy slick in many spots.  My first time on the West Ridge of Bear since the fire this summer and the small re-route of the trail near the summit is actually quite nice. Also, I've been neglecting Fern Canyon for too long; love that descent.

Tue-AM: 2:07, 4500' ~ Mt. Elbert (14,433')
Up and down the NE ridge. Got up early and drove up to Leadville for some thin air. Hardly any snow and reasonable winds.  At least compared to the hurricane I experienced on Longs a couple days ago.

Wed-AM: 2:21, 4500' ~ La Plata Peak (14,336')
Up and down the NW ridge. Cold start (+5F at the trailhead) warmed up eventually until I crested the ridge at 12,700' or so when the wind kicked in. Not quite as snow-free as Elbert, but still distressingly dry.
PM: 0:43 ~ BRC Group Run and Ultimate Direction Signature Series Launch
Cruised a mellow loop on the creek paths with a couple hundred other folks before showing off the packs that we've been working on for the past nine months--and that are now available!

Thu-AM: 2:26, 5500' ~ Flatiron Quinfecta+Green Mt.
Awesome day in the Flatirons.  I did the usual link-up, going 1-2-3-5-4 before grunting to the summit of Green and running back down to Chat via the NE ridge.  My scrambling skills were perfectly on-point today and I was moving really well all day long on both the climbs and downclimbs.  I tagged the summit of the 4th 1:54:35 from Chautauqua, so if I'd descended back to Chat from there I would expect to have done the full car-to-car link-up in 2:12 or so.  Still 10+ minutes off of Buzz's FKT, but I can take 5min alone off of my ascent to the summit of the First, so I might get there eventually, even without Buzz's downclimbing shenanigans on the 2nd and the 5th.  Right now, this is by far my favorite "run" to do in Boulder.  It offers over a vertical mile of ascent in probably less than 8mi of bipedal travel.
PM: 1:00, 1500' ~ Climbing: The Matron w/ Joe.
Parked in Eldo Spgs and hiked up Old Mesa to the Matron.  Joe led the first (sand-bagged 5.5) pitch after which we packed the rope and gear and just soloed the majestic East Face (5.0-5.2).  This is definitely one of the proudest rocks in the Boulder area. Our late start meant that by time we'd gotten to the second set of rap bolts it was basically dark already and definitely dark by time we were on the ground, which made for a frustrating stumble back down the boulders and through the woods back to the trail.  The whole outing ended up taking nearly 3hr--the 1hr timeframe was just the approach and descent.

Fri-AM: 2:01, 3000' ~ Third Flatiron+Green Mt.
Nice easy day.  Jogged up to Chat and the base of the Third for a super casual scramble and downclimb before tagging Green and descending Ranger-Gregory.
PM: Climbing w/ Joe.
Got in a quick cruise on The Owl on the Dome in Boulder Canyon.

Sat-AM: 2:32, 5500' ~ Flatiron Quinfecta+Green Mt.
I'd wanted to go up Longs Peak this morning, but it was forecasted to have 85mph winds, so opted for a bunch of scrambling instead. Starting from Chat, I linked them all together in the usual order: 1-2-3-5-4.  I was right on my splits from Thursday until I got to the 5th where I decided to take the North Buttress route instead of my usual East Face North Side line.  The latter stays maybe 20-30' left of the north arete before joining it at an airy shoulder, and by doing so, avoids a ~30' section of slightly steeper 5.6 climbing with thin holds.  Today was my first time negotiating that in running shoes, so it took me a little longer.  Went to the top of the mountain after #4 before descending back down to Chat in sub-21min.

Sun-AM: 2:30, 5000' ~ Flatiron Quinfecta
Longs was still supposed to have 50mph+ wind gusts, and with the beautiful weather in Boulder it wasn't hard to convince myself to take advantage of the unseasonably warm temps and sneak in some more scrambling before heading down to Texas for the next three days. Decided to mix it up by going in descending order this morning, which allowed me to scout the descent off the top of the Fourth back down to the Royal Arch trail and then do a proper full ascent of the Third Flatiron (the standard route starts a couple hundred feet high on the face, from the East Bench).  I ran into Bill Wright at the base of the Third who was out linking up a bunch of Gerry Roach "Classic" routes, and then at the base of the First I ran into Dr. John Hill (medical director of the Leadville 100)--who helped me a lot with a knee injury a couple years ago. Good to see folks out enjoying the gorgeous day. The warm weather left me pretty dehydrated though, and by time I did the downclimb off the First I was bonking in spectacular fashion and couldn't find the motivation to ascend the extra 1000' to the summit of Green.  This hardly diminished the outing for me, though.
PM: Climbing with Joe.
Third Elephant Buttress, Standard Route, in Boulder Canyon.

Hours: 17h30min
Vert: 34,000'

I could feel myself starting to get some mojo back this week, even though I had a heavy emphasis on scrambling--or, "scrunbling", as Joe has dubbed the hybridization of running and scrambling.  This spate of weather won't last forever, so I've been trying to squeeze in as much rock as possible before it gets covered in snow and ice.  Especially as the weather turns, I'll be working more continuous running back into the routine, though, as my first couple of races in 2013 are very runnable affairs that will require a little turn-over, for sure.

Summit of La Plata Wednesday morning.
The lovely Sawatch.


Rain said...

Sounds like a great week! Nothing like getting your mojo back, hope there are many more weeks of that for you!
I will check out your pack, sounds interesting!

David Hill said...

Awesome pics, as usual. It was cool seeing you cruise easy at the BRC run. Do you know when the updated 110's are coming out? Also curious how going up Fern to Bear Peak compares to some of the skyrunning stuff you've done in Europe? Even close in terms of grade/gnarlyness?


Roland said...


Here are some comparisons:


Brad Williams said...

Are we getting a glimpse of a forthcoming NB trail shoe that will hit the market or are you wearing a Tony only pro/custom model on La Plata?

Brian said...

Anton -

Are you planning on doing Bandera 100K?


EmersonFuller said...

Dig it

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your new UD Pack is doing well its already sold out on UD's Main Website!

Glad you skipped out on the TNF 50 Miler as well...you didn't miss much other than some sloppy conditions and top runners getting lost and frustrated....

Unknown said...

your photos are always amazing.

EmersonFuller said...

We need larger sizes in the 110!
I'm like a 16 and can't get a pair of shoes for shit, would love to see some sasquatchian sized minimus,

I know you have little card in that game, but for once I'd love a rad pair of shoes that actually fit and I have no idea how to get my voice heard by big cat companies,

Keep the blog rolling your an inspiration and an entertainer

Mike Stimac said...

Hey, man, I've just become quite addicted to trail running. After playing football in college, I decided to run; I began running marathons and other road races. However, after running trails through the state forests of Pennsylvania, I've become connected to the land. It's a long shot, but if you're ever interested in running in PA, check out the Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs.

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