Saturday, December 29, 2007

Monday Dec 24, 2007

AM- 16 miles (2:05) Grocery store and back in Niobrara (sz 11 Slingshots)
PM- 8 miles (1:06) Canyon out and back plus some pastures (PC II)

Sunday night I drove back to Nebraska to visit my parents for Christmas, so I was out on the farm--and away from the internet!--all week; thus, the delayed update.

This morning's run I took it nice and easy and just ran to town and back to pick up a couple packages of Ramen noodles for my Mom so that she could make a cabbage salad.  I think my legs were feeling the weekend's long runs because although 8 minute miles were easy they felt quick.  I added on out the Colwell Road to get the full time.  The weather was pleasant enough to wear shorts, but I was reminded of how much a factor the wind is out here in the hills---it's rarely something I even think about in Colorado.

In the evening, I didn't get out until the sun was going down, but I got to see a great sunset and a pretty magnificent full-moon rise as well.  My legs felt nice and spry, so, despite the biting wind, this run was well worth it.

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