Monday, May 5, 2008

Week Log: April 28-May 4

Mon-PM: 11 miles (1:31) Baca Grande road out and back
In Crestone, CO with Jocelyn. Wore the NB 505s because my foot is still bruised. I felt so shitty on the way back that I stopped running and just walked the last hour. Time to take some down time.

Tue-PM: 5 miles (:40) Baca campus road out and back w/ Jocelyn
Felt pretty terrible.

Wed-AM: 5 miles (:40) North Crestone Road out and back
Almost felt normal by the end of this run, I think.

Thu-AM: 5 miles (:40) Baca Grande singletrack+road w/ Jocelyn
Finally feel like a human being again. Felt good enough to do a lot more this morning, but there's no hurry.

Fri-AM: 25 miles (3:01) Buckhorn+Monument Loops+barefoot
The first few miles were a bit funky, and I actually felt like I'd lost some altitude fitness on the Buckhorn climb, but I felt really really good the second half and had a lot of sub-7 minute miles. Really cookin' at times.
PM: 6 miles (:51) Shooks Run Loop w/ Jocelyn
Nice and easy in the 152s.

Sat-AM: 32 miles (4:14) 666-Jones Park-Meadow before Lake Moraine-7 Bridges-Buckhorn and back home.
I didn't feel great climbing on this run but it was awesome because I ran on basically snow-free trails all the way up to 10,000'. Yeah! I'm ready for summer! Felt really good on the downhills, and actually moving good all day until I started bonking the last 3 miles or so.

Sun-AM: 8 miles (1:11) Pipeline trail out+back in Manitou w/ Jocelyn
Decided that I would rather spend the whole day with Jocelyn than go running all day; especially since this "easy/down" week would've still been over 100 miles if I hadn't taken today so easy. Felt good. I love this trail.

Total: 97 miles (12:48)

I guess my body really needed this week after the last very very solid 8 weeks of training and racing. I just figured that if I don't give myself a nice physical and mental break right now then my body/mind will be NEEDING it in a couple of weeks when I'll needing to be putting in the meat of my training for Western States. I was happy with the way I felt by the end of the week, so I'm excited to really get after it now--especially since he high altitude trails are melting out!


Rocky said...

Hey Tony, I just put in a huge plug for you and your DVD on Dean Karnazes blog--it even bordered "mushy". I'm sure you won't let them down--hope you get a few sales out of it.

brownie said...

What is this pipeline trail you speak of?

And how much of Barr Trail is snow free? I know you said you made it up to A-frame, how's the trail above the 7.8 sign?

Anton said...

thanks, i guess...

pipeline can be reached by going to the start of the incline and taking that road/trail that branches off to the right right at the beginning of the incline. it's a ridiculous climb to the top of the ridge, but then it's a beautiful little singletrack that roughly parallels the UPT before it hooks into it.

7.8 sign to barr is essentially 100% snowfree. the trail to A frame is then about 90% snow but is all runnable because it's mostly packed ice.

Charlie said...

Reading your weekly logs gives me butterflies (the manly kind, the same sort of sensation after taking a few shots of whisky). I think it is inspirational that your "down" week is still about three times the mileage that I usually do.

always looking forward to your posts.


Al Glenn said...

Great pull back week. Your focus and positive attitude ending the week are a great thing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts/reactions to your travails. I sense some big things are coming. Peace.

DW said...

Crestone is an incredible place...hope you enjoyed your stay there...and not just for the running. If you head back, there's a nice double track running from the end of the Baca all the way to the Great Sand Dunes. There are also some great trails at the north end of town by the campground that head up into the mountains. I'm hoping to head back there this summer to run/hike them...too much snow when we were there a few weeks ago. Hope to spend some time checking out Salida/BV on the way back too.

Curious what led you over to Crestone...

Anton said...

i've actually spent a lot of time in Crestone over the years because of Colorado College's Baca Campus there. As a physics major a lot of my classes went there because the physics department is in love with that place (plus, with basically no distractions, they could pile on the work and keep us stuck inside computing multi-variable integrals by hand all day).

anyways, my girlfriend was up there with her class for a few days, so i just tagged along hoping to finally do some real exploring of the north/south crestone and willow creek trails, etc. (i've done a few shorter runs on them, but nothing to do them real justice) but as it turns out my body was way too burnt and i needed to just take an easy week. so it goes.

i love the sangres, though.


Anonymous said...

Reading your weekly logs gives me butterflies.....
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