Monday, June 16, 2008

Week Log: June 9-15

Mon-AM: 20 miles (2:40) Bear Creek-Intemann-Red Rocks-Garden
Great easy loop.  Loved the new Roundup Trail in Red Rocks.
PM: 5 miles (:41) Monument easy in the FFs

Tue-AM: 28 miles (4:10) Manitou to Elk Park and back, 6000'
Ran pretty solid t0 Barr Camp, then cruised it up to EP at 12k'.  Cleared some trees off the trail on the way back.  Pretty tired by the end, but the temp was close to 90 today, so good heat training (finished around 2pm).
PM: 4 miles (:33) Monument

Wed-AM: 30 miles (4:00) 666-Jones Park-7 Bridges-Buckhorn+barefoot, 4000'
Started late because I was waiting for my new NB790s to show up in the mail.  Tempoed the 666 hill in 33:43.  Felt a lot better today than yesterday and wasn't even really that tired by the end.
PM: 5 miles (:40) North Monument
Stopped by the Colorado Running Co. afterwards for cookies and brews.  Felt good despite only the ~2hr or so of rest between runs.

Thu-AM: 36 miles (5:15) 666-Pipeline-North Cheyenne Creek Trail-Stratton Reservoir-7 Bridges-Buckhorn. 6000'  Great great run.  Finally connected the little trail that follows North Cheyenne Creek all the way up to the reservoir at 12k'.  It climbs very very steeply (probably over 1000' in one mile long section) but is worth it.  Felt good the whole run despite only having 2 gels with me.

Fri-AM: 11 miles (1:31) Monument+RR tracks
Ran nice and mellow this morning, but didn't even feel that tired.

Sat-AM: 50 miles (7:20) Garden-Manitou-Barr Camp-Manitou Reservoir-Heizer Trail-Cascade-Waldo-Williams-Manitou-Intemann-Bear Creek-Monument. 6000' Awesome run.  The temp was in the low 90s today so I decided to stay low (high point was Barr Camp at 10,200') in the heat and check out the awesome trail over to the reservoir and Heizer mountain.  I love running new trails.  The climb out of Cascade and through Waldo was perfect heat training as I could feel the waves of hot air hitting me.  Felt good until the last 40 minutes or so...just the usual bonking/dehydrating at the end of a long one.  Really liked the way the 790s performed today.

Sun-AM: 15 miles (2:02) Garden of the Gods
Nice and hot again today: 92F.  Kept it short to be sure I recover from yesterday's last big long run before Western.

Total: 204 miles (28:52), ~18,000'

This was a great week of training.  However, because last week's long runs were on Fri/Sat, I inadvertently logged my highest ever (by far) 7 day total from last Friday to this week's Thursday: (55)+(45)+(28/4)+(20/5)+(28/4)+(30/5)+(36)=~260 miles and 37hr with ~38k' vertical (I only count climbs over 1000').  Holy shit; good thing I didn't go for a run Thursday night like I'd planned.  Well, at least it came the perfect amount of time out from WS and it happened without me really even thinking about it.  Finally, this past weekend was great because I finally got some heat training in--the last element I was looking for going into WS.


Adam said...

Holy shit is right! Wow, impressive stuff. Best of luck at WS, should be a great race.

brownie said...

So when do you start your taper? What kind of mileage will you do? "Cut back" to 150 per week or so?

Full moon run this Wed at Red Rock Canyon if you wanna get an easy 5 or 6 in.

Ryan Lauck said...

I love this blog! When ever anyone tells me I'm crazy for running so much, I tell them about your training - very inspiring.

Just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion on the NB790s. They are the best trail shoes I've found since the slingshots, comfortable even on my long runs. I'm even thinking about using them at wasatch this year.

PS. Good luck at Western States, you've put in the work for it.

Pascal said...

You ran 260 miles in 7 days! Awesome!

I regularly read your blog and considering these high mileages I always wonder what you eat to get back the calories you burn.

Best wishes for Western States from Luxembourg (Europe).

Spud said...

I am constantly in awe of your training, not just the mileage but the terrain you do it in.
I hope you smash it up at WS Anton.

Dave said...

Been following your blog for a couple months from SW Japan (Okinawa). Good luck at WS!

Leslie said...

Tony, need to start taking a camera with you on these great runs in beautiful places!! Though I don't know where you'd put it, naked boy.

Roger said...

Are you wearing the same NB MR790's that are avilable in stores or has NB given you a prototype version to your specifications? I have a pair and have done a few 20 milers in them but am trying to decide if they'll hold up at the Vermont 100. Your thoughts Anton? You certainly have more miles on yours...

Anton said...


I've been wearing both mass-production 790s and a couple of prototypes. The main difference with the prototypes is that we've been working on cranking up the durometer of the midsole and tweaking the outsole. What's that mean? It means that the midsole is much denser and therefore a) lasts a lot longer and b) protects the foot from rocks much more effectively in conjunction with the rock plate.

I was initially drawn to the 790 because of its awesome low-profile and lightweight qualities, but found that, especially in hot weather the midsole would get really soft.

However, just today I received a couple pairs of 790s that weren't prototypes and they are fully equipped with a much more dense midsole, so it seems that they should be available to you in time for VT100.

As for mileage...I'll be wearing a pair at WS next week, so I'm obviously comfortable with them for 100 miles. With the new midsoles I've been getting up to 500 miles out of a pair.

I'd say, if you're comfortable training in them, go for it!


Cam said...

Anton, I have been running in the FFs now for quite a wile and just wanted to know which FFs you are running in. I use the Clasic and just got a new pair of Sprints today. I was thing of running the StumpJump 50k, (TN) in the Sprints this year, What do ya think....

Good Luck at WS....

Chad said...

Hey Anton - do you have anything to say about Newton running shoes??