Thursday, April 2, 2009

Barr Camp...again

I took yet another trip up to see Neal and Teresa today. The little mini-storm that pummeled me in my evening jaunt last night left the trail quite a bit slower on an otherwise brilliant morning. There was ~1" on the Ws, 2" at No Name, and five fresh inches at Barr Camp itself. However, the soft snow provided some tacky footing on the usually icy downhill, so I was able to open up the stride a little more than usual.

Some may question repeating the same run multiple days in a row, but for me it's all about consistency and doing something I enjoy. I don't get bored running the same trail, even when there are so many others to choose from. There's something comforting in the familiarity of a given run that usually makes it easier to endure (because, let's be serious, no matter how much I like running in the mountains, there are moments in a 4000' climb that are undeniably endured rather than, say, enjoyed).

But, for me, it can all be summed up in a quote from the pioneering mountaineer Willie Unsoeld (among other things, first ascent of Everest's West Ridge), brought to my attention by a good friend: "Life begins at 10,000 feet." That alone should be enough reason to run to Barr Camp as often as possible.


Charlie said...

I try to mix up my runs, but I do run one route/trail for multiple days in a row every once in a while. There is a comfort in familiarity, and perhaps a way to calibrate fitness with multiple runs on the same course. Good post.

AJW said...


We have a small mountain here (Carbonate or Carbo as we call it) that is a southern exposure so it is the first place to melt off in spring. It's nothing big (1500 ft in 2 miles) but I have no trouble at all doing three, four, five trips up and back during March and April. You're right, it is about consistency and there's something about that little 1500 foot knoll that I really like.


Local Mind Media said...

Nothing wrong with consistency and familiarity, especially when it's something you enjoy. We were talking about this on our run up Flagstaff yesterday. I personally like out n backs, which some find boring.

I think I could run up Bear or Green Mtns every day for a month and never have the same experience twice and there's always the reward of vistas at the top.

Unknown said...

I don't live in the mountains, but have to agree 100% on running the same trail multiple times throughout the week. The one I like is a technical/rolling mountain bike trail at just over 10M in length. If I want to cruise I do the whole thing, but can also mix it up by running tempo 3out/3back.

Geoff said...

Anton, I'm enjoying reading your blog and look forward to updates and pics. Also, really digging the cool music clips. You've got a great outlook on life. Keep doing what you do..

JeffO said...

I like that quote. I moved to Colorado because I love the altitude. I plan to retire some day at a higher altitude.

AJW said...

I love the quote here and it reminds me of another one that is painted on the roof of a cabin high in the Pioneer Mountains of Central Idaho. "The higher you get the higher you get."