Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March: a sum of the parts

A purely by-the-numbers update here.  A tad too busy to put any effort into anything else.

March Totals
-Miles: 547
-Hours: 81h 08min
-Vertical: 94,700'
-Green: 31
-Bear: 2
-Days Off: 0

2010 Totals (Day 90)
-Miles: 1536
-Hours: 228h 31min (when is it appropriate to switch to "days"?)
-Vertical: 286,500'
-Green: 98
-Bear: 2
-Days Off: 0

As one can see, I am a mere two ascents away from topping Green 100 times for the year.  I'll most likely hit that this Friday, the 92nd day of the year.  I suppose that is a nice little milestone, mostly since it is one I set out to accomplish three months ago, and--despite a couple of relatively minor setbacks--I will now achieve.

In total, March was good.  The second week was mostly worthless while I worked through a stupid, accident-induced back issue that knocked my running that week down to only 53 miles, ~8 hours, and just under 10,000' of vertical.  Six days in a row of no Green Mountain summit views.  Thankfully, my back made a full recovery and I've come roaring back these last two weeks with the best stretch of training I've accomplished since last summer.  So that is exciting.

I might sit down this weekend to type a few thoughts about the experience of the whole Green Mountain Project, or I might not.  It all depends on how much I'm willing to procrastinate and compromise the quality of the actual possibly negative-consequence-inducing academic responsibilities I am currently beholden to.


Anonymous said...

School first young man! Feeling good for Miwok? Hope to meet you there if not beforehand.

Unknown said...

Your mileage is just unbelievable man !! I will remember to come back to this page a couple of years down the line to see how it stacks up then .. :)

Unknown said...

No days off! Incredible with your injury issues. The most I've done is 47hrs during July or August last year. Rest days are good, but I guess at your level, you can't afford one right now.

Mark C. Ryan said...

Wow, 547 miles in a month. That's ridiculous. I'd like to get to 120 miles in a month. Truly inspiring to read your writing and how it reflects almost the purest approach to running in western civilization. I mean sure there are aboriginal groups referred to in certain pieces running literature that could be claimed as more purest, but as far as elite runners go, the metality of get up and go and just run for the sheer sake of running, this is pretty pure.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive Anton, and I'm glad to see you've been able to rack up some serious miles without getting hurt!

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

So, what's the post Green Mountain plan?

Btw, I adopted a much shorter, less intense version of the Green Mountain workout. It increased my strength immediately. I plan on doing versions of this every 6 months (I do a spring and a fall training cycle every year...blessed to live in SF Bay Area).

Stefan Fuglsang Toft said...

Thank you for taking the time to share some information - insane numbers.
I would just like to say that I really did enjoy the doc. Indulgence! I even put it on from time to time if I miss the joy of running or like now, when I am injured.
I envy how you life your live.

Take care and best of luck out on the trails and in life.
Stefan Toft
Aalborg, Denmark.

Hoppy said...

Enjoy the moment - Grn Mt #100 Exceptional running Anton.Dedicated and motivating- keep on climbing! . alohas from Hi.

BrianL said...

I like how, as of day 90 this year, you had run for 228.5 hours, and there had only been 2160 hours of existence since day 0. Indicating that you have spent over one tenth of your life this year running. That's something I could only dream about.

Kaylee said...

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