Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ponderous Posterior Pikes Peak 50K

Saturday's backdrop and playground.
Just a final reminder for the Fat Ass 50K occurring down in Manitou/Colorado Springs this weekend.

There will be three waves of starts: 7am, 8am and 9am from JT's house at 321 N. 31st Street in Old Colorado City.  The idea is to time your start so that everyone finishes in the same general data cloud in the early afternoon hours.  There will be a full 50Kish course, a 15mi-ish cut-off, and a 26ish mile course.

The full 50K course will be a ton of fun with a gnarly 2000'+ climb up Longs Ranch Road and a 3mi descent on the famed Barr Trail from No Name Creek, through the storied W's and finally onto Ruxton Ave before joining in with the Intemann Trail to finish out the day.  About 7000' of climbing total; it's a mountain runner's dream.
The full enchilada.

The 26mi course will be the 50K course but skipping out on Longs Ranch.  Instead, after only climbing a half-mile or so turn left onto the Ute Pass Trail (UPT) which rolls its way a couple of miles back to Manitou and Ruxton Ave where you can connect into the Intemann Trail and make your way to the finish.
26mi Course = Junior Status: I mean, really, you've made it this far, you might as well check out the charms of Longs Ranch Road as well...but there always is the option of just cruising the UPT home.
The 15mi course will involve continuing all the way down Williams Canyon back to Manitou where you can take El Paso Blvd and Pikes Peak Ave back to JT's house.  This cut-off will occur after dropping off of Rampart Range Road into the canyon.  Instead of taking a right up to the Waldo Canyon trail stay straight and continue to run down the canyon to town (no special map for the baby route).

Again, no aid, no entry and no whining.  The route will be sparingly marked with orange tape, so be looking for that, but also don't hesitate to print the maps below.  There will be a few maps for handing out at the start and a large laminated map to look at before taking off onto the local trails.

A truck will leave for the Highway 24 Crossing/Waldo Trailhead after the last wave of starters, so feel free to throw whatever supplies you want in there.  I myself will probably just put in a jug of water and some gels.  Also be sure to bring whatever post-run foods and beverages you might enjoy.

Finally, the run will be self-timed with results at the finish being dependent upon your motivation to time yourself and then report it.  I might round up a clipboard between now and then.  All in all, it looks like there should be some fantastic weather with probably a ton of slush and mud considering all the snow this past week and the now warm temperatures.  I'll probably bring a pair of Microspikes down to the Springs but probably won't wear them.  See you there!


Tucker Goodrich said...

You're a very laid-back RD. Imagine, not even a clip-board! ;)

Anonymous said...

hey tony, quick question: which wave will the more competitive 50k group be heading out in? thanks man.

Unknown said...

alliteration much?

Andy said...

When/where will results be posted? I'll be racing in Wyoming so I will miss this one but I really want to see how it goes.

Anton said...

Tuck--well, that's because i'm not an RD...this is hardly a race.

Jacob--I am planning on heading out at 9am. I think the full 50K should be about a 5hr loop if the snow isn't hip deep. I'm mostly guessing on that number, though.

Andy--Results? I think we'll try to get some times written down and then maybe post a picture of them as soon as possible, some time tomorrow afternoon.

Scotty K. said...

Arrrgh! I hate my achilles!

Had this marked on the calendar and was looking forward to it (even driving from Alamosa in the dark at 4 a.m.) almost as much as any race I've got on my schedule this year, but my achilles has decided to crap out on me. Should be able to log at least some mileage tomorrow for the first time this week, but trying for a 50k might be pushing it...

Anyways, sounds like a blast. Wish I could be there for it.

Jason Schlarb said...

Anton and Jacob Rydman,

My wife went into labor shortly after the dinner/talk with you, Scott, Dave and Geoff Thursday night!

Felix was born Friday morning at 3:55AM.

Needless to say, I won't be out there with you guys, have a blast.

Jacob/PP50K crew:
If anyone talks to Jacob Rydman, let him know that I'm still down with a run Sunday morning up Green and my cell is 781-956-8257.

Sorry for the public announcement.

Lucas said...

Had a blast out there, thanks for being the spokesperson on this. Also thanks to JT for the use of his house. Headed out with the 8o'clock crew, definitely looking forward to exploring more of those trails over the summer.

Jason, congrats man! Hopefully see you at Sage Burner again this year

Bruce Downs said...

Can you describe where the GoG -> RRR connector trail is? I've been doing chunks of the Fat Ass 50k and can't find where to 'hop the fence' to the navigator's single track. Any clues, distance, marking, etc. I was hoping to do the entire route with a buddy in a month once I learn it.

btw, I thought I saw you at the Barr Trail race a couple weeks ago. Shouldn't said hi, I guess. It was hot...

Anton said...

Bruce, The way to RRR via the navigators involves going basically straight north from the main parking lot in GOG. There is an obvious trail headed that way off the Palmer trail there. After dipping into the gully/drainage there you'll come to a fence with lots of obvious work to keep people from going that way. It's up to you whether you want to trespass or not. Hop the fence and continue on the obvious single track north up the valley and follow it all the way over to near the navigators where it pops out on a dirt road. Go left/UP this road and within a half mile or so of steep climbing you'll hit the big gate where it connects with RRR.

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