Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week Summary: Dec 5 - 11

Mon-AM: 1:39, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up 1st Saddle and down ASG. Particularly crisp morning at +5F or so and with a cold cloud hanging over the mountain.  Ran to the base of Amphi, hiked to the top through some thigh-deep snow at times, and then ran all the way down and back home.  Shin was definitely a little sore this morning and it's time to back off and inject a little more rationality into the progression.  Hopefully I haven't set it back too much and I can get it to calm back down without completely taking time off from the mountain.

Tue-AM: 1:55, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up ASG and down 1st Saddle.  Morning started out cold again at +5F or so, but warmed nicely into the 20s.  Ran to the base of Amphi, hiked up and down, and then ran home via the streets.  Shin was off-and-on, not sure what to think, but do think it's probably time to shift the balance of my activity back more towards hiking for the next few days.

Wed-AM: 1:55, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up and down 1st Saddle. Ran to and from Baseline again with basically all hiking while on the actual trails/mountain.  All of the snow is falling off the trees now, laying down a new layer of snow on the trail.

Thu-AM: 1:43, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up and down 1st Saddle.  Nice warm day at +30F or so with brilliant sunshine. The single summits have been giving the shin a measure of rest and it seems to be slowly improving. ~28min of actual running today (to and from the trailhead) with nice tacky trail conditions making the Microspikes work like magic on the steeps.

Fri-AM: 1:52, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up and down 1st Saddle.  For whatever reason, the shin felt a little twingier than usual this morning, so the running was limited to the first 15min to the base of Amphitheater.  Hiked everything else, even the streets back home.  Frustrating to not even be running downhill right now as the winter trail conditions on Green are currently at least equal to the best I've ever seen. Temperature inversion today made things chilly back down in town.

Sat- off.

Sun- off.

Hours: 9h15min
Vert: 14,000'

Overall, a frustrating week.  I'm quite disappointed with myself and my oh-so-predictable lack of discipline.  Last week I had some great momentum going with the shin's health, but I took that tiny ray of hope and unconsciously used it as an excuse to overzealously accelerate the run/hike ratio.  In hindsight, things are always so crystal clear, which only exacerbates the self-loathing.  Looking at least week's log of activity is almost painful in its ridiculousness.  I mean, 13hrs of running?!?!  What's wrong with me?

But, so it goes, and I like to hope that I have (re- re- re- re-) learned my lesson.  The days off at the end of this week weren't out of necessity--I probably could've hiked, no problem--but rather frustration and desperation.  In November I was given a promising taste of my shin's current ability to heal itself--given the opportunity--and that is the basis for my current plan: give the shin a few days to calm down completely and then hopefully be granted the opportunity to try once again to ease back into things, this time with more patience and caution.  At this point, my sanity depends on it.  I have a strong foundation of basic fitness and still plenty of time--now it's just a matter of enforcing a controlled execution in the return to running, and paying such a sentiment more than lip-service.  I just have to remember that an injury that's been giving me fits for 11 months (!?!?!) now isn't going to magically be completely back to 100% in a matter of days; and I have to treat it that way once it starts showing improvement.

Fresh coat on the Flatties.
Single-digit temps the first half of the week.
#168 on the year.
Longs Peak peeking through the clouds.
Greenman trail in winter -- packed-out trench.
Worth a listen:


Alex Gillespie said...

Amazing pictures. What a place to have on your door step. Good luck with the shin!

m. said...

anton...enjoy reading about your running...hope the injury heals up for good...also, we seem to have similar taste in music, do you have any secret outlets that you use to dig up new stuff?

Kemp. said...

Hey Tony.

I met you a few Sundays back at Ozo. I was actually running Green Thursday morning and thought I may see you out there. It was a brilliant day for sure. Maybe I'll see you the next time I'm up there from Denver.
Feel better man.


R. Logan Brooks said...

Ya know, I admittedly actually get sick to my stomach each time I read your posts and hear of your regressions in your physical health. Each week I am treated to your exploits by both word and photo, which I am humbly grateful for. But, yes, each time I read of the shin problems you have been fighting for what seems like an eternity, part of me seems to be fighting it also since you and your running beliefs have influenced and driven me from a non-runner to a somewhat compulsive one. Not only does your physically gifted presence deserve to be back out competing and mixing it up at your sports biggest events but also your overall appreciation and historical approach you take to the sport is also missed. I will continue to follow your progress as I feel I owe it to you to also see you through it.

Dieselryder said...


Lisa said...

For the love of running, Pete and all that is Holy!!!! Rest your damn leg! I don't mean to sound like a weirdo but I have been reading your blog and I just sense that you will continue on this path of good, re-injure, good, re-injure. Can you swim? Do it! Tons of it and fast to keep up your cardio. Keep hiking if it doesn't hurt you. Are you stretching a ton? Do it!!!!
Of course, you are free to do as you see fit. I am only a beginning trail runner. Please put me in my place if need be and really, best wishes for true and thorough healing! :)

Pär said...

Keep up the (slow) progress and take it easy!

On a side note: I live outside of Barcelona, if you make it over and want to head out running I would be happy to point you to some beautiful areas. Amazing mountains around here! And only about 1½ hours to where Kilian grew up.

BrotherRunner said...

Anton, Could you post up a pic of exactly where the pain in your shin is?
Brother Runner

Wyatt Hornsby said...
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Wyatt Hornsby said...
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Wyatt Hornsby said...


I'm really sorry to hear that your shin is continuing to give you problems. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom that trails are king and the road sucks, I think 100% trails puts a lot of stress on connective tissue, especially ankles and shins, and so I think running ONLY trails is, in my opinion, ill-advised. Mixing it up between road and trail, in my view, is a good strategy. I wonder what would happen if you spent more time on the road in the coming few months--to give your shin a break? You could still do some vertical work on places like Flagstaff Road, etc. I just have to wonder if the constant uneven surfaces of the trails going up and back down the Boulder peaks aren't aggravating your shin. Maybe I'm off-base here...but maybe not?


J. said...

Hey man, been reading your blog for a while now and liking it. I've been casually running/jogging for years, but noticed as I turned 30 that, as you wrote, one's sanity depends on it. So now I'm seriously running. Or trying at least. Been researching stuff, so that's how I found your blog. I also have an injury. Nowhere near as annoying as yours, but one where the pain dissappears after 30 minutes of running (some weird inflammation in my foot). Been this way for a couple of months now. The psychology of being injured is indeed boringly predictable, I've noticed too. I'm constantly switching from desperation when there's pain to hubris when running long enough for the pain to dissappear. Strangely enough, this injury makes me run more...Anyway, not running was not an option for me, but now I have to admit that maybe I should stop for a while. Don't really know why I'm writing this. Your post just struck a chord, I guess. Good luck. Greetings from The Netherlands.

pasi.koskinen said...

Keep your ankles and achilles tendons warm when you are running in snow. Cold finds its way inside your legs there and sore...sore...sore...
Believe, we here in Finland really know something about snow and running in it!
Keep going! Better days are certainly coming.

Scott said...

Thank you for the music!!!

Niterunner said...

Hey Tony,

Tough week. Sorry to hear. Keep your spirits up.

I met you in SF at the Unbreakable showing. Thanks for coming all the way out for that (and not being able to compete).

A few non-ultra running pals and I used to run from downtown SF up to Twin Peaks one day a week. We loved that amazing feel of success - the views after nailing those steep climbs. Glad you were able to enjoy them.



Kelly said...

I feel your pain. I pulled a groin muscle during an interval session in January (yes, 11 months?!?!) and I'm still not fully recovered. I stopped running (walked 30 minutes per day instead) for 4 months. In June after it seemed that most of the time there was no pain, I started running again slowly in pace and mileage. By August, I was training harder with my XC team, increasing the mileage and intensity. I noticed that the pain would come back more frequently and more intensely. By early October, there was too much pain and had to stop running again. Right now, I'm only running 1 or 2 times per week and doing a lot of core exercises instead. Good luck to us both.

Nando said...

cheers from Catalonia (Spain), have you thought of doing some ski touring to recover from your shin? with so much amount of snow near from home.....Kilian Jornet dedicates the entire winter and some of autum ,spring to skitouring...I don't know if it would help you recover faster?.....and with some light equipement it feels like running!

Charlie said...

Man, that Scott Jurek guy sure knows how to sing.

Charlie said...

Check this out.

Charlie said...
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Andy Kenworthy said...

Nothing but love for you man. Keep on keeping on.

Barry Bliss said...

It's really hard to do things the right way--or to even figure out what the right way is.

Thanks, as always, for sharing.
Good luck.

Jill and Rob said...

There is some good advice in the comments. Your training mostly consists of running up/down Green Mountain which seems to be putting too much stress on your shin. Mix it up a bit and lay off the quest for vertical for a while because it doesn’t seem to be working. Swimming is a great idea as there is no impact and an incredible cardio workout. Hitting the road or track (while boring) would also help ease the burden the trail puts on your stabilizer muscles. Stop worrying about the number of vertical feet, or the hours running, or the miles covered. We don’t like to see you injured like this.

Ben Nephew said...

The fact that the shin issue came right back after the rest due to your fracture seems to suggest it is something more than an overuse injury. Have you been checked for compartment syndrome?

Ryan said...

Tendinopathy is an overuse injury, and the anatomical changes to the tendon are very difficult to correct through therapy. As a matter of fact, I just had 20% of my semimembranosus tendon excised because it didn't respond to rest, PT, ART, SASTM, prolotherapy, every hamstring stretch and strengthening exercise in the book, you name it. I had been injured since early February. I had an MRI in April that was unremarkable, and I was diagnosed with tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon; not to be confused with tendinosis, which is a tendon that failed to heal properly--it's not inflammation that causes the pain at this point but poorly organized tissue deep within the tendon). Nothing worked, so I had a 15 megapixel MRI with arthrogram that lit up the tendinopathy as clear as day and also showed inflammation within the bone where the tendon inserts. The point of the story is that yes, overuse injuries, such as tendinopathy, can be serious and, obviously, quite stubborn.

Good luck, Anton!

Hannah said...

What sort of strengthening exercises have you been doing for your shin? Also, it's a good idea to strengthen things like hamstrings and glutes too since everything is connected in some way. You should post a video or photos of what PT stuff you've been doing and where your pain is because you could probably get more help just from your avid fans!!!

Trevor Forzetting said...


At the beginning of Spring this year, Claire at NB asked the CO rep/you if you could sign a pair of shoes and poster for me; I was competing in the Gore-Tex Transalpine. I wanted to say thank you for doing that as it mean a lot to me. Race went well as my wife and I finished top 10 in the mixed category. Been following you for sometime and stoked to see you out on it again, step-by-step. Boulder is similar to San Luis Obispo minus the snow; cool small town with a killer farmers market and all sorts of cool stuff going on. If your ever out this way you gotta check it out. Thank you again for signing the shoes and poster and keeping moving forward! Have a great holiday!

Ben Nephew said...


I guess what I meant to say was standard overuse issues that usually respond to rest. My brother had compartment syndrome, and some of Anton's descriptions sound similar to his calf issues.

The description of your injury sounds very similar to my wife's long term hamstring issues. She too had an unremarkable MRI when it seems that something is surely wrong in there.

Words4Sentences said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Words4Sentences said...

Anton - I have the same (or similar) injury that you have. I have been struggling with it for, well, years actually. I can't figure out how to heal it permanently. I feel like it's a curse that just won't go away. I do everything right, everything feels good for prolonged periods of time, and then it comes back. Every doctor, my own research etc., I don't know why? Anyway, can you tell me if someone has ever told you what caused/causes it? Also, perhaps, what treatments you are doing (other than rest, or lack thereof). I'm pertty much willing to try anything at this point.


Anonymous said...

Ben and Ryan,

I was sidelined with high hamstring tendinopathy for 5 months. I have now been running for almost two months now (knock on wood).

I wrote up works for me here:

(bikram yoga and a desire to heal properly before starting to train for a race have been key for me)

von said...

Tony, your training should be to heal your injury. I know it is hard to not be able to do what you love( believe me I know) but as soon as you switch your mind set to, train to heal, you will. But if you keep pushing your body to do ridiculous amounts of vert and time you will forever have this injury and never reach your full potential as a runner. Sometimes you need to take two steps back in order to move five steps forward. TRAIN TO HEAL. I wish you well

josh young said...

Hey tony. I would really like to help you with your lower leg injury. here are a few isometric execises which will help to improve the neurological functioning of the lower leg muscles as well as improve your range of motion as well as reduce neurological stress from over-compensation in other muscle groups. Unlike movement based exercise, isometrics improve isolated muscle strength due to the joint angles. Also, if you google Neurolymphatic/Bennet points you will find 2 points located 2inches above and 1inch lateral to your belly button which will help to improve the lymphatic flow in the muscles in the lower leg which would have been comprised during your injury. rub them for 2-3min, 1-2x/day. Please give them a try, I'm sure it will help. I have been rehabilitating athletes and injured people for many years and have extensive post-rehab experience. If you have any Questions, please contact me at: talk to you soon. Take care

Josh Young

Court5km said...

Injuries are the absolute worst!!!!!!! I totally feel ya. Keep your head up and do what you CAN :) You will get there!

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