Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week Summary: April 9 - 15

Mon-AM: 1:00, 2600' ~ Green Mt.
Up and down 3rd access. Biked to Chat and mixed hiking and running to the summit before running all the way back down. Rolled my left ankle hard (it audibly popped) a couple minutes away from Chat. Minor swelling, didn't seem too bad. Shin felt very solid.

Tue-AM: 1:31, 3000' ~ 2nd Flatiron+Green Mt.
Ran to Chat and the base of the 2nd with Joe. Scrambled the 2nd before continuing to the summit and descending Gman-SR-Amphi and running all the way back to Pearl St. The 1010s were fantastic on the scrambling--surprisingly sticky outsole, almost like some approach shoes. Really solid outing but my ankle was a total liability on tech trail and I actually kinda re-rolled it a bit on Greenman which was really not ideal. Totally fine on smooth trail or pavement but I have zero technical descending ability right now with it. Soaked it in the creek afterwards for 10min; yesterday was definitely the worst I've ever rolled an ankle.
PM: 1:15, 2200' ~ 2 x 2nd Flatiron
Hiked from Chat w/ Joe before scrambling two laps on Flattie2 in the 1010s.  We downclimbed the face in between before heading down the trail after the second one.  Not true summits because we didn't scale the Pullman Car either time--not skilled enough to solo that.

Wed-AM: 1:48, 3500' ~ SoBo & Bear Peak
Started in Eldo with Joe, up the back way to Fowler and Eldo Canyon trail before cutting up the backside of SoBo via some fellcrossing/goat action. Popped out a bit south of the ultimate summit, which made for some spicy scrambling to reach the apex.  Tagged Bear before descending Shadow Canyon and Old Mesa back to Eldo. All running except for the 32min of interpretive route to the SoBo summit. Hugely encouraging outing for the shin.
PM:  1:12, 3000' ~ Green Mt.
Hiking from Chat with Joe, up and down the 3rd access. Little rollers on this route add a couple hundred feet of vert apparently. Quite a hard effort on the uphill.

Thu-AM: 1:07, 3000' ~ Green Mt.+9min barefoot
Up 3rd access, down 1st Saddle with Joe. All running except for the obvious stuff on the way up. Overnight precip precluded any Flattie scrambling, so I put in a solid but fatigued 36:49 effort to the summit. After waiting for Joe on top we descended to Gregory in 17:08 before jogging back over to Chat for a 57:50 roundtrip (obviously not including our time sitting on the summit).  My gimpy ankle was cause for some significant caution on the descent, so the roundtrip can definitely go much more quickly with healthy limbs and a sprint back across the Chautauqua meadow.
PM: 1:02, 3000' ~ 2nd Flatiron+Green Mt.
Ran/hiked from Chat to the base of the 2nd, scrambled the 2nd (to the walk-off) in 9:20, then continued on to the summit at a hard pace for a 39min ascent. Was feeling some good flow on the way down and made it back to Chat with a 23min descent by coming down the same way (but taking the trail down instead of downclimbing the 2nd). My altimeter shows this (and this morning's) run as 3100' efforts, but an even 3000' seems fair.

Fri-AM: 1:18, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up 1st Saddle, down GSA. Ran from Pearl St and only hiked from the top of Amphi to the summit. 18:30 descent on the standard trails, but still need to be a bit careful with the ankle.
PM: 1:02, 3000' ~ 2nd Flatiron+Green Mt.
Very nice evening outing, scrambled the 2nd in 8:55; pushed pretty hard hiking on the uphill (38min from Chat) but didn't have a ton of energy.

Sat-AM: 1:35, 3500' ~ SoBo & Bear Peaks
From the South Mesa TH I went up Towhee and Shadow before descending Fern and Bluestem. Lethargic 49min ascent of SoBo but then I had a snappy 12:10 descent of Fern (summitpost to canyon mouth posts); it's been a reeeeaally long time since I've run down Fern in dry conditions.
PM: 1:07, 3000' ~ 2nd Flatiron+Green Mt.
Was quite tired this evening, so I just took it easy up the hill and on the scramble, 42min from Chat. Chilly on the summit with snow visible above 8800' or so. Descended Greenman-SR-Amphi.

Sun-AM: 1:36, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up Gregory-Ranger and down 2nd Flatiron from Pearl Street. Legs were less tired but the 3-4" of fresh snow up high slowed things down considerably. Nice to take today easy, consolidate some fitness/health gains.

Hours: 15h33
Vert: 35,800'

This week was the most healthy the shin has felt in over a year. More on that here. The goal/hope for the rest of April will just be to basically repeat this past week, but with maybe mixing in more real running on the uphills (I feel like I've lost some strength/efficiency there). There's no need for an increase in volume. Especially not an increase in vert.

Sunday morning spring snow:
Ranger Trail.

#92 this year, #623 all-time.
Third Flatiron and Jaws.


pasi.koskinen said...

It was interesting to read your RT-blog. That "mindset" is really what body needs to recover. If you get positive flow in your mind maybe you repair injuries same time !
One must run enough to realize...but what is enough ?
Keep going !

Jackie said...

Congrats on a great week. Those pictures are jaw-droppingly beautiful, thank you!

Cloud said...

Unfucking believable that your gonna fuck your shin up again and can't learn from your goddamn mistakes already. If thats not enough now you've rolled your ankle and are continuing to push on it. The problem with you is that you don't have any goddamn commonsense.


Michael Owen said...

Where are you sleeping in The Roost? The bed looks to full of 'stuff' to lay fully.

Cloud said...

Hi my name is Anton and I climb 35000 ft of vertical every fuckin week & I cant figure out for the life of me why the fuck my shin keeps fuckin with me. I wish I had a brain cause i'm really just a dumb fuck even tho I may look smart and go to grad school for a living cause i don't wanna be out in the real world.


Joe Sammadi said...


You are absolutely ignorant and should practice restraint of communicating any thought that may surface in the greasy waters of your shallow, and probably 'cloudy,' mind. Work on clarity, man. Run more, it should have a calming effect.

How much more 'real world' can one possibly get than what Anton delves into daily? What do you consider the 'real world' experience? Would you rather have him stand behind a counter or push paper? Is that 'real' enough for you? Is that what it's about? Anton is a necessary figure that is missing in our world.

You should pay attention here because you may learn something. In some Sisyphean sense he was dealt a bad shin yet he makes his daily ascent(s) in spite of it, despite it, because he knows his values well and in the end joy is not underrated in his world. Have you laughed lately? He wouldn't be the person he is if he didn't pursue the chases he gives in to and these are his cards, not yours.

You probably haven't overcome enough adversity in your own life to fathom what it takes to carry out your own will when circumstances challenge you. Or, perhaps life has embittered you. Has yours been a tragedy? It is also quite indicative that if given his injury you'd succumb to weakness and resort to some sort of absence and withdraw from the things you love most, so certainly you couldn't appreciate a mindset like his.

It is clearly evident in your mockery of his personal life that you have some kind of deep-seated envy-resentment constipation issue going on so perhaps you should turn to some self-help blog before showing up here to write some meaningless, anonymous comment.

Perhaps you're most resentful at Anton because you seek him out for the very courage and integrity that is your shortcoming. Hang in there, it gets better.

-- Joe Sammadi

Freebird said...

That is great that things are looking up. Of course take it easy and ease back into running. Better to take it slow and then come back strong then to not come back at all.

tim white said...

No need to get too worked up Joe. This coward is nothing more than a pathetic fire starter. Eventually it will go away.

a said...

Keep on going Anton and be smart. I know you will. You're a great inspiration
Cheers from Chile !

Joel Toews said...

Some day I hope to be at the starting line of Leadville (hopefully the summer of 2013), and you have certainly played a role in inspiring me toward this goal. Thank you for this blog and for inspiring, and encouraging people like me.


Ken Bess said...

I'm glad the low numbers are getting your shin healthy Tony, we all want to see you race at Hardrock.

If you happen to miss out on Hardrock though consider coming out to Karl's Speedgoat 50k with Joe, Nick, Max King, Kilian, and others. I'd love to watch you guys tear the course up, for the few miles I could keep up with you.

Sergio said...

As usual, very inspireing and impressive. Have you made a final decision whether or not to run the two races in europe? If you not gonna run them, would you be coming over to europe anyway?

Rain said...

I am glad to hear your shin didn't hurt all week! What a relief!
Thanks for sharing your training, and I always love your pictures.

Steve Pero said...

Anton, it's time to start moderating your comments....too many weird people out there ;-)

Great blog, love following your training and adventures.
See you at Hardrock!

Unknown said...

One day I want to see all the summit pictures all lined up together from over the years..

Andy said...

Great news about the shin and the positive sense of spring renewal. Any chance the 1010s - with their bit more stack height - are more than just a good luck charm but an actual factor? I see the 110s on the Roost but wonder about the value of some (minimalist) protection.

As for Cloud, seems we've been thru this before. Like most clouds he's sure to vaporize at some point.

The Tooth said...

Oh no! Just sat down to do some work and thought, 'wonder if there's a new post on Anton Krupicka's blog' - and hey presto, I have my running shoes on and I'm going out exploring. Thanks for the inspiring words and pics. Hope my boss doesn't mind...

Jen said...

Incredible pictures - inspiring. I wish I saw such beautiful scenery on my runs.

Barry Bliss said...

I like that Anton did not delete Cloud's posts (assuming Anton has checked in since they were posted).

Keep it up, Anton.

Jason said...

I like the way you track your running time and elevation gain. Do you also track your distance? Do you have a specific reason for doing it this way, or is it just preference?


Ken Bess said...

I can't speak for Anton but distance in the mountains is easier, and in many ways much more important, to measure in terms of elevation than in terms of miles. Most ultra runners track both as the distance run in miles reveals how steep the terrain is.

Focusing on time and intensity, instead of miles, is a good way to evaluate just how much exercise one is getting in a given week.

I don't think that tracking any of this information is necessarily critical but it can be helpful in many situations, such as when recovering from an injury.

Sean said...

Hey Anton,
Been a big fan for a while now. Just wanted to say I'm excited things are looking up for you. Good running man.
- Sean

Connor Williams said...

Hey Anton,
I was wondering if you are coming to Missoula for the screening of Unbreakable this Sunday. If you are maybe we can get together for a good trail run before the screening?
I'm sure you get these all the time, but hey how can we pass up a chance to ask to run with some of the best!

Happy running,