Monday, December 23, 2013

Dec 16 - 22

Mon-AM: 1:31, 1300' ~ Collinsville out and back
Ran the roads from Joel's Dad's house in Connecticut. Really enjoyed this run for some reason even though it was cold and 100% on pavement. Nice climbs in and out of the Farmington River valley.

Tue-AM: 0:31, 200' ~ Avon, CT
About +10F and snowing. Just a quick road spin in the morning before we drove down to NYC for the film screening that evening.

Wed-PM: 1:55, 4300' ~ Bear & Green
Had an early morning flight back from NYC, so when I got back to Boulder I immediately headed to Chautauqua with Joe to revel in the stunning +60F weather. So good to be back in the mountains, grunting up steep hills, in the evening light.

Thu-AM: 2:15, 4500' ~ Bear & Green
From my apartment, then the usual loop up Fern, down the West Ridge, and then up and over Green. Still nice and warm in the morning.

Fri-AM: 2:18, 4500' ~ Bear & Green
Same exact run as yesterday except that I finished by descending Flagstaff. Also, there was an awesome inversion layer of clouds that I climbed out of at approximately the Nebelhorn in Fern Canyon and then descended back into while coming back down Flagstaff Mt. Flew to Seattle in the afternoon.

Sat-AM: 3:07, 5600' ~ Mt. Teneriffe & Mt. Si
With Martin. Parked at the schoolbus turnaround (I think) and ran up to the Kamikaze Waterfalls and then marched up the super-aesthetic SW ridge of Teneriffe on a fantastic goat path. Such a perfect line. The last couple thousand feet of vert had snow on it with some real postholing near the ~4800' summit. I was surprised at how sweet the summit was; big drops in all directions. Descended pretty blindly down through the snow and trees and fog trying to hit a certain logging road. Eventually found it and commenced the shin-deep snow slog over towards Si. We ended up missing a turn and descending the logging road an extra 500' of vert (and 25min or so) but eventually realized our mistake and made our way back up and over to Si, another surprisingly aesthetic summit, but not much to see in all the clouds. The descent down the super-popular Mt. Si trail back to the road was a total shred-fest, so smooth and a perfect grade for running hard. Ran the extra mile+ on the road back to our car to finish off the outing. Longest run I've done since UTMB and I came away with a much greater appreciation for the Seattle area's mountain offerings.

Sun-AM: 2:08, 1500' ~ Seattle urban trails
Group run from the Fleet Feet store. Went all over the city, connecting all sorts of great little pieces of trail and hitting Pioneer Park, Volunteer Park, and the Arboretum. I think. Classic foggy/misty weather. I had an extra 30min or so of running getting to and from the store from my hotel.

Hours: 13h45min
Vert: 21,900'

Really solid week, especially considering all the traveling. I'm still just trying to find a rhythm in my training again, but it's great feeling that at least the energy is there to do it. I'll admit, I ended up being a bit surprised by Seattle. I was treated to the classic misty/foggy gloom of winter there, but I was very impressed with the mountains that are available not unreasonably far from the city center. Back when I was first inspired by ultras (the late 90s and early 2000s), Seattle was this almost mythical place in my mind where it seemed all the sport's best lived and trained. Jurker, Hal, Torrence, McCoubrey, Uli, Kochik, the whole Seattle Running Company scene, etc., etc., etc….in high school I would read about Scott doing repeats on Mt. Si or traversing the summits of Tiger in preparation for Western States and it would fuel my curiosity for the sport. What could it be like to do a 35mi/10,000' training run? As such, it was pretty cool to finally get out there and see some of the hills and paths myself. It seems like the Cascades themselves really deserve some attention during the summer season as well, at some point.

Heublein Tower on Talcott Mt in Connecticut from last weekend. Photo: Joel Wolpert.
Metacomet Trail on Talcott Mt in Connecticut. Photo: Joel Wolpert.
NYC Subway. Photo: Joel Wolpert.
Martin postholing just below the summit of Mt. Teneriffe.
Martin on the summit of Teneriffe.
The "haystack" that makes up the summit of Mt. Si.
Descending the idyllic standard Mt. Si trail.
Martin super-psyched to be at the trailhead after suffering an epic bonk.


Alex Gillespie said...

Lovely pictures as always. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Awesome week! Its cool to read about your travels and learn that no matter where you go in this world, you can always find a family (Runners) who you can tap into and connect with even when away "Home".

On another note - Its good to see you back up Bear and Green when you are home in Boulder. I saw you this morning (12/23/9 am) as I was coming back down from Green (Backside) and on Base line Trail back to the Truck as you made your way across the open path heading towards Fern and up Bear (I assume).

I still can't imagine wearing shorts in this 20 Degree early morning winter weather.. Your on another level dude keep it up!

Check out Trail Porn...I took a cool picture of the 3rd Flat Iron that was posted today as the main image and will be up for a few days..

Yes Dallas is just my screen name on here...


Pete Rodrigues said...

I used to staff Heublin in the summer. Awesome to hang out on the mountain top all day. Some fun trails (for the east I suppose) too.

Unknown said...

I grew up in southern Oregon so I do have a love for the Cascades. But my trip out there last week reminded me of why I love Colorado. So many dreary, rainy, misty days you have to put up with in the Pacific NW. Love the abundant sunshine in CO.

pasi.koskinen said...

Merry Christmas and Health for next Year !

Unknown said...

Tony, I noticed your 2014 event schedule changed a bit.. Are you cutting some events out to foucus on UTMB? happy holidays bro..

Anton said...

Dallas - Nice shot of the Third.

Anthony - I'm still just ironing things out. Opportunities arise. Body willing, I plan to race more than usual (for me) this year.

Barry Bliss said...

Thanks for visiting NYC.
The slide show/talk was a pleasant surprise.

Unknown said...

Tony, thanks for the reply Bro, Looking forward to your updates.

Angelo R. said...

I run on the Metacomet all the time. It's funny to see you out east on my old stomping grounds. I typically don't see anyone on my runs.

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