Friday, February 1, 2008


The Way Too Cool 50K entrants list was posted recently.  I'd been considering doing the San Juan 50 miler in June instead of Western, but now, with the possibility of Matt possibly being at Western, I'm pretty resolved to run the American River 50 in April and hopefully be on the starting line in Squaw Valley on June 28th.

I'm highly anticipating the results of WTC as Kyle's brother Erik, Matt, and Galen Burrell all go should be a very exciting show-down if Galen is in shape (I know Matt and Erik are in shape).  Of course, Matt was most likely just testing's ability to handle a high-traffic registration process to see if it will handle the Pikes Peak registration on March 1st, and might not even be running WTC at all...


AJW said...


That is very exciting news indeed! We may actually get the highly competitive field at Western States that I have been hoping for over the past few years. I guess if Matt gets that top-three finish at Cool he will forego his customary trip back east for Mt. Washington to give WS a shot. It's what I've been hoping to see since 2005. Of course, much will be decided at Cool and then there's your race at AR. A great course for a fast guy like you. Man, this is going to be fun!


Unknown said...

Hey Anton,

You should check out the McNaughton 100 in April. Or for even longer distance check out the McNaughton 150(only 150 in North America).
Free entry for either.
Thanks for checking it out,
Alex Harrington

Ted Nunes said...


I'm glad to see you tackle the AR50 Course. I'll be there as well but I don't have the legs for a top 3 finish. I'm really glad to see you going for a WS slot when they are up for grabs like that. With you and Matt, and Erik. WS is going to be FAST!! Good luck and Stay Healthy!