Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week Log: Jan 28-Feb 3

Mon- 12 miles (1:30) Mesas w/ Kyle
The shin felt great for the first 1:10 or so, but then it tightened the last 20 minutes and felt like I was basically back to square one.  Not encouraging.

Tue- 0

Wed- 0

Thu- 5 miles (:40) North Monument
My shin never hurt at all and I finished optimistic about it's health.  I felt absolutely terrible otherwise.

Fri- 8 miles (1:00) Mesas and Monument
Felt good and the shin never hurt at all so I was super-psyched.

Sat- 13 miles (2:00) Longs Ranch loop backwards w/ Kyle
Barr Trail was incredibly slick, and this was compounded by the fact that I was in my Nike flats.  So, instead of trying to descend that ice luge without screws, we decided to keep climbing and go down Longs instead.  We kept a solid pace up the whole 3000' climb, though, and then bombed the super-steep downhill through a bunch of powder.  My shin absolutely never hurt, and it was a blast to be cranking through the snowing and foggy mountains.

Sun- 17 miles (2:22) UPT-Waldo Loop+ w/ Kyle and Matt (Incline Club)
Matt started off cranking, but it was a beautiful day and he calmed down some once we got to Waldo and the pace was more leisurely.  I'm trying to be smart, so I turned back on the UPT while Kyle and Matt went up Longs, but I added on some at the end to make it a full 17 miles.  I wore the Crosslites w/ screws on this run and I'm pretty psyched on these shoes.  They felt suitably low-profile and light and I think the extra bit of forefoot protection will be welcome once the snow melts some more.  Great run.

Total: 55 miles (7:32)

I think I'm finally back.  This injury was incredibly unfortunate timing for me (with missing Rocky), but with the help of all the great folks over at Champion Health (including the cold laser treatment that I'll post about later) I think I'm definitely on the trail to good things once again.  Time away from running makes one appreciate it so much more intensely, that's for sure.


CoyoteGirl said...

Yay! Glad to see you back on the trails and feeling all better again.


Cool blog.
Nice recap on your weekly training.
It's interesting to see what others do in training.
Enjoyed the article in running times.


Mark C. Smith, "The Naked Runner" said...

Well, Rocky was great! (Not to rub it in, of course) It was my first of many ultras to run and I was looking forward to seeing you there. Maybe next year, huh? Jorge Pacheco blew by me at least once but he didn't beat your time from last year. Good luck to you and your shin! See ya down the road sometime!

Shawn Smith said...

glad to hear your healthy again anton.

Leonardo Soresi said...

Hi Anton! Happy birthday from Italy!
You are really doing a great job in promoting a new "trail running culture"!
Hope to meet you sooner or later on the trail, maybe at the UTMB!


Bto said...

hi anton!, my name is alberto and will realy love to talk you into a race here in costa rica (where i live) it is called the coastal challenge, and it`s celebrated on between january and february.
i realy hope u read this and e-mail me back to my gmail...

PS: that`s the link of the event`s page

Derrick said...

Cold Laser. Are you referring to BioFlex? Really good stuff. I used to work at a clinic and cut my injury time in half. Unfortunately, for me, the clinic relocated.