Friday, April 30, 2010

April Is Gone

A quick tallying of the numbers:

April Totals:
-Miles: 673
-Hours: 101h 19min
-Vertical: 120,400'
-Green: 35
-Bear: 5
-SoBo: 2
-Days off: 0

2010 Totals (Day 120)
-Miles: 2209
-Hours: 329h 50min
-Vertical: 406,900'
-Green: 133
-Bear: 7
-SoBo: 2
-Days off: 0

April was obviously an excellent month of running.  My right knee held together all month even as I methodically increased the duration of my long run each weekend, starting with a 4xGreen/5hr effort the first weekend of the month and ending with a 7h30/50mi/13k' vert outing two weeks ago.  Although I still get the odd twinge in that joint every now and then, the fact that it survived such a rigorous 50 miler with essentially no issues gives me a lot of confidence and joy in the fact that I've finally made it back to a place where I can engage in ultra adventures with a measure of peace of mind.  It's been a while.

Overall, this month I made it to the tops of some peaks a bunch of times (42 times, actually) and ran a bunch of miles, all while tapering the final week of the month, i.e. no summits, no runs/days of more than an hour, and no vertical.  That's cutting back for me.  Enough to make me slightly cranky, bored, unmotivated, and rested.  Must be time to race.  I can't wait to see what May holds for me.

(The last time I took a competitive stride: leaving Winfield, CO August, 2009.)

Finally, starting next week, I'll be posting some additional content (once a week or so) on a new blog over at Running Times, for those that are interested.


Brett said...

A rested Tony? Oh $hit! Can't wait to hear about Miwok.

Pablo Rosas said...

It's going to be grand.

Jeff B. said...

I think everyone is betting on you for MiWok! Good luck, I hope you are fast and most importantly you enjoy the day and victory that you have worked so hard for!

Sonja said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Brandon Fuller said...

Get'er done!

Deanna Stoppler said...

Have a great run at Miwok!

David said...

Awesome mileage, Tony! Just out of curiosity, what do you use to track your milage (website, Excel, other?) and do you pocket your camera for your Green summits or in a running pack/sack?

Unknown said...

Mile 42.8: Krupicka puts 10(!) mins on field in 14 miles. Koerner +10.5, Wardian +12, Bein +13.25.


Barry Bliss said...

Thanks for the news.

Unknown said...

Finish: 8:02:53. Anton Krupicka wins #Miwok100k. . Koerner 2nd in 8:20:45

Pablo Rosas said...

Nice : ) Thanks for the news.

Barry Bliss said...

Good run, Tony.

Speedgoat Karl said...

way to kill it Tony! great run!

Coolrunnings said...


Collin said...

Sounds like a great run yesterday. Tony's 8:02 gives a lot of credibility to Mackey's record.

Shane said...

Sweet run, Tony. It felt good to be back in the saddle, huh! Looking forward to your race report. Did you take that camera to get us some great shots? :)

Deanna Stoppler said...

Way to go on Miwok! So exciting! You did awesome.

Barry Bliss said...

Looking forward to reading about it from you, Tony.
Take your time though.
When you do write, don't worry about being long-winded.

Michael Shane Helton said...

A fantastic start to the season...especially considering how you ended last year. Awesome job man.

tim said...

Congratulations Anton! Very happy for you...

Barry Bliss said...

Why the hell does it not come up on google news?
Is it really still that underground?

PS Barry, as in Barry Bliss.

Rush said...

Have you ever developed illiotibial band syndrome, and if so, can you share how you addressed it?


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