Monday, April 26, 2010

Green #132

This morning was my final ascent of Green Mt before taking it easy these last few days leading into Miwok this weekend. 

Mother Nature, though, made sure to make it a scenic one.  Last night Jocelyn and I were sequestered in the CU Law Library--she outlining for finals, me tapping out a project proposal--when we'd had enough and decided to make a break for the mountains.  Unfortunately, within minutes the threatening clouds had opened up and by the end of our little 50 minute sojourn on the trails we were thoroughly soaked. 

As I found out this morning, though, it had been snowing up high.  After jogging through the streets to the trailhead my legs felt nice and peppy and I ad libbed a quasi-tempo of the bottom half of the mountain at PR pace (despite slick conditions) before just jogging to the top through the nearly six inches of new fluff.  I've been fortunate enough to make it to the top 132 times now in the last 116 days, but Saturday's race means it will be at least a week before I see the summit again.  I'm not worried; she's not going anywhere.

Some snow-flavored scenes from this morning's Rocky Mountain Spring romp:

Gregory Canyon Trailhead.
Ranger Trail.
4-way junction below Green's summit.
Green summit.
Bear and South Boulder Peaks.
Dinosaur Mt.


j.edge said...

what's your temperature range on a run like this? i'd be sick as a dog after a few of those runs in that temp-spectrum!

have a good race this weekend! you are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Great picture's, I'm really done with the snow till next winter!

Mette Lykke said...

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Thanks, Mette Lykke
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Deanna Stoppler said...

Looks like fun! Tis the season for snow/rain mix--we're getting snow here in VT right now as well! Good luck at Miwok. Can't wait to read about your awesome finish in Trail Runner and Ultrarunning magazines!

Anonymous said...

The State of Colorado needs to put you on the payroll for being such an ambassador. Great photos, as always. My lunchtime run through the streets of midtown Atlanta will not be nearly as scenic (at least not in a good way)
Really looking forward to the Miwok reports.

knix05 said...

Good luck for the race Miwok !

Tim said...

Kick ass at Miwok.

Sonja said...

Good luck at Miwok! I can't wait to read about your experience - when you've recovered enough to write about it!

PunkRockRunner said...

All the best at Miwok this weekend. I have several friends running it and it looks like the weather will be cooperating. I would think Boulder has provided the perfect training environment for Saturday.

Safe travels,


Unknown said...

All the best this weekend Tony! No luck involved here, just go do what you do! You've shown us that you are one of the most disciplined when it comes to training, and because I have no idea what you did this week, I hope you've had the discipline to taper.

Have a great day out there!

tom kalitowski said...

Your a great inspiration to us who have been injured due to our passion for trail running. You have been patient on the build up to Miwok even though i'm sure it was tough at times. Try not to leave too much smoke behind you this weekend.


Tory said...

Maybe kind of a long-shot question asking this two years later, but is Dinosaur Mountain the hill (relatively speaking) between Bear and Green? If one runs west on the Skunk Canyon trail, is Dino Mt. the one directly ahead of him or her?

Thanks Tony.