Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekly Summary: Sept 20-26

Mon-AM: 7.5 miles (1:07) Chautauqua loop with Jocelyn, 500'
Got up really early to run and felt exhausted so I just went back to bed and ran short with Jocelyn before driving down to Creede, CO.

Tue-AM: 7 miles (1:04) East Willow Creek in Creede, 1000'
Gorgeous run between 9000' and 10,000'.  The aspens were in full splendor, and the air was nippy enough to have me wearing a long-sleeve the whole way.  Legs didn't feel great, though.  Spent the rest of the day underground in a mine (six hours total) and driving the nearly 6hrs back to Boulder.

Wed-AM: 4 miles (:32) Creek Path with Jocelyn
Bleary run before catching an early flight to Boston for the NB Elite Dealer's Meeting.  Kind of a tough day of travel/socializing after getting home from Creede at midnight the night before.

Thu-AM: 4.5 miles (:33) Charles River, Boston
Boston is a pretty neat city if you have to be in the East at sea level.

Fri-AM: 4 miles (:35) Creek Path to EGF with Jocelyn
Just a nice easy run with Jocelyn before she races tomorrow.  Seems like my cold is finally clearing out a bit.

Sat-AM: 13 miles (1:56) Aspen Golden Leaf Half with Jocelyn, 2000'
I didn't realize there were multiple waves at the start, so after Jocelyn and I got separated waiting in different bathroom lines I missed the 1st wave start and ended up waiting the 4m30sec for the next wave.  Spent the first 35min of the race running hard then to catch up with Jocelyn (I had planned to run with her the whole way).  Ran a lot harder than I wanted to in order to do that, and then Jocelyn was running a pretty solid pace in the top-10 women at that point, so we weren't just jogging along really for the next  bit.  Pretty soon, though, she hit a bad patch involving a pit stop and a couple of ankle rolls and a ton of women passed us as Jocelyn regathered herself.  After just cruising easy for about five miles, though, Jocelyn decided she wanted to race again and re-passed five or six ladies during the final three miles or so.  Solid effort for her for not being in great shape.  This race has an exceptional course: point-to-point, almost all singletrack, finish in a park in Aspen, gorgeous aspen groves.  Afterwards I was surprised with how worked my legs were, though.  Clearly feeling pretty burnt/out of shape right now.

Sun-AM: 4 miles (:35) Kitt Field with Jocelyn
Ran down to the field, ran 2 miles barefoot, and ran back home.

-Miles: 44
-Hours: 6h 22min
-Vertical: 3500'

I was really busy last week with a bunch of non-running activities, so I took it as an opportunity to take a real break from real running, especially since I was fighting a cold all week, too.  I'll take a few more really easy days and then look to get into a nice gradual build-up to top fitness by the time December rolls around.


R. Logan Brooks said...

Sounds like it was a busy week or so. But it is a good time to get a little rest so it was somewhat productive, right? Hope ya start feeling better.


Pez said...

Fantastic to read you again.
I DO like your way of understanding sport, mountains and life.
Please, keep on, you are a refferrence for lots of us.

Best regards from Spain.
Thanks AK!!!


RPMcMurphy said...

For once, I put in as many miles as you this week! ;)

Hope you get your legs back soon!

SeanE said...

I RAN MORE MILES THAN TONY! Seriously, glad to hear you're doing your body good. It'll thank you come Dec. in San Fran.

Jannicke said...

It's always a pleasure to read your blog. For once you had a modest approach when it comes to weekly volume :) I do hope you're regaining strenght.


Anonymous said...

Tony where did the speed-mountaineering video from a couple posts ago go?

Barry Bliss said...

Really interesting how easy it is to see the build up, peek, and then the come down when you're detached from the whole thing.

Jacob Rydman said...

You are a good man to sacrifice your time and energy in order to help out the one you love in her race. Good work bro.

Collin said...

F me. The one week that you have low mileage is my first week back after 2 1/2 months off, so I still ran less than you. :(

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the Charles River. Boston is a pretty great city and we do have mountains just 1-2 hours drive away and good trails just 15 minutes outside of the city. Tons of races, runners, clubs. I am living in the mountains vicariously through you!

Dominic Grossman said...

Every competitors worst fear: Tony easing up and getting rested to run even faster and stronger. Damn.
See you at TNF in Dec!

Jeff B. said...

Great to see that you are resting a little. I'm sure that you will come back even stronger. Whether planned or not, I bet this will be a great training week! Keep it up and good luck in December!