Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Wrap Up

The numbers:

Miles: 435
Hours: 66h 35min
Vertical: 85,300'

And for 2010:

Miles: 4800
Hours: 731h 07min
Vertical: 825,900'

Mostly a book-keeping post, here.  I've posted something a little more extensive over at Running Times regarding my thoughts on running lately.  Although September has been a bit up and down in terms of mileage and energy, I'm really looking forward to really getting back to it in October.  And, in a weird way, I'm even kind of excited for the ridiculousness of snowy trails, but I know there will be plenty (as in, five or six months worth) of that soon enough, so there's no need to look too far into the future.


Kevin said...

I love fall, but am looking forward to the winter too. The snow here fills in the trails and covers the rocks and roots, assuming they've been packed out by hoards of snowshoe-clad hikers.

Michał Roszka said...

Fingers crossed for you to get back to your routine. For me a prolonged lack of it happens to be disastrous sometimes. Not only running-wise.

Apart from the running itself is there anything else you do to keep yourself fit? You mentioned acupuncture earlier. Anything else? Like massages, stretching, strength exercises, cycling, swimming, etc.

DodgerRoger said...

Hey Anton -

Do you think that PEDs would be of any benefit in an ultra-marathon?

rustyboy said...

Rest: One of training's most useful tools.

Take a cue from Bowerman's prolific concept - you'll bounce back stronger!

47minutes said...

Votre démarche est dans la lignée de la mienne..
A quand une expérience en europe?..

Unknown said...

I have no doubt come December you will be huge factor for that 1st place check :). One week doesn't make or break a runner. Consistent training and rest periods bring success.