Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly Summary: Sept 27-Oct 3

Mon-AM: 4.5 miles (:39) Creek Path+Kitt
1.5mi barefoot. Ran with Jocelyn.

Tue-AM: 4 miles (:31) Leadville
Parked at Ice Palace, ran the Mineral Belt down to the new artificial turf field down by the middle school and did 2mi of barefoot there before running back up to the truck.  That field has to have the best 360 degree view of epic mountains in the state.  Was on my way down to Creede for field work.

Wed-AM: 4 miles (:32) Kitt Field
Ran down to the field, 2mi of barefoot, and back home.  Really had to exert some discipline to not charge up into the mountains today.  Holding out for Oct 1 before hitting that again.

Thu-AM: 4.5 miles (:37) Kitt Field
Down to the fields, 2.5 miles of barefoot, and back home.

Fri-AM: 15 miles (2:21) Green & Bear, 4100'
Great to be back! Took Joe on a nice mellow circuit of my favorite peaks.  Tried out a simple little loop through Chautauqua to get an extra 3/4mi or so of warm-up in before the climb up Green and I liked it, will probably make it a regular thing.  It felt like the rest really did me good.  For the first time since Leadville my perceived effort felt commensurate with the splits I was seeing on my watch, which was a very nice mental boost.  I'm really looking forward to the next couple months of solid training; feeling mentally and physically recharged.

Sat-AM: 15 miles (2:18) Green Mt., 3700'
With Joe again. Ran a warm-up loop up Enchanted Mesa and back on Bluebell-Baird and then went up the back of Green. I need that extra time before getting in the real climbing. Came down some vintage routes on the NE ridge before bopping over Flagstaff and down to EGF.  Joe was digging the technical stuff coming off Green, but in general, we kept today nice and mellow.
PM: 9 miles (1:13) Skunk Creek-Kohler Mesa, 800'
Easy run in the evening. Didn't do barefoot because of all the tailgaters down at Kitt.

Sun-AM: 13 miles (2:00) Green Mt., 3000'
Up the front and down Bear Canyon.  Took it easy today.
PM: 7 miles (1:02) Creek Path
Late, easy jog with Jocelyn.

-Miles: 76
-Hours: 11h 13min
-Vertical: 11,600'

I've run up Green 219 times this year and Bear Peak 23 times.

It was a real pleasure to return back to the trails and mountains at the end of the week.  The hardest thing about getting back into real training is re-realizing that just because my bones and tendons are capable of running a high number of miles that doesn't mean that my fitness level is capable of doing so.  So, by Sunday night my general fatigue was pretty high.  This will mostly mean that I just have to watch myself for a couple of weeks--skip an evening run here and there if necessary, be conscious of taking some days really easy intensity-wise--and eventually my consistency and relative caution will hopefully result in top fitness once again.

Also, I'm ready for a little moisture.  Right now the trails are as dry as I've ever seen them, meaning they're dusty and traction is generally poor.  Not to mention the fact that the fire hazard is through the roof.  On Saturday night there was an ever-so-slight flaking of something that wasn't quite rain (but I hesitate to actually call snow) falling from the atmosphere, and when I was up early Sunday morning to support my roommate at her first marathon (Boulder Backroads) the Indian Peaks displayed a very light dusting (that had then disappeared by time I made it up Green).  So, the real deal probably isn't far away.

Finally, the running in Bear Canyon is phenomenal right now.  Pure autumnal bliss with yellow aspen, red sumac, and dry singletrack.


Jannicke said...

I'm glad to hear that you've recovered well.


Anonymous said...

Are you a vegetarian?

Rex said...

Glad to hear you're feeling recharged! And great to see you take it easy every now and then! Just got the 101s and love the changes but am wondering if the removable insole might start to shift a little. Do you like to run with or without the insole in the 101s? That's one thing I really like about the 100s.

l.d said...

tendon,articulation....that's the mysterious point for me about your's seems you're unbreakable...less than a week of rest all along a year and it's just a physiologic problem who stop your "ultra" razzia;

i mean, be tired or out of fitness a while it just mean you're human...but never get injured with your amount of moutain training is fantastic...

one explication come to my're just not running a lot or're running with class...your body is equilibrated(i'm not sure for the translation:"équilibré"in french)...what do you think about you're physical strenght and resistance? do you work about this particularity? barefooting is a key?nutrition?god's gift?

Unknown said...

Funny you mentioned not barefooting because of tailgaters. What has held me back from barefooting on some nice parks where I live are the hoards of people routinely walking their dogs, multiple times per day, on the same grass where I could run. I really don't want to step on some dog's business.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony - any thoughts on Killian running Kilimanjaro?

The descent is 23+ miles, so his 1:41 works out to something like a 4:17/mile pace. That just doesn't seem plausible to me, even with it being all downhill.

Unknown said...


Any thoughts on Ironman this Saturday? Do you care? You must at least admire those guys and how they manage to get their bodies into such sharp physical shape and so masterfully walk the line between fitness and injury/burnout.

Unknown said...

Things are heating up! TNF50M - Championships: Krupicka, Roes, Wyatt, Grossman, Robbins, Skaggs. God knows who else will be there. Maybe Steidl. I doubt Carpenter will be. Either way it is going to be a battle.

Rainshadow Running said...

hmmm... you know i'm biased but i'd take the views from silverton's track over leadville's any day! my track here in winthrop, wa with views of the north cascades, chelan sawtooths and okanongans is pretty darn good too!

jason said...

Hey Tony,

It was great to run a little bit with you and Scott. Thanks for the company and bit of advice.

I am truly looking forward to fully transitioning to ultra/trail running and racing.

Running as fast a possible for a given length is sexy, but doing so in the wilderness and on trails... phenomonal.

I really hope to catch up with you again sometime soon, if not I'll see you in San Fran.


Jason Schlarb

MtUnpaved said...

Anonymous - on Killian

You did the math wrong, he was running about 6:14 miles

still smokin...

MtUnpaved said...

Anonymous - on Killian

You did the math wrong, he was running about 6:14 miles

still smokin...

Anonymous said...

1:41 = 60 + 41 minutes = 101 minutes

101 minutes/23 miles =

4.39 minutes/mile

4.39 minutes = 4 minutes 23 seconds

The math looks good to me. But I agree with Anonymous. A 4:23 pace on dirt at elevation doesn't seem possible. Probably something was reported and/or translated wrong.

Anonymous said...

according to the link posted on the Trail section of the Running Times website, the round trip mileage for Kilimanjaro is 32.9



.14x60= 8.4

therefore, on the way down, Kilian averaged roughly 6:08 miles...if you watch some of the footage of this feat on YouTube, you can see that he is moving down, but nowhere near 4~ pace

Coolrunnings said...

Looking at the course profile and route it seems Jornet didnt do an up and back on the same route, rather finishing at Mweka Gate. The summit is at about 20 miles making the down section look to be a little over 12 miles. Also it is unclear whether the 10 mins he spent at the summit was included in the ascent time or the descent time nor neither.
So disregarding the 10 mins...
101mins/12miles=8:25 min per mile

Anonymous said...

the story has changed since it was first put up. the original version said the route was 47 miles round trip with the descent being 23 miles.

five fingers said...

running in Bear Canyon is phenomenal right now. Pure autumnal bliss with yellow aspen, red sumac, and dry singletrack. This is perfect!