Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly Summary: Oct 11-17

Mon-AM: 14 miles (2:02) Green Mt., 3000'
Up Gregory-Greenman and down Bear Cyn.  Slow and easy.
PM: 8 miles (1:06) Skunk Creek Loop+Kitt
Really miserable stomach issues on this run.

Tue-AM: 16 miles (2:14) Green Mt., 3000'
Up back and down Bear Cyn. First snow of the year! Got a later start with the rain, and above 7600' or so there was a light dusting of snow.  The cool, crisp, and damp conditions invigorated me and I cruised at a solid pace. Tacked on another 2.5mi down to the bread store and back at the end.
PM: 6 miles (:50) Skunk Creek Loop
Ran late (7:45pm) after class and had some more crazy stomach problems reminiscent of the night before.

Wed-AM: 15 miles (2:25) 2xGreen Mt., 5000'
Did my usual neighborhood warm-up loop and then went up the back and down NE Ridge/Saddle Rock for both laps--37:20 and 35:55 for the climbs.  Felt great on this run and just generally had a blast.  I certainly didn't expect to run that fast on the second one.  It really felt like I turned a corner on this run and that I'm getting back to my old self.
PM: 8 miles (:59) Skunk Creek Loop+2.5mi barefoot at Kitt
Most energy I've had on an evening shakeout in a long, long time. I felt great and kept on just wanting to do more barefoot laps around the field.  Was bummed to bike down to 13th St only to realize that the Wednesday night Farmer's Markets are done for the year.

View of the newly snow-capped Indian Peaks from Green's summit.

Thu-AM: 15 miles (2:25) 2xGreen Mt., 5000'
Same exact run as yesterday except my climbs today were 37:35 and 35:35. Another beautiful morning with a great sunrise and perfect temps for running hard.  Technical footwork was particularly adept today.
PM: 8 miles (1:04) Skunk Creek Loop+1mi barefoot at Kitt

Sunrise from Gregory Canyon.

Fri-AM: 14 miles (2:03) Green Mt., 3000'
Ran up Gregory-Greenman and down Bear Canyon.  Easy effort before a longer run tomorrow.

Sat-AM: 35 miles (5:04) Green-Walker-Eldo-Green, 8200'
Good long run after not going long for almost a month. Started with a moderate effort up the backside of Green before heading down into Bear Cyn and then cruising over to Ethel Harold via Bison Drive.  Ran around Walker counter-clockwise and was keeping a quick, but relaxed effort that had me rolling up a pack of four serious-looking mountain bikers headed up to Crescent Meadows.  Refilled my bottle at the Eldo Visitor Center (the Eldorado Canyon trail has to be one of my favorite in the county) and then went out Fowler and down the secret trail into town before hooking up into Old Mesa and then Mesa back to Bear Canyon. I still had a lot of good energy headed up the canyon and dispatched the final 1000' climb up to Green with surprising ease.  Descended Greenman-Gregory to home.

Sun-AM: 15 miles (2:11) Green Mt., 3000'
Up the backside and down the NE Ridge to Flagstaff to Eben G. Fine.  Cruised the creek path to Boulder HS where I got in a mile of barefoot on the turf before heading up the hill back home.  Tired legs as expected, but I just bopped along at an easy effort and enjoyed the continued exemplary fall weather.
PM: 8 miles (1:05) SoBo Creek out and back from Bobolink TH
Did the 12min/3.5mi (18min on the way back) bike commute out to Bobolink in order to get a 100% soft surface run and a little change of scenery. Added an out and back on the Cherryvale trail to get the extra mile. Easy jogging.

-Miles: 162
-Hours: 23h 28min
-Vertical: 30,200'

2010 Boulder Summits
-Green: 236
-Bear: 24
-SoBo: 4

Ah, this week my legs finally felt like they knew how to run again.  It's been a while.  Since Leadville, really.  Up until this week, almost any effort on an uphill was labored and my effort levels were not at all commensurate with the resultant splits on my watch.  For whatever reason, that finally changed this week.  Wednesday and Thursday morning's sessions on Green were especially enjoyable in that I actually felt stronger each time on the second lap.  Likewise, on Saturday's long run I was hitting splits on that loop that were very comparable with what I was doing this spring/summer when I was building/at my peak fitness for Western/White River/Leadville.  It was a rough six weeks or so, but at least things turned themselves around.

Here are a few pics showcasing a little late-autumn scenery on Green Mountain.

Golden leaves dapple the upper Greenman trail.
Perfect pine needle tread on a vintage piece of singletrack. Part of my favorite descent route off of Green.
...which eventually leads to this ridgeline fork: left=Saddle Rock, right=1st Flatiron
The rest of the route may redefine your notion of a trail: looking back up at some of the fun I just came down.
Looking downhill at a section that's a little bit more trail-like.
Looking back up at the final stair section on the bottom of Amphitheater.  Running up this can, at times, feel like more of a plyometric workout than anything.

Finally, I'm looking forward to seeing these guys at the Fox this evening:


weather said...

Snow forecast maps from GFS

GFS weather

Shane Wilson said...

Anton, glad to see that the legs are back under you and that you're really enjoying this amazing fall weather we're having. I hope the training continues to yield positive results leading up to your next challenge.

peter richard harren said...

thanks for being heroic! great music and photos too.

Jannicke said...

Good to hear that your legs are regaining strength again. Wonderful pictures.

Patrick Thurber said...

walkmen=best band working the circuit (figuratively and literally). is there a difference anymore, really?

saw'em in detroit, hope it was similarly epic.

AshleyD said...

When are you going to write a book anton?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when are you going to write a book? Also, what would be your optimal place of living outside CO? Finally, if you were to run a road marathon what shoes would you most likely run in??
Hope your semester is going well,


Soulrunner said...

Hi Anton,
great Pictures and awesome trainig.
First snow is great!!! :-)

Marco the "Soulrunner"
from Germany

Brendan said...

One thing I've been curious about: where do find room to carry your camera on runs?

jason said...
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jason said...

That is an awesome long run loop you did on Saturday, I'm jealous!

I had my wife drop me off that same day at the southernmost trail head north of eldo on 93 where I ran the trails over and then into eldo. I looked at the map and was tempted to run over to walker but decided to keep things a little flatter in prep for my road marathon on Halloween. I ran back down out of the canyon crossed the street to jump on mesa all the way back to chataqua and then through town to North Boulder Park (home) for 23 ish.

How many GUs do you bring (where do you put them!) for 35? 3 GUs in my hat is annoying for 23 miles.

Glad to hear you are feeling back to your fit self. Hope the stomach funk is over!


Unknown said...

Green Mt. has seen a tremendous increase in foot traffic the the last 10 years or so. Of course given the lack of good water bars etc, there has been trail degradation.(Portions of trails have been added in 08,09, which are very nice around Greenman Springs.) Even Bear Canyon has been "improved" recently.

I suggest you don't put those photos up and advertise Green Mt. trails. Just be more relaxed about sharing that info. It's better that way.Word descriptions are fine.

I've submitted Green Mt at least 400 times and like the fact I don't see many people on some portions of the trails. (like the elevator shaft above Saddle Rock).

Pete Rodrigues said...

Not to start a battle on Tony's blog, but really - posting pictures of Green Mt. is not going to be the difference in trail degradation. Green Mt. is not a secret spot. In fact, I think if more people fall in love with a place like that, then they are more likely to take care of it.


sarah said...


Sounds like you are back to having fun again! Enjoy!!!
And please keep posting your weekly summaries. Most inspiring....

sypder said...

that was a great week. congratulations! good luck on your trainings and more power! You are an inspiration! :)