Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly Summary: Oct 18-24

Mon-AM: 15 miles (2:37) Devil's Thumb, Indian Peaks. 3000'
Awesome morning with some lightly falling snow and zero wind. Ran from the Hessie trailhead at 9000'.
PM: 14 miles (2:03) Green Mt., 3000'
Up the front and down the West Ridge and Flagstaff Rd, plus a trip to the grocery store.  It was raining lightly, but my legs felt great so I charged up the front in 32:11--I was having a great run but the falling darkness caught me on Greenman and prevented the sub-32 effort.  Took the road down because I didn't want to stumble around on the dark trails.  Awesome run, but all the downhill pavement beat up my feet/ankles a bit.

Tue-AM: 14 miles (2:09) Green Mt., 3000'
Up Gregory-Greenman and down Bear Canyon.  Easy day before a long run tomorrow.

Wed-AM: 38 miles (5:41) Almagre-Mt. Rosa-Section 16, 10,000'
Awesome run down in Colorado Springs with Joe.  Parked at 6300' in Bear Creek and headed up 666 to Jones Park to Pipeline to the secret trail up North Cheyenne Creek (extremely steep) to Stratton Reservoir and finally to the radio tower, 12,350' summit of South Almagre.  From there headed down the road to Frosty's Park up 11,500' Mt. Rosa, dropped 4000' down Buffalo Canyon, past St. Mary's Falls to Gold Camp and then up over Buckhorn, down High Drive and then I added on the final bonus 1200' climb/loop of the day up and around Section 16.  The weather was perfect and there was only the slightest dusting of snow on the north-facing side of the canyon, otherwise it was basically summer conditions even above treeline.  Felt strong all day, four gels.

Climbs of 6k' (Almagre), 1500' (Rosa), 800', and 1200'.
The Frenchman cruising Rosa's 11k' ridgeline.
Perched on Rosa's 11,500' summit, looking at 12,350' Almagre (left) and 14,115' Pikes.

Thu-AM: 15 miles (2:18) Green Mt., 3000'
Up Gregory-Greenman and down Bear Cyn.  I just took it nice and easy today and was definitely feeling a bit worked from the long run yesterday.  Ankle/post-tib is still a bit sore from the road Monday night, so with my accumulated fatigue I skipped the evening run.

Fri-AM: 14 miles (2:05) Green Mt., 3000'
Up the back and down Gregory Canyon.
PM: 8 miles (1:03) Skunk Creek+2mi barefoot at Kitt
Nice rain falling on an awesome fall afternoon. The colors in Boulder are incredible right now.  JB was along getting some footage from the bicycle.

Sat-AM: 16 miles (2:20) Green Mt., 3000'
Up Gregory-Greenman and down Bear Cyn with Scott, Joe, and JB.  JB was getting footage the whole way so there was a lot of back and forth for me, resulting in the extra time/mileage for this loop.
PM: 6 miles (:48) SoBo Creek Path
Out and back from Bobolink with Jocelyn. This was a sweet run completely in the dark and with a spectacularly gigantic and orange rising moon.

Sun-AM: 14 miles (2:16) Green & Bear, 4100'
Didn't get out until late morning with Joe, and after a desultory ascent up the backside of Green we bailed on our plans for a longer run and decided to just bop over and hit Bear as well before calling it good.  Took it really easy and just tried to keep a positive frame of mind while navigating all the crowds on both peaks today. As blustery and brisk as it was up on the peaks today, I really kind of enjoyed it as a break from the perfect sunshine and temps that we've been having. I'm sure I'll get more of the same soon enough, though.

-Miles: 154
-Hours: 23h 20min
-Vertical: 32,100'

2010 Boulder Summits
-Green: 242
-Bear: 25
-SoBo: 4 


David Hill said...

Thanks for the post & pics - sounds like a solid week.

John said...

I have mileage envy...just of your Wednesday. Coming back from a stress-fractured metatarsal I'd love to have 38 just for the week.

knix05 said...

"Impossible n'est pas français !" is a french proverb ...

Now we could say : "Impossible is not Anton !"

Read you next week.

Seth said...

What a difference a day or two makes. I hit the Gregory trail just before 5pm on Fri. It was raining lightly. I went up Gregory/Ranger past Greenman springs and bailed out down the direct route under the cover of the trees to avoid a total drenching. There were zero cars at the trail head when I returned. This was nice.

Sunday was a different story at 11:30am. Gregory to Ranger trail. 41 minutes to the GreenBear split on the W. Ridge. It was windy and cool and quite the zoo of expensive goretex suits, ski poles, hydration systems, gloves, goggles, gps, cell phones, safety flares, etc. Went down Greenman trail to avoid the wind as much as possible. That worked well. No snow or ice yet. Go light, go gracefully and smile at everyone-even the doggie people who ignore the leash laws. Nice.

I don't always run, but when I do I prefer Green Mt.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Anton,

I am a graduate student as well. I am working on my master's in Biology and I was just wondering how you manage your time in order to get these nearly 24hrs of running in a week?? What is your class/research schedule like?? I am in eastern OK at the U. of Tulsa and I find it hard to squeeze in 80mile weeks on the trails- especially as the available daylight keeps dwindling. So, I was just wondering how you schedule your academic endeavors and balance them with such disciplined and formatted training???

Thank you,

Brian Williams said...

what camera gets toted along for these shots?

Jacob Rydman said...


I can't speak for Tony, but only as someone who works full-time, coaches xc, and is happily married; in short, it comes down to having your priorities in line. I'm passionate about the trails, therefore, make the time needed to explore my passion while balancing everything else going on. It takes sacrifice for sure, but as Tony demonstrates weekly, it can be done with proper planning, sacrifice, and determination. You also have to say "no" to a lot of things (which may be fun too) in order to keep your priorities in line as well, but I'm sure you get the point. Tony may have other thoughts, but as someone who's doing it too, that's my spiel.

Sarah said...

what do you do for your 'post tib' problem? I'm just wondering, I've come down with a nasty bout of PTT, and I've been sticking to the bike at the gym for the last couple weeks. Do you do acupuncture for it specifically or is it mostly for your knee issues from this summer?

Anton said...

Sarah--It was relatively mild, so, as you can see, I mostly just ran through it, along with a couple evenings icing it. I would've gotten some acupuncture done on it, but I've been busy and just didn't have time...getting to be that time of the semester.

l.d said...

hey anthon..."la diagonale des fous" finished the last week on a victory of......KILIAN JORNET obviously...but with a very lenght chrono of 23hours(163k and 9600m+)!
(me,i breaked at least of 20k of arrival because a break down of my "adducteurs"...i was 47ème over 2500...and after a wild hiking i eventually drop for real a 7k of arrival,impossible to finish the last i though to you on leadville...what a nightmare to be incapable to finish when everybody think you're dropping because your first goal was dead)but it was a very hard edition of the view of kilian himself who promised to come back the next year, stronger,faster...
why not you too on my island?
karl meltzer is tempted too...
it would be amazing to see some americans by here...especially you with your incredible moutains climbing skills

Barry Bliss said...

What kind of gloves/mittens do you wear when it gets really cold?
I need to buy a pair and there are a lot of them out there.

Jay said...

Barry, I know you asked Tony, but for what it's worth I love the Sugoi Firewall LT glove. It has a wind proof barrier on the outside and breathable material between the fingers, so you can control the temp by holding your fingers together or not. It's very light for it's level of warmth. For the coldest days I might put a thin base layer glove under it, but anything warmer would, IMO, only be usable on severely cold days. The Firewall covers a wide range of temps (and my hands tend to get cold easily). It's really expensive for a glove (i didn't pay anywhere near full price), but it is also a great glove. Good for cold weather biking too and fits over my bike gloves. Hope that helps.


Rick said...

What is that trail that appears just below Almagre and gently makes it's way to tree-line? Is that the Auto Road? GOG railroad? Something else?

Rick said...

That must be Elk Park Trail?

Anton said...

Rick--that's the forest service road that goes up from Frosty's Park (can't remember the number). The section from Frosty's is part of the Ring The Peak route, but after about 3 miles another road comes in from the upper right and you turn onto that to go to the summit of Almagre. That's the road/cut you see in the picture...awesome double-track with fantastic views to the east.

Barry Bliss said...

Thanks, Jay.