Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Running Wild: CEES Fundraiser/Benefit

On February 18th at 7:00pm Chris McDougall, Scott Jurek and myself will be speaking at the Wolf Law building (CU-Boulder's Law School) on the CU campus as a fundraiser for CEES.  Admission is $8 and raffle tickets are $2.  In addition to speaking, the previous night we will be hosting a fund-raising dinner at Boulder's hip new restaurant Oak at 14th on Pearl Street.  Co-owner of Oak Bryan Dayton is an accomplished trail ultra runner in his own right (former Trail 50K National Champion) and one of the state's most respected mixologists. Ten spaces at a cost of $250/plate will be available at this dinner.  Email jenksest@gmail.com to reserve a spot at the dinner.

In addition to donating to a worthy cause, your $250 will net you a special three-course dinner (with vegan options), a schwag-bag worth at least $200 (including running shoes, watches and other gear) and the opportunity to pick our brains about whatever one may please.  After a couple of Bryan's drinks, I'm sure any answers will be much more candid than is typical!

Oak at 14th special Dinner Menu
My girlfriend, Jocelyn Jenks, has been heavily involved in CEES and energy justice issues in Peru specifically for the past year and a half as a policy analyst.  Jocelyn spent last summer in Ayaviri, Peru building relations with rural villagers and assessing the need/desire for simple, clean-burning cookstoves as an alternative to cooking over open fires.  (Indoor air quality is predictably very poor for most villagers as a result of using open fires as a source of cooking heat.)  All proceeds from this benefit will go towards energy justice projects such as this.

So, come on out for an evening of philanthropy and running!


R. Logan Brooks said...

Man Anton, I would give an arm and a leg to live near Boulder so I could attend. A very worthy cause for sure. I was curious, I heard you lived for a short stint in Flagstaff, Arizona a few years back? If true, just wanted to know if you had any trails there that stuck out and why? I live near Flag and the San Francisco Peaks and venture up from time to time. Take care Tony.


Mike Owen said...

Hi Anton,

Regarding what Jocelyn is doing in Peru: I'm not sure what "clean" stoves she is considering but here in South Africa a product called a Stovetec stove (www.stovetec.com I think) is starting to do really well in the rural communities. It is affordable, durable, safe and incredibly fuel efficient.


Anton said...

Logan--Flag is great! I worked there during the 2004 summer and lived right next to the Skydome, so had instant trail access heading down Rio de Flag. My favorites were running down to Fisher Pt via the AZ trail, the Mt. Elden Trail up to the Catwalk (and eventually over to Schultz Pass...really any of these trails btwn town and Schultz Pass), and the Weatherford-Mt. Humphries-Kachina Loop from the top of Schultz Pass. But there are so many other great options in Flag, too...Observatory Mesa....Ft. Tuthill County Park, etc., etc.

Mike--Thanks for the tip; I'm not 100% sure what CEES will use, but I know they're consulting/collaborating some with the CU Engineering Dept, too.

Jon Stielstra said...

http://www.stovetec.net is the web link to learn about the stove Mike Owen mentioned. Thanks Mike, and thanks CEES for highlighting this low-profile but major problem that's looking for solutions!

Brandon Fuller said...

You must not have contributed to that menu. I expected to see tortillas with Nutella.

Soy afortunado said...

You and Jocelyn are great people. I knew it already but this is so great. It will be impossible to assist because I live in Spain but you have all my support.
I will be running 100k with a group of friends in May fundraising money for Ethiopia.
Do not change guys, you are amazing.

Unknown said...

Congrats on getting into Wasatch

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Didn't know if you had heard of this or not. Impressive stuff. http://sports.espn.go.com/oly/trackandfield/news/story?id=6092994

Barefoot Cam said...


Seriously, I've enjoyed reading your stuff and gained some valuable insights.

Still haven't found any running videos on youtube as cool as Indulgence and the winter running one you did. Nicely captured the essence of distance running.

Looking good man.

jeff said...

my daughter was in Horacio Gamez, peru for 8 months in 2006/07, now in the Peace Corp, in very rural Mozambique, she uses a Coleman stove with propane canisters to cook...many local folks use coal....she also runs wth several local runners every morning!!


Marco Denson said...

Anton, I would love to attend, but like someone else said, I live far from Boulder too. Next time you guys are in the San Francisco bay area you should do another event like that. I'm sure you could raise a lot of money for Jocelyn's cause, and to be a little selfish, we would gain a lot from having the opportunity to ask you questions about running.

take care,


Unknown said...

Anton love the blog...any chance they will put some of these talks on the internet for those of us who can't be there?

nmp said...

Looks like could be a good talk and for a good cause. Are tickets available at the door or in advance?

ps. great run at RR!

nmp said...

Looks like could be a good talk and for a good cause. Are tickets available at the door or in advance?

ps. great run at RR!

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