Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly Summary: Jan 31-Feb 6

Mon-AM: 8 miles (1:05) Creek Path
Single digit temps again this morning.

Tue-AM: 8 miles (1:01) Creek Path
-12F makes for some chilly running.

Wed-AM: 8 miles (1:02) Creek Path
Surprising how even -15F is tolerable when properly dressed.

Thu-AM: 4 miles (:30) Creek Path
Bored with this kind of running.

Fri-AM: 4 miles (:30) Creek Path
Quick run before catching a plane to TX.

Sat-AM: 100 miles (13:18) Rocky Raccoon 100
2nd place.  Certainly not slow.  Just not nearly fast enough.

Sun- Ha. Yeah, right.

-Miles: 132
-Hours: 17h 26min
-Vertical: negligible. I think there was maybe a total of ~5k' at Rocky?  But to even tally the pathetic little bumps on that course seems ludicrous.


Unknown said...

Fantastic Tony ... although i am sure a 1st place finish would have tasted a lot sweeter at RR100.

Was seeing on Geoff's blog that he didnt make it to Hardrock and is looking for a repeat showdown at WS.. you gonna be there right?

peace pips said...

Great work Tony. Those 100 milers are hard to win hey?

Reading Ian's blog it is clear the guy is now a serious ultra runner, not to mention super confident, and it will be very interesting to see if he can take his speed to the mountains.

Anonymous said...

What a performance Mr!
You are my favorite runner. Here in grey-sad winter middle-europe, reading your blog gives me motivation :)(Sry bad english)

Thomas said...

Tony, loved your RR report. Honest, fair and funny.

Unknown said...


Next time just stick to the old standby-Nutella-for pre race! No chocolate peanut better from Walmart, eh?!

take care,


Wyatt Hornsby said...

Anton: You ran a great race at Rocky Raccoon---your time speaks for itself. I wasn't there, but it seems to me that Ian had the perfect day--everything was on for him. Living in Colorado, I've run Green Mountain a few times and it's definitely a great training ground for mountain runners and anyone doing a race with lots of vertical. I can see how, even though one could kill the Green climbs and descents, it might be difficult going from Boulder to running hard on flat terrain since different muscles are involved. So, congrats on a great result--not the result you wished for but still a blazing-fast time. I think only Yiannis Kouros in his prime could have beaten Ian on Saturday.


Anton said...

Mike--Add my failure at Rocky Raccoon to the list of global atrocities that we can blame Walmart for!

v8grrl said...

I bet it the 1st place was sweating bullets knowing you were running....
As nice as competition is, sometimes people just want an easy win :)

love your writing...its an inspiration to me and my ever slow and short running juants


Unknown said...

Tony - I have a question for you: Would you rather pick a race which has a really brutal course but features only the top 5 (lets say) of the top 20 ultrarunners in the US or would you rather pick a race which has a relatively easier course but is significantly more competitive?

Kris said...

Was up with the Skagg bros?

Korey said...

So, on a race like this do you keep a consecutive pace? or is it a lot faster in the beginning and then steadily slows down? I have yet to run a 100 miler.

keoman said...

There are days, there are venues and there are other fast runners :)

Good job nevertheless!

Brandon Fuller said...

Good to see Hal back in the mix and keeping you honest!

Agiofws said...

Great race Tony congratsulations. Even 2nd place is Great. Looking forward to seeing you in the Spartathlon Race in the next few years

Unknown said...


Have you had issues with your IT Band? It is very uncomfortable to run lately and I was hoping you could recommend a certain treatment.


Texafornia said...


I did the RR100 too and seeing you and Jurek and other top racers out there with us was so inspirational. Thanks for all you do, including great race reports!

Hoppy said...

Nice performance Anton ,you looked smooth out there,all day long .A tweak on your training and... well we all know the rest .Excellent run just the same and many thanks for the good word out there,that means alot -you define what and where this sport should be at. Alohas.

Kris said...

Why do you start your RR 100 mile race report by saying you "were conflicted?" As if an excuse of why you got beat.

John said...

micah@caballoblanco.com is looking for runners for his event.

Syrupskater said...

You inspire me every time you run. I hope to meet you someday.

johnmichael said...

Just curious - what we're you wearing for those -12/-15 runs? I'm moving to Maine in about a week, and they are registering some seriously cold temps, so I'm trying to make some smart clothing decisions to run all of the amazing trails and mountains in the 100 mile wilderness.

Good running at Rocky btw! Cheers -


RJM said...

Have you given much thought to considering the Jungfrau marathon?

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