Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week Summary: Jan 2 - 8

Mon-AM: 1:27, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up 3rd access and down Greenman-SR-Amphi. All running except for the obvious hiking on the super steep postholing sections.  Cruised the descent at a moderate but not committed effort and skittered down the ice in 16:42.  A big part of me would love a new 2ft dump of fluff some time soon.
PM: 1:02, 2700' ~ Green Mt.
Up and down 1st Saddle. Met up with JVBrandon and Bill for an afternoon lap. Pushed solid on the up with Jeff and got a couple hundred extra feet of vert when we went back to tag the summit again with Brandon. All hiking on the up, but all running on the down, nice chatting a bit with Bill there.

Tue-AM: 1:37, 3000' ~ Green Mt.
Up 3rd access and down 1st Saddle. Really tired this morning, so just jogged easy and then hiked steady. Really warm morning in the 50s at 7am. Added a couple hundred extra feet of vert on the descent as I thought better of postholing through a new route in only 3/4 length tights.
PM: 1:14, 2500' ~ Green Mt.
Up and down 1st Saddle. Frustrating punchy, slushy conditions but a lot of exposed rock, too. Super warm evening had me climbing in a t-shirt even though the sun was already set.  All hiking.

Parked at Bakerville and round-tripped these classic Front Range 14ers in 2:55 in perfect winter conditions.
PM: 1:12, 2500' ~ Green Mt.
Up and down 1st Saddle. Didn't get out until later but it almost didn't matter because the slightly-more-than-half-full moon was offering some brilliant lumination. Didn't put on spikes until above the First but then kept them on all the way down, mostly because I was in the dark. Gorgeous warm evening. Hiking.

Thu-AM: 1:52, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up and down 1st Saddle. Scott biked over to my place and we ran up 6th St to the Gregory trailhead where I promptly snapped a Microspike just putting it on. Never had that happen before. Easy effort hike up and down the mountain then because of my lack of traction but the shin was definitely a bit touchy and needed to be babied after yesterday's overzealous outing anyways. Jogged ~10min on the streets on the way back home.

Fri-AM: 1:17, 2600' ~ Green Mt.
Up 3rd access down 1st Saddle. Was cautious this morning by biking to Chat and limiting the running. Snuck some in on the way down. Calves are still quite sore from Wednesday morning.
PM: 1:09, 2600' ~ Green Mt.
Exact same loop as this morning except I went up in 39:50 from Chat this time, which is the fastest I've done that route in quite some time.  Mostly because there's really no postholing anymore.

Sat-AM: 2:09, 4500' ~ Mt. Elbert
Drove up to Leadville with jLu and Scott. Snow was already coming down at the Eisenhower Tunnel and Fremont Pass, but things were good in town and great at the North Elbert trailhead.  Temps in the upper teens and perfectly still with only lightly-falling flakes.  A mix of running and a steady hike on the nicely-packed trail deposited Scott and I on the 14,433' summit 1h30 later.  After stowing the sticks and spending a few minutes hanging out on the summit, I ran back down to the car in :39 for a surprisingly quick trip up and down the hill.  The drive home on I-70 was a different story--ice- and snow-packed roads, grid-locked traffic...6hrs later we were finally back in Boulder.

Sun-AM: 1:42, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up and down 1st Saddle. Maybe 2-3" of fresh snow on the upper trails. Fresh cat tracks on the NE ridge. Ran the 15min to the trailhead mostly because I didn't want to bike on icy roads. Jogged most of the descent but walked the streets home to be nice to the shin.

Hours: 17h42min
Vert: 34,000'

Overall, obviously quite a good-looking week--a few big peaks, a bunch of vert and ~7.5hr of actual running--but the shin is still very much a limiting factor on what I am able to do pain-free in the mountains, blah blah blah boring; I'm very tired of thinking and complaining about it.  I know that right now Colorado (along with most of the American West) is experiencing a very mild winter, but I can't believe that I've waited until this year to really make a concerted effort to keep getting into the high country during the winter months.  A huge part of this is my shift these last few months toward realizing the value in hiking uphills (something snow and ice necessitates this time of year); I know that in the past I simply wasn't prepared to accept that for whatever misguided reason (ego).  A fun fact about these winter summits is that nearly as much time that is lost on the climb is able to be re-gained on the descent thanks to the relatively smooth(er) and softer surface that the snow provides.

Moving along, later this week I'm looking forward to a trip to North Carolina for New Balance and will probably use it as an opportunity to enforce a few consecutive easy days for the shin.  Wednesday evening I'll be speaking at the Dilworth Run For Your Life store in Charlotte and Thursday evening I'll be at the Fleet Feet Carborro store near Chapel Hill.

Here is a link to an interview I recently did with a runner I met on a trip I took to Michigan for NB last year.

Finally, next Saturday is Colorado Springs' 2nd Annual Ponderous Posterior 50K.  Because Team CRUD knows how to do things right, this year's Fat Ass-style run on the Pikes Peak region trails will follow the same route as last year (still starting and finishing at JT's house), BUT this time in the clockwise direction (last year we ran it counter-clockwise).  Due to the change in direction, the official course this year will include an ascent of the Manitou Incline to the top of Longs Ranch Road instead of running up Barr Trail.  Any out-of-towners or Incline virgins are in for a treat.  It is highly unlikely that my shin will allow me to make it around the full 50K loop, but I definitely still plan on heading down to the Springs for a more abbreviated version of the trail festivities.

Fri evening: #10

Up. Photo: Scott Jurek.
Summit ridge. Photo: Scott Jurek.
Jurker descending.


mtnrunner2 said...

Elbert looks cold! Egads.

Saturday I tried the MT110AK at BRC and I like what you guys did with that shoe. Nice job. Just trying to dial the size.

Jason said...

I got my first run in my new 110's in today I have to say they are awesome. They are a massive improvement over the 101 which was already a great shoe. I hope the winter version has a stiff toe cap to keep the microspikes from squishing my toes. Are you planning to train extensively on the course before HR?

William said...

Looking forward to Carrboro Tony. A quick trip to Umstead State Park might work well if you have time to fit in some trails.

Court5km said...

Seriously love this quote Anton, Because it is so absolutely true.

"It's that far-reaching influence on my lifestyle and social groups and day-to-day experiences that makes focusing on a race like HR so valuable. The event as a symbol for and a celebration of a certain lifestyle with certain values is much more important to me than the event as a venue for kicking other dudes' asses.

Brad Williams said...


I don't know how active of a role you played in the development of the 110s but let me just say they are perfect. Exactly what I was looking for in a minimal yet protective trail shoe.

Best of luck with your continued recover and HR training.

Randy Nickel said...

Who is that with the red jacket and old school Oakley's and where did he get them? Love those! I've got a pair of the black frames but would love to acquire a few more colors.
Really enjoy reading your blog and checkin' out the pics. Keep takin' the recovery slow; it sounds like you've got it goin' in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Kemp. said...

What is JT's address?

Juan Pedro Hernández de León said...

I start to feel like running through the snow to see your photos.

Anton said...

Kemp - JT's address is in the link I posted: 321 N. 31st St in Old Colorado City.

Kemp. said...

Read right through it. Thanks man.

josh young said...

Hey Tony. Did you have a chance to look up the neurolymphatic points to help with the lymphatic flow in your lower legs muscles which may have been comprimised due to your injury? also, I would still very much like to send you a few isometric exercises for your lower leg muscles. Drop me a line if you're interested.

pasi.koskinen said...

Nice progress Tony. Hoping that there are no adhesions in your shin. Surgery is not primary option in running. But pain-free running should be. Keep Going !

Jason said...

Same as many above, I just wanted to give you big THANK YOU for your work on the MT110AK. Incredible shoe. I've only had a couple runs in them but they feel great. The 4mm drop is perfect for me, love the more aggressive tread, no complaints thus far. I've been diggin the MT101 for a long time now but the 110's are even better. Sexy shoes. My feet are pleased. See you at the Dirty Thirty in June perhaps? Peace.

Ladd said...

thanks for the music. keep it coming. I appreciate the education! It is nice to get a blend of running and music...what wants to just talk about splits and miles...blah blah blah, we all love to run...but good music is worth its weight in gold!

Roxanne said...

Enjoyed meeting you in Charlotte! Safe travels!

Steve said...

Do you feel hiking has helped other aspects of your skill? I know you ran most of your vertical. I wasnt sure if the slower hiking helped you in anyway. (I've heard it works different muscle groups)

Chris Cawley said...

Tony Toni Tone,

I'm looking at road shoes and the 730 is a new balance shoe I've not seen before. I looks like a precursor to the upcoming road minimus, but with a little more heel-toe drop. Any experience with that shoe?

Mike Kostka said...

Hey Tony,
I was wondering if you'll ever do events like Badwater or the UTMB? Even a 24 hour race?

Unknown said...

Hey Tony,

Great blog and very interesting. I'm new to Ultra running did my first 50 miler last year. Here's to a better 2012.

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'


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