Monday, June 11, 2012

Week Summary: June 4 - 10

Mon-AM: 2:21, 4500' ~ La Plata Peak (14,336')
Up and down NW ridge, with an extra 15min of warm-up. On the descent I punched through some snow and gashed my shin to the gleaming white bone on some talus underneath. Clean-up back at the Roost revealed a likely need for some stitches, but things seem to be healing up fine.

Tue-AM: 2:35, 4000' ~ Huron Peak (14,003')
Up the West face trail from Winfield.  Descended the East face via a fun scree chute/boulder field before finding a surprisingly nice use trail that switchbacked down to Clohesy Lake. 1:49 from Winfield to Clohesy Lake (1:17 at summit). Ran back to Winfield via Rockdale. More Nolan's 14 scouting.

Wed-AM: 7:38, 13500' ~ Massive (14,421'), Elbert (14,433'), La Plata (14,336')
Really fun day in the mountains.  Started at the Leadville Fish Hatchery with Gavin, headed up the Highline Trail for 40min before cutting cross-country directly up the East ridge to the summit. Hit the top at 1:43. Descended the SW slopes trail down to cross Halfmoon Creek on FS Rd 110J (2:27) before continuing up the road and up Elbert's West ridge to the summit at 3:49. Descended over Bull Hill from there to the Golden Fleece Mine and Echo Canyon, getting to Highway 82 at 4:50. Ascended standard NW ridge of La Plata in 1:39 from the highway (6:45 total on the summit) before descending La Plata's South ridge and getting to the Winfield campground at 7:38 total. Really strong on the first two peaks, but I bonked like a champ above treeline on La Plata (not enough gels). Felt great on the LP downhill, though more than nine gels for the run would've been ideal.  The enormity of the Nolan's 14 project is humbling.

Thu-AM: 2:15, 4500' ~ Torreys (14,270') & Grays (14,267') Peaks
Parked at ~10,500' on the approach road to the summer TH and ran from there. Took the Kelso Ridge up Torreys. Really tired this morning after yesterday's long effort, but it was still great to get in a couple of peaks before making it down to Boulder by 9:30am for meetings with Ultimate Direction and New Balance.

Fri-AM: 2:44, 5000' ~ Longs Peak (14,259')
Started from the East TH and took the standard Keyhole route to the summit and back. Went up the mountain in 1:41:58, spent 30min on the summit, then descended in 1:02:54. There was quite a bit of frozen snow still in the Trough, so I lost a lot of time there--especially on the descent--but I ran really hard below the Boulderfield on the descent. Stopped a couple of times to take some pictures when I was descending back through the Boulderfield---would've gone sub-1hr for sure on the way down if I hadn't done that, even with the ice-induced pussyfooting in the Trough.

Sat-AM: 0:31 ~ All-day photo shoot with NB.  Sun-up to sundown. 4am wake-up call.

Sun-AM: More photo shooting with NB, but no running.

Hours: 18hr04min
Vert: 31,500'

Another solid week in the high country, but I definitely needed the rest that the weekend's NB activities necessitated. The pounding downhill on Friday might've been a touch more than the shin was ready for, so it was good to take a couple days easy.  Still having such a blast tagging a different peak every day.

Huron summit.
The Three Apostles.
Looking back up at the scree and talus descent from Huron's northern saddle.
The Diamond, Longs Peak.


J D Gerlach said...

Thanks for the weekly inspiration. You live in beautiful country.

Brandon Thrower said...

Are you still planning on running Mt Wahsington this weekend?

Robbie said...

This is great to hear Anton, must feel so sweet to be able to just run again. So what are your readjusted plans as far as races are concerned or are you just sticking to what was originally on your list? After your trip to La Palma do you plan on returning to race there next year?

Unknown said...


Andy said...

Great news and very inspiring. Whatever the French voodoo was, keep it working!

On a different note, any inside info on a relase date for the 1010 to the trail-hungry masses? Getting tired of rotating my 3 pairs of 110s! thanks.

Schlarb said...

Hey dude,

Are you heading towards the San Juans before HR100? Let me know if you come down and we can catch a run.

Andy said...
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Andy said...

Anton - Nice work on the Keyhole! I heard you were up on Longs again today on Kieners. It also sounded pretty darn fast if the rumor I heard is correct :) Would love to touch base with you about it if you have a chance.

Andy Anderson - John's Brother

Clellyrunning said...

Run like the wind amigo ! Inspiring

Court5km said...

Anton- thanks for your inspiration & lifestyle! it. Promise you'll take more than two tent stakes to go over ice/snow routes. we need you around!!!!! :)

Boundless Adventure Nepal said...

Thank you very much for share beautiful activities in the world.
Dambar, From Kathmandu Nepal.

Boundless Adventure Nepal said...
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