Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 22 - 28

Mon-AM: 2:25, 4500' ~ Flatiron Trifecta+Green Mt.
After a very early morning (4am wake-up in Glenwood Springs), rolled into Chautauqua and hit the 1st, 4th, and 5th Flatirons before going to the top of the mountain. The blizzard hit me about half-way up the 5th, but I made it off and trudged to the summit of Green anyways.

Tue-AM: 2:00, 3000' ~ Green Mt.
Up and down Gregory-Ranger from my doorstep. Truly ridiculous amounts of snow on Green with more coming down. Took me a full hour to make it up the hill from the trailhead.
PM: 1:01 ~ Creek Path
Easy jog in the evening; really tight right hamstring.

Wed-AM: 1:36, 3000' ~ Green Mt.
From Chat after Buff photoshoot. Up Greg-Ranger and down Greenman-Gregory with Joel. Very tired today. Tons of snow (obviously), but it was all I could do to just stump along on the uphill. Obviously still recovering from the weekend.

Thu-AM: 2:14, 4400' ~ Bear & Green
Biked to Chat, then up Fern and back over Green. Once I got in Fern it was a shirtless morning and stayed that way. Lots of postholing on the west ridge of Bear.
PM: 1:18, 3000' ~ 1st Flatiron+Green Mt.
From Chat with Joel. Really really sloppy, slushy, muddy trails. Tons of fun, though.

Fri-AM: 2:27, 5200' ~ Bear & Green+1st Flatiron
Biked to Chat, and then had lotsa good energy in the legs heading up Fern and coming back over Green. On the way down I couldn't resist the exemplary weather, so I tacked on a lap of the First Flatiron, too. Great run.
PM: 1:02, 2400' ~ 2 x 1st Flatiron
Joe and I headed up for a lap on the First before Joel joined us for the second lap. Dry rock, wet trails.

Sat-AM: 2:50, 5300' ~ Flatiron Quinfecta
After finishing up shooting with Joel we ran over to scramble the 5th Flatiron after which Joel ran back to Chat but I continued with the 4th, 2nd, and two laps of the 1st. The descents off most of them were still very snowy and slow, postholing/bushwhacking through deep, wet snow. By time I got to the 1st I was a thirsty, bonking dude, feeling the sun on a warm spring day.

Sun-AM: 7:02, 13,700' ~ 2xGreen-Walker-Eldo-Bear-Green-1st Flatiron+Green
Ran up to the Gregory parking lot and started the day off with two laps (38 and 37min) on Green, up Gregory-Ranger and down the front. Then headed out to Walker and went around the loop CCW from the Ethel Harrold TH, to connect into the Eldo Cyn trail. Took that down into Eldo Spgs and caught the Old Mesa trail taking that up to the Mesa and eventually up Fern Canyon to the summit of Bear. That was hard, but my energy was still quite high, it was just tough dealing with all the slushy ice/snow above the Nebelhorn Saddle. Cruised down Bear's west ridge and connected back up to the summit of Green...the day's vert definitely started to catch up with me on that climb. Descended the front of Green down to the base of the First Flatiron and then scrambled that (13min) before downclimbing and grunting to the top of Green one last time. The final 20min to the top of Green was pure survival. I'd hit my last gel at the base of the First and I was bonking like crazy the last 1000' to the summit. Like, losing my vision bonking. Blood sugar was seriously low. Staggered to the summit where I bumped into Colin Lantz who was so kind as to give me a GU, which pretty much saved the day. Rejuvenated by the sugar, I cruised down Ranger to Flagstaff to Viewpoint which deposited me right back where I started. Felt super solid all day with the exception of the final 1000' of the last climb of the day.

Hours: 23h55min
Vert: 44,500'

I spent the first half of the week recovering from the lack of sleep and long outings down in Arizona last week, but the second half of the week was super quality. Of course, the suddenly spring-like weather helped things, too.  I'm very pleased with today's final really long run before Transvulcania. I'm starting to feel quite fit and can't wait to line up with the crazy stacked field in La Palma in two weeks.


David said...

Well, lots of vertical, but I'm happy you stayed away from Longs Peak. Things are a little avalanchy out there right now...

I see you're not really doing the longer continuous runs yet, which you mentioned may have been your undoing at Leadville last year. Have you ever done a link up from Marshall Mesa in Louisville to Mesa, Flagstaff, Sanitas, Wonderland, Hogback Ridge, and Boulder Valley Ranch? You could probably do up to 60 runnable miles out and back, with a Green or Bear summit thrown in if you're bored.

Barry Bliss said...

You kind-of like that bonking-before-it's-over thing though, don't you? (I mean in training, not racing).
Are you more careful regarding hydration, or do you toy with that too?

Anonymous said...


I think your training is probably the most dialed in at least for this kind of race. Your training very closely mirrors the vertical gain and output that you will need to complete come race day.

With that said, I can see you taking, holding, and finishing 1st Place or at least Top 3 on this one man.

This is where your OCD for vertical gain dominating over long sluggish runs will pay off. I think you found a good system of training at least for this type of race (TV, Nolan,Hardrock, and Telluride....)

Your a Beast...

I can seriously see you also pulling off a great new model of shoe with NB.

For example taking your already stellar shoe 110 and make a twin cousin made for climbing (Sticky Rubber Out-sole).

Ben Lewenstein said...

What is a normal day in the life of Anton Krupicka?

Unknown said...

So-is it back to the Roost as your mobile domicile for the spring/summer:D?? Just curious-seems like the type of training you are doing recently would be suited well for Hardrock....any desire to take that on in the future?? Do you ever see yourself going back to Leadville....I really enjoy your introspective side, and wonder if you feel any "need" to revisit the race across the sky?? Best of Luck at Transvulcania!

kevo said...

Tony good luck on prep for transvulcania , really hope you can win and leave Kilian the second place!

a said...

SICK week considering the efforts of last week
I'm really looking forward to TV and the final outcome !
You have what it takes for taking the win.


Rob Timko said...

It's a shame no one from Boulder has no idea who absolutely ridiculous your Sunday "outting" was!

Anton said...

Ha, thanks Rob. Yeah, but that's part of the fun of it...I know I'm fit. Part of me felt like I wanked out a bit on the last climb by scrambling the First on the way to the summit instead of descending all the way back to Gregory and doing a proper running ascent of Green. But hey, a 2k' climb is still a 2k' climb :)

Rob Timko said...
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Rob Timko said...

Ouch, I must have typed that drunk. I meant "It's a shame that people NOT from Boulder have no idea how crazy hard that run is."

Barry Bliss said...

I'm still wondering about this bonking, which I have read about on here numerous times before.
My understanding is that it's training for if it happens unexpectedly--and also that it may train the body to become more adaptable in some way(s).
Anton, have you noticed any benefits as a result of purposefully going into the red sometimes in your training?

Brad Williams said...

Hi Tony,

If you were to run Leadville this year in a current, non-custom, NB shoe which shoe would you choose?

Good luck this weekend.


Anton said...

Barry - It's not something deliberate on my part. I usually just miscalculate the amount of gels to take based on the intensity of the run. Last weekend, I did the run at an overall higher intensity than maybe I'd planned, so needed an extra couple gels at the end that I didn't bring. In training, it's just a personal preference to not bring more food than I'm going to need. I'm usually pretty good at guessing that, but was off by a couple on Sunday.

Brad - I'd probably wear the 1400 or even the 890v3. Leadville is simply not a technical course and my legs would appreciate that extra cush on the pavement after 70 miles. I'd definitely make sure my crew had the 890v2 ready as an option to change into at the ~72mi crew Pipeline crew access point. The 110--and custom versions thereof--works fantastic on my daily mountain training on technical terrain, but they're a bit unforgiving for extended road running.

Anonymous said...

On another note...Great Song! I actually look forward to your DJ Skills as you always send out some out of the box tunes that usually catches on with the masses later in the future.

EmersonFuller said...

Saw Youth Lagoon last night, performed as a full band including bass and drum kit, one of the better shows I have seen in a while.

Majical Cloudz opened, first time hearing them, but found them to be impressive

Barry Bliss said...

I'm surprised the 110 is called a racing shoe.
It's significantly thicker and stiffer than the other two NB minimalist shoes I have (though still nothing like the thick fat shoes I wore in high school).

David Hill said...

Dude, that 4/28 run was sick, totally sick. Good luck at TV.

Obygden said...


This might be a weird question, bet you get those quite often, so I´ll ask it anyway (since you´re prob used to it). Your cap, were can I find a similar one? Been searching headgear for a while now, and yours looks so darn comfy.

All the best!
/Shirly - runner, Sweden.

Pete Littlehat said...

Anton - I've always enjoyed reading your blogs so your trip to the GC was inspiring. I've run the GC several times and I've always enjoyed preparing for it - although I always ask myself why I do this in the last 2 miles. lol. By your times, I get to the north rim when you're back at Phantom. Anyway, one trick I've learned is to take a 20-oz platypus of water and place it behind a rock 2 miles down. Then, pick it up on my way back. I always look forward to getting back to that water on my way back up.
I look forward to reading about your runs this year.

Barry Bliss said...

In regards to the NB 110, I must say if I could only have one model of running shoe, that's the one I'd currently pick.

Freebird said...

Run Zegama!!! Stick around, train with Kilian and then run Zegama. It would be a shame to return to the States without having raced! Do it! (NB - Make it happen)

The Creative Future Foundation said...
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Madison Goodman said...

Hey tony, i watched the In the High Country trailer and noticed that you shave down the old 110's and glue some rubber on them. I've got the same shoes and they dont last very long so i was going to try doing the same thing. What kind rubber did you use and glue to keep it from coming apart?


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