Monday, May 27, 2013

May 20 - 26

Mon-AM: 3:32, 8000' ~ Pikes Peak
Up and down the big hill again, from Manitou. Climbed about 90sec faster than a couple days ago and felt a lot better above treeline, which was probably mental. Started snowing above 11k' or so, but it never really got too nasty until the last 500' of vert below the summit. Still comfortable enough in running shorts and a jacket.

Tue-AM: 2:05, 3200' ~ First Flatiron+Green Mt.
Got up early and scrambled my 100th lifetime ascent of the First before descending Bear Canyon. Spent the rest of the day driving to Nebraska.

Wed-AM: 1:48, 1300' ~ Niobrara State Park+Ethiopian Trail
Started in town with Joel in a light drizzle. Ran out to the State Park, did my usual 5mi loop through the park, then ran home via the "Ethiopian Trail" (named for the opening scene in the Haile Gebreselassie film "Endurance"), which is an old pasture double-track that climbs out of the Missouri River valley up to my family's farm. Mostly steady cruising, but this was a 16mi run, the miles rack up quickly here.
PM: 0:52 ~ Run into Town
Ran 7mi back into town via the Ethiopian Trail with Joel to pick up my truck from the mechanic. Several squalls of rain along the way.

Thu-AM: 2:22, 1500' ~ Liska Loop
Cranked out this super-classic, hilly 22mi loop that used to be my staple long run when I lived at home.  After getting the legs going with a couple of 7min miles I settled into low-6min pace, suffered through a bonk the last 4mi or so, but still finished things off with a 5:40 final mile. I was never very stressed cardiovascularly, but my legs just aren't very used to turning over that quickly for that long anymore. I'm pretty sure I'd have a really hard time breaking 5min for a single mile right now. Great run.

Fri-AM: 1:07, 500' ~ Pastures
Sunrise run with Joel before hitting the road back to Colorado. Adductors and soleus were tight from yesterday's outing.

Sat-AM: 2:07, 4500' ~ Mt. Elbert
Up and down NE ridge. So great to be back up in the Sawatch! Snow on the route was much more manageable than I had anticipated, which got me really excited for all the great running to be done this summer. Windshirt was sufficient on the summit, it was basically summer conditions. Felt really strong on the whole climb, which was nice since the last time I was up here in November I was super weak above treeline. I was just beat-down by that point last fall.
PM: 1:01, 600' ~ Boulevard, Leadville
Easy jog out and back on the Boulevard (Leadville 100 race course) in the evening. Legs felt solid.

Sun-AM: 2:24, 4500' ~ Mt. Elbert
Up the West ridge and down the NE ridge. Struggled through some snow between 11k' and treeline, but nothing horribly frustrating. Above treeline, the fell lugs on my custom winter 110s were indispensable on the frozen snow. The 3000' grunt in a little more than a mile on the west ridge delivered the usual beat-down, however. Gorgeous morning.
PM: 1:05, 1500' ~ 5th St Leadville
Out and back up the hill east of town in beautiful evening light. Easy jog to 11,600', legs felt good.

Hours: 18h24min
Vert: 25,700'

Low vert and (relatively) low hours but I think it was somewhere around 120-125mi, so pretty solid. Really fun week with the mix of flattish, faster running back in Nebraska and the return to the high country for the summer. Super psyched to be regularly getting back above treeline, and can't wait to get the Nolan's 14 line dialed back in over the coming weeks. Definitely the focus for the next month.

Summit of Elbert Sunday morning.


Billy said...

Solid week Tony. How are you feeling about Speedgoat this year...are you determined to have a better go of it after not feeling so great at the start of last year's race?

eichhorst said...

Really high-contrast week of running locale. Neither location seems to be any less inspiring for you. Pretty cool to see that. As well, congrats on your 100th 1st.

Barry Bliss said...

Anton, how do you deal with dogs that run at you?
If I ever leve NYC I will have to deal with going running and knowing I may be attacked by a dog.

Anonymous said...

Awesome week...

Your attempt on Nolans will be by far the most exciting part of your running/racing plans this season. (At least for me).

I guess it has to do with the fact that its something new and fresh compared the organized and predictable ultra-trail races.

I'm not trying to take anything away from the traditional racing community, but this seems more of a raw/solo attempt thats still semi underground and not that publicized.

What are you plans for this? Just finishing? or do you have a time frame you like to do it in?

David Hill said...

Barry - have a bit of experience in the dog area...
1. probably will never happen
2. if it does, stay calm, face the dog, don't act scared, don't run. The dog will probably back off. If not, a couple loud, assertive shouts as he/she gets close should do the trick. Last resort - use your foot (but it will prob never get to that point.)

GCDavid said...

I have the movie Endurance on VHS. Such a great film. I didn't know any one else saw it!

kevo said...

Awesome week Tony! thanks for the inspiration!

Jamie said...

Anton, I think I ran by you in Boulder Canyon this morning. Sorry I didn't say hi, I was in my own little world.

Barry- As far as dogs go, the biggest thing I have found is to be calm and confident. Stop running, face the dog, and as long as it's not aggressive let it sniff you out.

Generally they're just curious/excited. If they get aggressive, then try a sharp "No!" Actual aggressive physical contact is a last resort.

Unknown said...

Hi Tony,

I'm just curious which NB model you would have rocked at Transvulcania. The MT 110?!

Barry Bliss said...

Thanks for the dog comments/advice.

Unknown said...


Which specific windshirt do you wear?

Unknown said...

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