Friday, May 13, 2011

May In The Mountains

After an early and mild spring--and a significant taste of summer in the past week (I have the sunburned shoulders to prove it)--the last couple days have served Boulder with almost winter-like temperatures and some much needed moisture.

With only rain and a little graupel in town yesterday morning I only added a 3 oz. wind shirt/jacket to my usual t-shirt and shorts on my run up Green Mountain. This proved to be a bit of a mistake as by the time I crested the Saddle Rock ridge I was trudging through ~5" of snow and enduring a stiff western breeze. This morning's additional attire of shameless man-pri tights and gloves proved worth it as by the time Scott and I had gained Green's northwestern Ranger trail ridge it was snowing big, wet floppy flakes and there was a solid 8" of the slush on the summit.

Even with the chilly, wet conditions and with the summit engulfed in clouds I always enjoy these little breaks from Boulder's default of brilliant sunshine. Scott and I had first tracks to the top, and didn't see another soul out there--just the way I like it.

The summit of Green is barely visible through the mist in the upper right.
Scott on the winter-like summit of Green: 8" of snow!
And myself.
Descending the Greenman trail.
Looking down to town from the Saddle Rock overlook.