Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday November 16, 2007

10 miles 1:23 Story Hills size 11 250s
It was raining when I started this morning at 7:00am, but it stopped after a while and the rest of the run was balmy and in the 40s. The Story Hills are a great place close to town for up to 2 hour runs or so. From my house I have to run about a mile and a half on pavement through town to get to a trail that then leads up into the Stories, which are kind of the foothills for the north end of the Bridger Mountains. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the Stories are private land, but there are some public trails which are basically cowpaths (it is a pasture, afterall), but there's lots of good exploring to be had out there. The trail was really sloppy today...melting snow and mud.

My foot was about the same as yesterday--not really better, not really worse. I wish I didn't have to run so much pavement to get to the trails; I'm thinking about getting a pair of nice cushioned road flats for that reason. I just wish Sportiva would make some of the Skylite's already (their new-for-'08 lightweight shoe)! I was really tired by the end of the run, though. I'm just out of shape.

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