Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday November 7, 2007

2 miles 16min MSU grass fields
Biked to the fields and then did a couple of loops around, wearing the NB 152s. I think the foot felt fine this morning, it's just weak. I might start trying to do some strengthening exercises to help that along: towel crunches, ABCs, rock pick-ups, etc.

Right at the end of my "run" Scott Creel came up behind me and introduced himself and then was on his way. Maybe it's just because I feel so slow and awkward and out of shape, but he certainly cuts an intimidating figure. I'm pretty sure he's 40+ now, but he's definitely still running like a panther. Scott won the trail 50K National Championships a couple of times a few years ago and always wins the Bridger Ridge Run here in Bozeman. He's also a professor in the Ecology department at MSU.

I really look forward to getting out on the trails and integrating myself more into the local running scene. Of course Nikki Kimball lives here (congrats to her on Mt. Masochist this past weekend!), but beyond her there's quite the thriving ultrarunning group here in town even though Bozeman's population is only about 30,000. Erich Peitzch is in MSU's Earth Sciences program with me studying snow science and he was 3rd at the Cascade Crest Classic 100 this year along with a finish at Western States. Also, Mike Wolfe (White River 50 champ the last two years) used to live here, but I think he's since moved to Missoula for law school. Either way, I look forward to meeting some new running folk.

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