Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday November 3, 2007

1.5 miles 12min--MSU Grass Fields
I rode my bike up to the grass fields on the south edge of campus and ran a couple of big loops on the soft grass. Wore my (thoroughly abused) New Balance RC 152s. My foot felt completely fine, which is obviously hugely encouraging to me. It's been almost 10 weeks since I've gone for a run, so it was pretty exciting for me today. The foot feels a little bit weak, but there was no stress fracture pain. I've been out of the boot for almost two weeks now, and I've basically felt no pain in the foot that entire time, so I decided it was time to test it.

The plan from here is to increase in 5-10min increments for the next couple of weeks in an attempt to get back into it. I can't wait.

As a side note, the human body is amazing. Only a little more than two months ago I was in absolutely stellar shape and feeling invincible. A 4-6hr run was routine and barely did anything to tire me out. The steepest inclines were runnable, even in thin air. My running stride was like a 6th sense. But, today, I felt entirely out of sorts and at the very end I even felt a side stitch coming on. However, it's insane to me how much of a mood booster a mere 12 minutes was for me.


Geoff said...

good luck with the running. it's funny how different 12 minutes can feel when you haven't run in so long.

Fara Fae said...

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