Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday November 11, 2007

6 miles 50min Sundance to Sourdough from MSU grass fields+barefoot
This is the first run I've actually felt like a runner. In the past two months I knew there was going to be a day when I would wake up and just know that the foot was healed...well, it was finally that day. I did about 10min of barefoot at the end and that even felt good. The Sundance and Sourdough trails are some really nice urban trails on the south side of town; they kind of wind through some nice wooded areas in between the suburban sprawl south of Kagy Blvd.

The only negative about this run was that my left ankle is definitely kind of jacked up in some way. I guess it's just really not happy about having spent the past 2+ months in a boot. I'm just going to play it by ear, but this is one of those rare injuries that I'll probably take ibuprofen for and just keep running on it. I'm usually not a proponent of that at all (or, really, taking any kind of pills), but I had this same exact issue a couple years ago and after about a month of eating ibuprofen and continuing to run on it, it eventually went away all by itself.

There's really nothing that urgent to prepare for (last time I was in the middle of XC season), so I'll be a little kinder to it, but I'm not incredibly worried about it yet.

W- 2mi (16min)
Th-2.5mi (20min)
F-3mi (25min)
S-4mi (30min)
S-6mi (50min)
Total: 17.5miles (2h21)

CC XC--Nationals Bound!!
Speaking of XC: yesterday
Colorado College's teams competed at the West Regional in Portland, OR and both the men's and women's teams finished 3rd, which earned them at-large bids to the National's Meet next weekend at St. Olaf College in Northfield Minnesota. On the men's side, Boggs, Alex, and Kiran went 2-3-6 w/ both Boggs and Alex sub-25 (last year they went 1-4-5). This was after sweeping 1-2-3 at the conference meet for the second year in a row (and winning the team title). We definitely have one of the strongest top 3 in the country, but our 4th and 5th men are over a minute back.

On the women's side, Jocelyn led the way with a 12th place finish in a PR 22:46--snatching the last individual qualifying spot--but luckily the girls also received an at-large bid today. I think the girls will actually do better at Nationals than the guys because they have a much tighter pack (about a minute, 1-5) than the men (a little over 2 minutes, 1-5), which will hurt the guys A LOT more at a big, deep race like nationals. Anyways, it's awesome to have both teams going--unfortunately it'll probably be the last time that happens for a LONG time as both teams are made up of basically all seniors.


Chris G said...

Anton: I'm new to your blog, but find it very interesting. I read through most of your entries and agree very much with your running philosphy. I was particularly intereted in your post back on Tuesday, October 9 and your information about the meniscus injury you dealt with. I seem to have come upon a similar injury. After a succesfull Ultra season out here in Duluth, MN, I suddenly found myself with a sore and painful meniscus. What seemed to work well for you in helping it to recover? The therapy you received at Champion certainly seemed to do the trick, but I can't imagine what can be done in (1) week's time to suddenly turn around an injured meniscus. Any information you can offer would really be appreciated. You can use my email address as well if that would be easier. Thanks Anton. - CG

Anton said...


the therapy at champion health was Active Release Therapy (ART). Dr. Leahy invented it, and it's basically a combination of massage and stretching. i can't speak for any other ART practitioners, but the guys at champion are very proactive and if something's not working after a couple of weeks, they'll try something else. my meniscus was not torn; it was simply a little out of place and thus catching on the connective tissue that encapsulates the knee. the first time i went in, leahy worked on me for about 5 minutes and told me to go run on it that afternoon. it was instantly better but then i had to go back a couple days later to get it worked on again and that did the trick. i could definitely feel it now and again the rest of summer (typically on extended downhills), but it never limited my running. obviously, everyone's different, and, if your meniscus is torn, i've heard the only option is surgery, but otherwise i would definitely recommend finding an ART practitioner in your area. good luck! injuries suck!!

Chris G said...

Anton: Thanks for the info on ART. I spent a little time checking it out on the internet and it looks like a pretty innovative technique. Sounds like you responded really well to it, so I think I might investigate whether I can find anyone who practices here in Duluth. For now, I'm just taking some time off to see if the pain eases up, but if my name happens to get pulled out on Dec 1 for the WS lottery, I might get a bit more proactive. Thanks again Anton, I really appreciate it. I hope you have a good "off season" in the Springs.

AJW said...


Great to see that the recovery is going well. At this rate you'll be all set for the 5 week build-up that suits you so well (see Leadville 2007 for confirmation) and that sub-13 at RR will be a No Brainer. Then, it's on to next season.

Sign up for the Coyote Two Moon 100! A quick look at the entrants' list might convince you. Unless, of course, you and Kyle have your eye on Mackey's fresh record in the Big Ditch.

Ahh, so many challenges!


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