Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday November 9, 2007

3 miles 25min MSU grass fields
Boy, running is tough. It happens every time I come back from an injury, but geez, how can a measly 3 miles be so uncomfortable sometimes? The good news is that the foot still felt fine this morning; wore the size 11 Invo8s. There are some other pains in my left foot, but not the stress fracture pain---obviously just the usual getting back into it aches. It's so weird how I just sort of intuitively know what pain is a problem and what pain will just run its course and go away.

I'm hoping to do a couple of 30-40 min runs this weekend, but I also want to get in at least one nice long hike up in the mountains. I feel an urgency before the snow really gets thick around here. Hopefully I'll be heading up to Hyalite Reservoir and/0r Mt. Blackmore tomorrow...only about a 20-30min drive from Bozeman.

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