Monday, April 21, 2008

Week Log: April 14-20

Mon-AM: 18 miles (2:30) Oldham-Brookbank-Schultz Pass Rd in Flagstaff w/ Kyle
Wore FFs, but it was a bit too rocky for that.
PM: 5.5 miles (:43) Rio de Flag out and back w/ Kyle

Tue-AM: 25 miles (4:02) Zane Grey Course out and back w/ Kyle
Ran the first ~12 miles of the ZG course. Almost stepped on a big rattlesnake.

Wed-AM: 21.5 miles (3:01) Schultz Pass Rd to Weatherford Trail in Flag
Felt pretty terrible. Just tired. Almost got to 10K' on W'ford trail.
PM: 5 miles (:40) Downtown Flagstaff
Felt better after a 2hr nap.

Thu-AM: 12 miles (1:40) Buffalo Park-Upper Oldham to the top of Mt. Elden
Feeling a bit better, still a little tired.

Fri-AM: 31 miles (5:10) Hermit's Rest-Tonto-South Kaibab in GC w/ Scott
Awesome awesome run, and I felt great on the climb out.

Sat-AM: 46 miles (7:31) Grand Canyon Double Crossing (South/North Kaibab-Bright Angel) in 7:24
Started with a big group and ended up having a wonderful day in the canyon. Bonked really hard on the climb back up Bright Angel because I was stupid and didn't bring enough gels (only ate 7). I can see now why the R2R2R is so alluring.

Sun-AM: 14 miles (1:52) Fisher Point in Flagstaff w/ Scott, Ian, Kyle
Tired--happy to be done.
PM: 9 miles (1:11) Rio de Flag to AZ trail in the FFs
Feeling nice and chipper.

Total: 187 miles (28:20)

A very very solid week of running. It was great exploring the non-corridor trails in the Grand Canyon these last couple of weekends and then to cap it off with a fun double crossing. I look forward to doing more in the future. I think it's time to taper a bit for Zane Grey now.


Rocky said...

You are a machine, Anton. I'm cutting back on the running a little to work on over-all fitness. Is this something you give any attention to?

Joe Kulak said...


What model FiveFingers do you wear and/or recommend? In the summertime I do a lot of beach running and will hit some softer trails and have always been a fan of runnuing barefoot.


Unknown said...

Anton, we'd love to see you run Colfax! Tame the urban jungle?

Justin Angle said...

Pleasure meeting you for a brief moment in the canyon. Thanks for beating up scott for us! Best luck with your training and WS prep.


Rocky said...

I have sore muscles where I forgot I had muscles. Have you ever heard of methode naturelle? Barefoot ted has posted some about it.

Al Glenn said...

Anton,thanks for taking time to share your traing and racing. Your attitude and punishing approach to distance running is to be applauded. A new fan of yours.Peace.

Matthew said...

do you have a set workout regimen, or is it more spontaneous?

Shane said...


Good luck at Zane Gray this weekend. Also, I just read that two-time Ironman champ Tim DeBoom is racing the LT100 this year. Do you know him? Just curious.


Anonymous said...

A very very solid week of running.
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