Monday, May 19, 2008

Week Log: May 12-18

Mon-AM: 16 miles (2:10) Garden of the Gods+barefoot
The first hour my body was readjusting from being sick, but then it turned into a pleasant run.
PM: 9 miles (1:20) Williams Canyon out and back w/ Jocelyn
Nice, easy, pleasant run on one of my favorite trails. Jocelyn was tired from her blazing 17:22 5K this weekend.

Tue-AM: 25 miles (3:05) 666-Buckhorn+barefoot
666 Hill Tempo in 34:10 (didn't go quite tempo effort), then, 15x1min hard/1min easy back through Bear Creek (Matt C Special)
Solid workout; good to go fast again for the first time in a while.
PM: 5 miles (:40) North Monument

Wed-AM: 25 miles (3:15) 666-Buckhorn+barefoot
Wow, pretty worked today. Had to go slow. Happy to be done. Wore the new 790s and they were great.
PM: 5 miles (:43) King Soopers and back to drop off movie

Thu-AM: 27 miles (3:30) 666-Buckhorn-Capn Jacks+barefoot
Felt way better than yesterday, but still not quite completely on it. Sickness is still just barely lingering. It doesn't help that every run this week it's been raining/snowing at higher elevations.
PM: 5 miles (:41) North Monument+barefoot

Fri-AM: 10 miles (1:30) King Soopers and back plus Monument Loops and barefoot

Went nice and easy; not too tired.

Sat-AM: 52 miles (6:30) 666-Jones Park-Frosty's Park-up Baldy Road then down to Old Stage-Gold Camp-Buckhorn+barefoot
Really good run. I know it seems really fast, but after climbing to 11,200' on Mt. Baldy I turned around and had a 19 mile downhill on gravel roads to 7600' that I ran in 2:03 (6:20s pace), so when you're running that fast for that long the miles stack up pretty quickly. I felt very good on the 5000' climb, rocked the long downhill (it's really hard not to), climbed another 1000' over the Buckhorn ridge, and then cruised it home. An added bonus was that the first really warm day (temps in the 80s) gave me some good heat training. Despite being turned around at 11k' because of snow, it seems like the warm weather will make quick work of any remaining snow in the high country. The new 790s performed beautifully on this run.

Sun-AM: 34 miles (4:33) 666-Lake Moraine Road and back+barefoot
Another good run. It took me an hour or so to really get warmed up and feeling good after yesterday's run, but I actually felt OK on the 4000' climb to Lake Moraine (actually a reservoir) at 10,500'. I'm so excited the snow is disappearing! I turned around and ran back down the hill at a very solid clip all the way back home. Don't think I ate enough for dinner the night before so I was really starving for a lot of this run and had to take a couple of gels. More good heat training in the upper 80s.

Total: 213 miles (27:57)

A great kick-off week to the real meat of my WS preparation. I felt sort of off all week coming back from whatever virus I had, but then I was clearly over it by time the weekend rolled around. Tuesday was a nice transitional workout with the hill tempo/fartlek, but I hope to maybe get in a more conventional, flat, get-down speed-type workout next week. Also, I'm super psyched about getting on the WS course next weekend. Not sure if the high country portion will be accessible, but I plan to see at least everything from Robinson Flat to the finish line and hopefully will get in another 50ish miler (Robinson to the River?).  Hopefully I can get an idea about what type of splits might be possible, plus some real heat training.


Defran said...


I couldn't find an email address for you, but I wanted to contact you regarding some information for my website, the Endurance News Network ( Please give me a shout if you get this.



Unknown said...

What an incredible week of training for you. Glad to see your foot is giving you no problems. The day you ran your 52 I was out on the trail racing Berryman Trail 50M (8:30/3rd Overall). Good luck in your buildup to WS. -cr

Justin Mock said...


I see that Kyle won at Jemez. Since I don't think he has a blog, could you tell his what his upcoming race plans are?


brownie said...

What movie did you return? Was it any good?

Are you and Kyle gonna race at San Juan, or run together? I heard, and this may or may not be true, that he could have gone a lot faster last year. It'd be fun to see you two go at it, though it would be pretty depressing hearing about who won while I'm only halfway through the race.

Anton said...

justin-- kyle's full attention is on Hardrock and only HR right now. i think he might be doing the teva mt games 10K in a couple weeks, though.

jt--neither kyle nor I are doing san juan. i'm doing WS and he's doing HR. i'd only be interested in doing the true race course there, anyways, and it seems like the snow might make that impossible this year. kyle definitely could've gone faster there last year...he and his brother ran together, so it wasn't quite all-out for either of them.


Chef Franky G said...

Can you tell me a little bit more about the 790's. You aren't bothered by the lack of support over long distances? I currently run in Inov8 Roclite 315 but was looking for another light weight shoe. Getting ready for Vt 100 this july! Keep up the great work!

AJW said...


Wow! 52 miles, climbing over 6000 ft. of vertical, all above 7000 feet in 6:30. You are certainly getting after it! Frankly, that workout makes your 5:41 at AR look like a walk in the park. It'll be interesting to see what your split is next weekend between Robinson and The River. That's a measly 48 miles.

See you soon!


Anton said...

i guesstimate on most of my mileage, so don't get too excited. however, i am sure about the 19 downhill miles (old roads), the 7.5 miles to and from the mountains (I run this stretch almost every single day), and the 5 miles up and over Buckhorn Mt on High Drive and Capn Jacks (again, a super-regular run). This leaves the out and back on the forest service road on Mt. Baldy (21 minutes up, 15 minutes down...I'm calling it 4 miles) and the 1:30 climb that gained ~3500' which i don't run that often so i'm not that familiar with it. it typically takes me ~70min to run the 6.5 miles to Barr Camp which has about the same vertical gain, so 8 miles seemed like a reasonable estimate for this climb, plus the mile of barefoot i did on the soccer fields and i'm at 52. but, my margin of error is probably pretty high, so lets call it a solid 50.

i am also interested in getting on the WS course.

enjoy the next month of training! it's the best part!


Anonymous said...


Wow hoo.....amazing Training week!!!!!
what is your next race???
where is your favorite training trail area?? because i have my best friend who lives between Colorado and New Mexico...and i found it's very beautiful area...

So i bought your DVD on Indulgence , can't wait to see it...i will give you my impressions.

Julien" French trash runner"

Scott Dunlap said...

Anton -

I have an editor from Runners World wanting to contact Jenn Shelton for an interview. If you could forward her contact info to scottdunlap (at) or forward this to her, I can make the intro.

Glad to hear your training is going well. I look forward to seeing you at States!


Jill and Rob said...

What is the barefoot running you do?

Matt said...

Great read. I wonder, too, about the barefoot running. And did you answer Frank's question about the 790s vs. Inov-8s? Do you like Inov-8s?

Amazing work, Anton.

lonnink said...

Dude! Have you tried vanilla ice cream over waffels yet? ITS DA BOMB! Oh, and good luck WS!
Senator Brett

Anonymous said...

Love your style dude!!! Go and win WS!!!!!

The Running Actor said...

...Do you have a rest day??? I used to get little niggles but since my rest day - religiously -i have been fit and fine...and eating natural foods - nuts and dried fruits...You say you don't like to carry anything Tony...have ya tried fuel belts??? Or don't ya like em??
Take it easy out there!!!!

Libby Jennison said...

"For the body constantly keeps us busy by the need for food; and if diseases fall upon it, they hinder our search of reality. And it fills us with many of the passions and desires and fears and fantasies of all kinds and nonsense
so that it is said in truthful reality because of it being inborn in us one can never think at all... so that because of it one is unable to observe truth, but in reality it has been shown to us that if we are ever to know anything clearly one must be released from it and observe these same actualities with the soul itself... in reality then, Simmias, the correct philosophers practice how to die and death is less feared by them of all people..." -Plato
(I run to die, to observe actualities with the soul itself and go beyond the body. It is an awesome concept to me that one can escape the body by using it.) Thought you might enjoy this little passage, seeing as you are a Philosophy major.
Best, Libby

Clark Zealand said...

Hey AK - I rec'd an email from a guy in France writing that he found my website through yours so, thanks for the link...he's thinking about Grindstone now!

Speaking of which, I noticed you have a ? by your AC100 about Grindstone for you instead?????


peach fuzzzz said...

what were your mile spilts for your 100 mile pr? and what is your marathon pr? did you run in college and high school? what did you run? would love to know, i'm seventeen and i'm thinking of doing some ultras in the future and i think i have the potential to be as good as you are. peach fuzz.