Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Week Log: June 2-8

Mon-AM: 15 miles (2:03) Coast Ridge Road out and back
Jocelyn and I started right off Highway 1 at the Ventana Inn parking lot...sweet ~3000' climb with incredible ocean views the whole way.

Tue-AM: 28 miles (4:15) Cloud Burst past Islip Saddle and back on the Angeles Crest course/PCT
Great run. I really enjoyed getting back in the mountains after so many days running through the woods. The PCT is such a great trail---this run definitely made me want to get out to AC this year; we'll see. Ran ~15min past Islip towards Mt. Baden-Powell before turning around and making the journey back up and over Mt. Williamson and through Cooper Canyon. Probably ~6000' climbing. Loved it.
PM: 4 miles (:30) Lagoon and beach in Del Mar w/ Jocelyn in the Five Fingers

Wed-AM: 11 miles (1:31) San Elijo Lagoon w/ Jocelyn
Ran nice and easy, but didn't feel good until the last 1/2 hour or so.

Thu-AM: 15 miles (2:03) Bear Creek+barefoot
Pretty lame run. I was planning a long long run today but it rained the entire day (and during the run) so I decided to hold off a day...pretty tough to get psyched about 8 hours of running in the rain.

Fri-AM: 55 miles (8:01) Garden-Manitou-Elk Park-Manitou-Intemann-Section 16 Loop-Bear Creek+barefoot. Very solid run. This is my biggest run of the Western States build-up and it went pretty well. I could feel the altitude while climbing to 12,000' at Elk Park (spending a whole week at low-altitude in CA), but the run improved as the day went on. Bonked pretty hard going up the ~1500' Section 16 climb, but it was good to do a climb like that so late in the day. Rocked the green 790s and they felt great all day. ~8000' climbing

Sat-AM: 45 miles (6:10) Buckhorn-St. Mary's Falls-Buffalo Canyon-Rosa Saddle-Frostys-Pipeline-Jones Park-Buckhorn-Bear Creek-Monument Loops+barefoot.
This run started out pretty tough...I really considering only doing 4 or 5 hours today. The climb up to Rosa from the 381 Rd was brutal! That's a sweet trail, though, and I want to get on it some more. Pretty quick way to get to 11,000'. The run seemed to get better later in the day, though, and I was psyched to put in such a big back to back. ~6000' climbing

Sun-AM: 28 miles (4:00) UPT-Cascade-Waldo-Williams-Red Mountain+barefoot
After starting out pretty sluggish (to be expected) I really started feeling solid climbing out of Cascade up and over to Waldo Canyon and then felt good enough to tack on the Red Mt climb at the end. A very cool morning with almost no sun--I wore a long sleeve most the day. ~5000' climbing.
PM: 4 miles (:33) Monument Loops

Total: 205 miles (29:06)

Another very solid week contributing to the most important phase of my training going into Western States.  I was very pleased with my ability to pull off three solid days in a row over the weekend even if I didn't feel stellar for any of them.


Wyatt Hornsby said...

Anton: Your mileage is amazing. Good luck at the WS100! You are going to do very, very well.


Stuart Swineford said...

Best of luck at WS. Thanks for posting your training stuff. Really cool to keep up with what you are doing (even if there is no way in hell I could keep up!).


Max said...

Hi Anton, I read about you on an italian running magazine.
I was really impressed about your mileage but you're right when you say: "...if you wanna run an ultramarathon, you have to run as much as you can..". No rules, no training program, only your head and your legs ! Run is a pleasure, also for me...
Good luck for all !

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english

Unknown said...

Another solid week Anton! Now I suspect the tapering begins? Good luck at the Western States "track meet". Quite a few solid runners this year, but then again you'll be running among them. -craig

Citizen said...

Well there is no doubt you have put in the mileage and your philosophy on training is awesome. Good luck at WS, but it's amazing the more a person trains the luckier they seem to be.


Jillian said...

Hey Tony!
It was great seeing and visiting with you on weds! :) I hope you enjoyed the cake! I am so excited for will do so awesome at Western! Anyways...just wanted to say hi and that I'm definitely cheering for you! :)