Thursday, October 30, 2008

No longer lacking.

Well, it's been a while since I've felt compelled to post anything to this site. I'm still (increasingly) ambivalent with my feelings about blogs, so when I became injured earlier this summer, I had (very) little motivation to share my life in a such a public manner. I'm still not very comfortable with it, but there seems to be a definite interest out there, so I figure, why not oblige? So, on with the (probably) ill-advised act of asserting some sort of agency in the world of cyber.

An update:
Throughout the month of September the neuroma in my left foot became increasingly more and more cooperative, and--after a couple of 20-30 mile weeks--it was essentially completely healthy by the end of the month. So, I've been training very consistently for the month of October with the last four weeks being in the 140-160 mile range. This is essentially where I plan to keep it, depending on weekend long runs. During the week I've been doing ~3hr/day with Tue/Thu being relatively structured hard days--usually long hill tempos or long flat tempos.

I moved from Leadville back to Colorado Springs on the autumnal equinox and began working on the Barack Obama Campaign there as a canvasser and phone-banker. Yes, I am one of those annoying folks who calls you while you're trying to eat dinner or watch the latest episode of...whatever it is people watch on television these days. Of course, I suppose it depends on one's general outlook/disposition, but Obama is one inspiring fellow. Everyone who can vote, should. Period. Do it.

Finally, I recently returned to racing this past weekend at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Fitness Festival Dogwood Canyon 50K down in the Ozark Mountains south of Springfield, MO. Technically, Kyle and I finished together in a desultory 3:48:58 after getting significantly off-course, but it was fun to go hard again for a while. I'll try to post a full report sometime soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures:

Some other things:

  • David Foster Wallace killed himself about a month and a half ago. He is definitely one of my favorite authors, and for anyone who is interested I recommend his first novel The Broom Of The System. This speech and this article (particularly germane and interesting considering the current Presidential race) are excellent examples of his mastery of words. I was surprised at how upset I was with his death.

  • Fall is the best season, hands down. I've always vacillated between summer and fall, but this year has convinced me: I love fall. Harvest moons, Boxelder mushrooms, crisp mornings, brilliant afternoon sun, and of course, the splendid draining of chlorophyll from deciduous trees cannot be beat.


Joel Toews said...

thanks for writing again, you are an inspiration and a motivation, it's good to hear you are on the mend and racing again


Pascal said...

Hi Anton,

So good to see that you write again in your blog. I read all your posts since february 2008 and I already wondered if you quit running as you weren't writing anymore here.
Your posts are a big motivational source for me and doing approximately 1/3 of the miles you run every week your posts encourage me to go further.

Stay healthy,

ThierryM said...

Salut Anton,
Ravi de te lire à nouveau.
Prends soin de toi.

Thierry from France

Devon said...

I am completely there with feeling ambivalent with the blogging thing. I go back and forth about it. Ultimately, I come and go as I please and write (or not) as if no one is reading. Life gets in the way and that is a good thing.

Sounds like a good fall for you, awesome that you are helping out on the Obama campaign. Glad you are healthy again and running strong.

Travis said...

It is nice to see you back on. Glad to see you are getting/feeling healthy again. Good seeing you at Dogwood Canyon. Looks like I was not the only person to get turned around.

ScottM said...

Glad you're back and doing well. I, too, was unexpectedly depressed at the suicide of DFW. I've been consoling myself with some Infinite Jest. It's helping.

Anonymous said...

ahh sweet update -- was wondering what your run status has been since the neuroma ordeal.

just so you know, i did my duty and voted absentee (in colorado's election of course). it's an exciting year to be a first-time voter.

good luck with the training -- glad you got the mileage back up where you want it

Justin Mock said...

LetsRun was looking for you earlier this week also. With no updates on here, I directed them to a blog with generally better pics.

Ron said...

Thanks for posting, Anton. I find it inspiring to read about how other runners are training and racing.
Also, thanks for volunteering for Obama. I've done a little bit of that kind of volunteering and I think it's difficult, but important work.

Lyle said...


I recently read the lengthy article about David Foster Wallace in Rolling Stone, the issue with Obama on the front cover. The article inspired me to read a number of articles by and about DFW online.

I am also reading his collection of essays, "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Agin". It certainly won't be the last book by him that I read.

Rolling Stone called him the greatest writer of his generation and I have no reasson to dispute their opinion.

Glad your back blogging and running.


Vagabond said...

Cool, thanks for posting. Your words of wisdom are important to me.

Jamie Donaldson said...

Glad to see you’re on the trails again! I agree with you , it doesn’t get much better than fall running in Colorado.

Stay healthy!

Unknown said...

Anton, It is great that you are finally back doing what you love. Your way of running has been inspiration to many of us. And back in fine form racing again. That definitely has to give you much need confidence I'm sure. Train smart, rest at least one day per week :). Go OBAMA! -craig

Vagabond said...

oh yea,

Like the pink toe nails.

Greg said...

Hi Anton,

I follow your blog and it is very interesting so keep writing; when you can!

I'm having the same issues as you have had with my left foot. Went to a podiatrist and took x-rays that showed not broken or stressed bones in my foot. It seemed to me that the podiatrist was mainly interested in selling me orthotics (which I don't think I need). I have been going to PT but (like you) I don't think it is helping at all. Did you get any swelling on the top of your foot? Like you I have the same spots on the bottom of my foot that when I step on a loose small rock it hurts like hell. It does seem to be between my first and second and second and third toes.

How did you get this to settle down? Was it just complete rest? My doctor is telling me not stop running after I asked him about taking time off. I have mileage in half but still have days when I'm limping back to the house from the trails.

After running for almost 30 years I'm starting to really not enjoy my runs due to this pain. I'd be interested in getting some more info on your injury and recovery.



runstephane said...

Salut Anton,

Cool to hear from you. Hope your week mileage will be great for your feet. For races it seems to be alright: good job for a returning race. Keep going!

Stéphane, from France

Hone said...

So you are one of those annoying telemarketers that call me at 6 in the morning because they didnt realize that in Alaska we have our own Time Zone. I cant wait for the election to be over so everyone can be friends again and I can get my beauty sleep. Take care and come run a race up in Alaska sometime.

Spotted Man Tattoo said...

Man it is good to see a new post from you...your posts help keep me feral....Justin

Dave said...

Tony -

Glad to see you're healthy and back into it.

I've found you inspirational over the year - and you helped me bring my running up a notch. You seem to be a sincere guy, willing to help, and happy to run to your own beat. Best of luck.

I must admit, I'm disappointed you've jumped on the Obama bandwagon. I thought you were above politics and into individual rights. Obama's more into the collective and "best for society" as he sees it and not for the individual differences.

I won't stop reading, though, unless you start spouting on politics. I'm a true individualist and support the libertarian candidates and have for years. Most importantly, though, aside from wanting freedom, I'm here to learn and share about running and an approach to life.


About Me said...

Anton, I love the pictures you posted. I'm wondering if you would try my Action Wipes ( I'd be more than happy to send you a bunch. Send me an email and we can discuss. Thanks!!

Xavi said...

How did you celebrate?
Peace and admiration,

(Spanish living in Italy)

Steve Pero said...

Welcome back, Anton!

Are you by any chance a ChiRunner or Pose runner? Your running style sure seems like it.

Hope 2009 treats you better than 08 of health,

TCW said...

Hello, Anton:

Thank you for writing despite your ambivalence about it. To believe that people are interested in your life, when there are so many lives on the planet, is a little hard to fathom sometimes. But the planet doesn't change without change starting within each person, and you inspire others to live more deeply.

If you haven't seen the Rolling Stone article on DFW, here you go. I am still dumbstruck with his death but smiling also, knowing that his wind has probably already found its next human home.

Thank you for bringing some strong blue to Colorado Springs. Go Barack.

Anton said...


Regarding the foot injury: rest was really the only thing that I tried that worked. I wasn't willing to delve into the more aggressive treatment options of cortisone injections, alcohol injections or surgery. Metatarsal pad seemed to do nothing. I did wear some shoes that didn't constrict my foot at all. But mostly, it just seemed to be the accumulation of not really aggravating it in any way for 2+ months.

Sorry I don't have any secret. It was incredibly frustrating.

Good luck with finding some relief.


redmaize said...

With all due respect no really cares what you do. Ultrarunning has become a rich white man's sport.If you are so against blogging then don't do it. Your blog is not contributing anything to humanity. It's like your a stem cell researcher etc. Just be honest.

The vegan

Unknown said...


Amazing to see you better and back in the swing of things. You lend insight and meaning to the countless miles those who read your blog cover on a daily basis. And with this latest development, entailing your mastery of a setback that bore fearsome potential, your story speaks to much more than just running...


Gordon said...

Tony, I hope your misgivings about blogging don't prevent you from maintaining one. I, too, find your training and writing to be inspirational -- so much so that I'm entered into my first 50K early next month. Congrats on getting healthy, and don't overdo it!
gordon wright

smartwool said...

Nice to know that you are racing again. You are really an inspiration! Keep it up!