Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week Summary: March 30--April 5

Mon-2:15 Garden-Red Rocks-Intemann-Bear Creek
Tue-2:30 Barr Camp. 4000' vertical
Wed-am: 2:30 Barr Camp. 4000' vertical
pm: 33min Monument
Thu-am: 2:36 Barr Camp. 4000' vertical
pm: 30min Monument
Fri-1:36 Monument and barefoot
Sat-4:25 Rampart Range Road to Williams to Waldo to Longs Ranch Road to Bob's Road to Barr and back home. ~6000' vertical
Sun-4:07 RRR Overlook to Waldo to Williams to RRR to Garden. ~5000' vertical.
Total: 21hrs, ~145 miles, 23,000' vertical

This was a nice solid first week of real training. I'm just hoping to stay consistent at this level for several weeks to come with the only real increase in volume to come from an (eventually, much) longer Saturday run and a few more barefoot miles in the evenings as the weather warms up and the grass is more inviting. A nice (and important, considering the nature of Western States' profile) bonus to doing a lot of vertical ascending is that my quads have to absorb all of that downhill, too.

Finally, the NB MT100 is proving to be an excellent shoe. I wore it for all of my mountain runs this week (so, everything but Monday/Friday), and it is outstanding on the varied terrain that Colorado Springs has to offer, especially the rocks. It may warrant a post all to itself sometime in the near future.


yanfei said...

How does the NB MT100 compare to the NB 790 that you used to wear? I'm a big fan of the 790.


Ben said...

Getting in those hours and vertical feet. Excellent work.

Unknown said...

Solid work there Anton! I think your approach to training this year should pay huge dividends when it comes lining up at Western. When/Where will you race prior to WS?

Rocky said...

Pulling for you at Western States! Good luck!