Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekly Summary: July 26-Aug 1 and July Stats

Mon-AM: 15 miles (2:28) Mt. Elbert, 4500'
Great run back on what still feels like one of my home mountains/trails.  Despite limited acclimation (compared to the perfect acclimation I had living in Leadville last summer) I ran to the top a full minute faster than before the White River 50 last summer. Bruised quad was decently improved.
PM: 9 miles (1:11) Area 57 in Leadville, 1000'
This is an exceptional area (between 5th and 7th St on the east side of town) of somewhat secret singletrack that eventually climbs up to 11,000'. It was designed by mountain bikers, so it's a bit sinuous but still really nice stuff for running. Legs felt great and kept a clipping pace. Love the running in Leadville.

Tue-AM: 15 miles (2:16) Wason Park from Creede, CO, 3000'
Perfect singletrack right from main street Creede that climbs to a huge tundra meadow at 11,700' just below the Continental Divide and in the La Garita Wilderness. Love this trail, but after Inspiration Point at 11,000' it looked like hardly anyone else had been on the trail since I ran it last summer.
AM2: 8 miles (1:10) San Luis Pass, 1500' vertical
After running at 4:50am I was ready for the second run by 10am, especially since I knew I'd be driving back to Boulder all afternoon/evening. Parked near the Equity Mine (where I was placing a precipitation collector) at 11,000' and ran up to the 12,000' pass on the Continental Divide and then continued on the CDT/CT to the "north" to a high point of 12,500'.  Legs felt great.

Wed-AM: 15 miles (2:09) Green Mt. up back down NE ridge, 3000'
Cruised easy but the legs had lots and lots of pep.
PM: 8 miles (1:02) Creek Path
Got in about a mile of barefootin' while Jocelyn was hanging out in the law school.

Thu-AM: 8 miles (1:07) Creek Path with Jocelyn
Random running of errands. Trying to get in a (very) small taper here before White River on the weekend.

Fri-AM: 8 miles (1:03) Creek Path
Cruised around the Goose Creek loop with Jocelyn on her bike before hopping a plane to WA. Legs felt great and ready to race.

Sat-AM: 51 miles (6:33); White River 50 in 6:25:29
New course record against a surprisingly deep field. One mile cooldown. 9000' vertical.

Sun-PM: 5 miles (:42) Creek Path
Just an easy shakeout after a long nap. Legs actually felt really good--last year I could barely walk the day after WR and tonight my upper hamstrings were just a bit tight and my quads a little sore. Total recovery should be quick.

-Miles: 142
-Hours: 19h 41min
-Vertical: 22,000'

2010 Summits (Day 213)
Green: 187
Bear: 12
SoBo: 4

July Totals
-Miles: 501
-Hours: 74h 23min
-Vertical: 77,700'

2010 Totals
-Miles: 3906
-Hours: 576h 26min
-Vertical: 674,200'
I came into this week half-contemplating the thought of racing White River this weekend and by Wednesday night--after seeing that Jocelyn and I were, indeed, going to be capable of moving out of apartment by the end of the month--Scott and Jenny had talked me into it so I bought a plane ticket, instituted a super-quick, two-day "taper" and went for it.

I'm obviously pleased with the way this week turned out after not deciding to race White River until Thursday and going into the race with a 50 mile run and nearly 200 mile week in my legs on top of a pretty volume/vertical-heavy first half of this week.  It was a bit of a gamble to go to a championship event with a top-notch field not fully rested, but I felt this was an important week of training headed into the August 21st weekend of racing, so I didn't want to rest too much.  Thankfully, it all worked out.

This coming week I'll look to fully recover from White River in the next day or two, hopefully get in a couple nice mountain runs in the Wasatch while in SLC for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show, and then hit a solid seven-day or so stretch of training before one final taper this summer.

In the meantime, may this induce some foot-tapping:


laurent.d said...

what a pleasure to follow your blog from far of america'trail championship n'usual genuine trail champion!!!
i use to know few of you....but since i'd discovered your blog...your mountain's training worth of polypheme....your "iconoclast" musical choose to agreemented it...your personal and own point of view upon a lot of subject...and eventually your incredible results to valid all of it ....i'm impressed and your job is really "captivant"!

Unknown said...

You continue to inspire and push the boundaries Anotn. Felicitation's.

Unknown said...

This does not surprise me! I can only imagine the look on some of the top runners faces when you walked in the door for the prerace get together. Way to light it up. This is a race that every trail runner should do. Sure glad that I did and hope to again. I'm assuming that Leadville is on the horizon. If so, it should be a dandy indeed.

skatona said...

Congrats Tony, nicely done.

-Guy outside Khow Thai that one Sunday a couple weeks ago

Anonymous said...

Nice work at WR Tony. Have you decided which race you are going to be running yet (Pbville or PP Marathon)?

vis said...

Love AC. I saw them in Vegas about a year ago. They put on quite the show.

Are you in the uphill challenge this year?

PunkRockRunner said...

Congratulations on another remarkable performance.

I know it’s a long way out but I was curious if you are planning to run the American River 50 in 2011? I have decided to make this my first 50-mile ultra and I just stumbled across a magazine with coverage from the year you won. We’re not too far from the race so we’re planning some winter training runs on the course.

All the best,


monica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTON!!! i just got hired by NB and super bummed i missed out on hearing you speak at their meeting, but hopefully our paths will cross soon. keep on keepin' on!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anton,

I know you enjoy ice cream, but can you give us any insight into what type of "diet" you follow?

Ferran said...

You're amazing Anton! A double AM run!
Since I,ve discovered your blog afyer WS I use to read your older posts as a fast way to motivate me to train harder. Thanks for it.
And I totally agree with you to see the act of run as a modern concept of art. And the races are as open museums.
Congrats for everything!

Collin said...

Wow, seems like you weren't even peaked for WS100. Impressive performance and I can't wait to see what Leadville brings. What days are you going to be at the expo in SLC? By the way, make sure you hit up the climb up Mt Olympus while you're here (4200' of gain in 3.2 miles, up to 9100', with the majority of the climb in the last 1.2 at an average gain around 38%). If that last bit doesn't help prep for the climbing in a few weeks, I don't know what would. I'd show you some good runs around here of your normal daily mileage, but I apparently have mono (found that out after basically almost dying 85 miles into WS100) and I'm not allowed to run for a few more weeks still. :( If you do hit up Olympus, I'll be curious to see your splits.

B.Bliss said...

You're rollin' strong.