Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week Summary: Aug 30-Sept 5

Mon-AM: 4 miles (:31) Kitt fields barefoot with Jocelyn

Tue-AM: 10 miles (1:40) Green Mt. up and down back, 2700'
So great to be back on the mountain after a near three-week hiatus.

Wed-AM: 13 miles (2:02) Green Mt. up back down Bear Cyn, 3000'

Thu-AM: 14 miles (2:13) Green Mt. & Bear Peak, 4100'
The trees leaves are just starting to change up high and bear sign is visible everywhere...getting ready for winter...
PM: 7 miles (1:00) Creek Path+1.5mi barefoot at Kitt

Fri-AM: 13 miles (2:00) Green Mt. up back down ridges/Flag, 3000'
Tired after yesterday's double-peak route.
PM: 9 miles (1:07) Creek Path+2mi barefoot
Felt surprisingly peppy.

Sat-AM: 30 miles (5:00) Buchanan-Pawnee Pass Loop, 6700'
Completed this 28ish mile Indian Peaks circuit in a flat-feeling, uninspired 4:50:40 (Long Lake TH to Long Lake TH).  But, man, even a bad day in these mountains is still a great day.

Sun-AM: 14 miles (2:10) Green Mt. up Greg-Gman down Bear Cyn, 3000'
Late start meant it was really hot.  Finished up super-dehydrated.

-Miles: 115
-Hours: 18h 28min
-Vertical: 22,500'

Boulder 8ers 2010
Green: 203
Bear: 15
SoBo: 4

This was a good "get-my-legs-back-under-me" week, but I'm still fairly undecided about my immediate running/racing plans.  Right now I'm leaning towards a couple of exciting adventure runs in the next couple of weeks instead of racing.  A circumnavigation of Pikes Peak on the Ring The Peak route holds the most interest for me right now, mostly because of my relationship with that region and the geographic significance of running around a big mountain like Pikes.


R. Logan Brooks said...

Good to see the print from your excursions filling my screen again. Good luck in the coming months and enjoy the weather.


trudginalong said...

Made it up your peaks on Saturday... wish someone would have told me how steep shadow canyon was. Daaaamn.

Benjamin Nutt said...

do you go to CU Boulder? I'm just assuming cause you said Kitt Field...I'd love to run with you sometime, even if just for a few miles (I'm in Boulder too) :)

Aaron said...

I was up at longs lake TH Sat AM too, first time up there, and you aren't joking that the running up there is absolutely stunning! I meant to go over pawnee pass and down the other side for a bit, probably would have passed each other since you were going the other way. But I totally missed the absolutely obvious turnoff at isabell...oops. I ended up getting stopped at the top of the isabell drainage by an impassable glacier...then ran out of time to hit pawnee on the way time! Your description of the back side of pawnee up cascade makes me really want to hit that before the season is out.

Jacob said...

Are you for sure running N.F. Endurance 50m in San Fran or is that still up in the air? Thought I saw your name in the participation list.

Jay Anderson said...

I hope you make it through the fire ok.

Matt & Laura said...

If you don't have Ring the Peak planned yet, get up with Paul DeWitt. He and some of his fellow CRUD characters did it a couple months ago. He might have some inside info for you...

Anonymous said...

Not the same Jacob from above...

I was wondering if you could tell me what makes Hardrock 100's finish times so much higher than those of say WS's or Leadville's???
It surely isn't the quality of competitors because wasn't unheard of when K. Skaggs broke 24hrs on that course??? Also, how is Skaggs?? Still working away on the organic agriculture side of things?? Think we'll get to see him race in the near future??


Guy said...

What's your diet normally like during more intense weeks of training?

Frank Bott said...

thought you would enjoy..

fly over of the course..

Anonymous said...

Yo Jacob, Hardrock has 34,000 ft. of climbing and 34,000 ft. down., need I say more.

Anonymous said...

O cool... Nah that covers it. Thanks anonymous. I guess the Skaggs questions still stand for Anton if he feels like answering them...

Nevels said...

Ring the Peak 100k would be a pretty solid event.
Any RD ambitions?