Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekly Summary: Oct 25-31 and October Totals

Mon-AM: 14 miles (2:05) Green Mt., 3000'
Up back and down Bear Cyn.
PM: 8 miles (1:05) Skunk Creek Loop+2.5mi barefoot at Kitt

Tue-AM: 15 miles (2:08) Green Mt., 3000'
Up back and down Bear Cyn. Light dusting of snow on top along with astonishingly powerful winds.
PM: 8 miles (1:04) Skunk Creek Loop
Still really really windy.  Reminds me of Nebraska in the Spring.

Wed-AM: 15 miles (2:09) Green Mt., 3000'
Up back and down NE Ridge to Flagstaff and then to the grocery store and back.  Still not feeling a lot of pep in my legs, but not feeling bad, either.  Just sort of average.
PM: 14 miles (2:03) Green Mt., 3000'
Ran up the front side in a PR 30:50 (6:33, 12:12, 14:42, 18:11, 21:47, 28:23). Descended Bear Cyn in the dark down to the Bear Mt. Drive trailhead where I ran back to the Kitt Fields along Broadway for a couple of laps before heading home.

Thu-AM: 15 miles (2:16) Green & Bear, 4200'
Easy effort up the back of Green and then finally felt warmed up heading along Bear's West Ridge. Gorgeous day and my legs felt good descending Fern Cyn.
PM: 8 miles (1:02) Skunk Creek Loop
2.5 miles barefoot at Kittredge Fields

Fri-AM: 14 miles (2:09) Green Mt., 3000'
Up Gregory-Greenman and then down Greenman to Flagstaff and EGF.  Noticed an odd puff of smoke over on the north side of Flagstaff as I entered Gregory Canyon and by time I was half-way up Green it had turned into a full-on wildfire over on the summit of Anemone.  Very very smoky coming home on the Creek Path but barely anything up at the house.  Also, I felt terrible on this run.  Going so slow up Green that it felt like I should've just hiked it.

Sat-AM: 25 miles (4:05) Basic Boulder Mountain Marathon, 7200'
Ran over to Phil's house and then up Flagstaff very, very easily with a big group.  Things spread out a bit on the run up Ranger to tag Green and by time we were headed down Bear Canyon there was a solid, jovial group of myself, Dave, Jurker, Geoff, Joe, Nick, Dakota, Jeff, Ryan Cooper, Johannes Rudolph, Brendan (?) and maybe a couple of others all just cruising along very casually and enjoying the beautiful day.  Took Mesa over to Bluestem and down to the South Mesa TH before making the 3000' climb up Towhee and Shadow Canyon to the summit of SoBo.  I waited on top for everyone where we spent a long time chatting and enjoying the glorious day before bopping over and up to Bear Peak for more of the same.  Here Dave suggested that we head back over for one more summit of Green (instead of the prescribed descent of Fern Canyon and back on Mesa to the finish).  I was game as it would represent my 250th of the year. After a final re-grouping on top of Green I led Dave, Dakota, Joe, and Nick down to the NE ridge where Dave decided to rip the vintage route in spectacular fashion.  Joe, Dakota and I stuck right on his heels through the kamikaze descent, however, and it was a great way to finish out a fantastically enjoyable day in the Boulder Peaks.

Standing around at the start, scoping Nick's hot new PI Peaks. Photo Eric Lee
Getting in some "mountain jogging" behind Mr. Clark and ahead of Joe, descending SoBo Peak. Nick Pedatella ascending in the opposing direction. Photo: Eric Lee

Sun-AM: 24 miles (4:02) Guinn Mt. Ski Hut from Nederland, 5000'
Started at Geoff's house at 8500' just above Nederland with Joe, Dakota and Patrick and took singletrack trail right from his backyard up and over 10,000' Tennessee Mt, down to Eldora, and then up the Jenny Creek trail to the ski hut at 11,000' just below Rollins Pass Rd.  The last 30min or so of uphill was mostly a nearly knee-deep slog through snow, but the way back was a blast with the downhill assisting us in our trek through the white stuff.  I felt pretty crappy the first two hours, but really felt a lot better the second half of the run.  This was definitely my last high country run of the season.  I'm going to enjoy the dirt down in Boulder as much as possible before snow finds its way down there, too.

-Miles: 160
-Hours: 24h 07min
-Vertical: 31,400'

October totals  were 668 miles, 99h 37min and 128,900' climbed.

2010 Totals
-Miles: 5468
-Hours: 830h 44min
-Vertical: 954,800'
-Green: 250
-Bear: 27
-SoBo: 5

All in all a good week.  It was satisfying to hit a PR on Green on Wednesday and the Basic on Saturday was a true pleasure, but my lack of pep on Sunday was a bit of a bummer.  Even with the unpredictable energy levels I'm confident that my plane of fitness is starting to become fairly high.  After this weekend's get-together here in Boulder I'm definitely looking forward to the Fort Collins edition at the Chubby Cheeks 50K on December 18th.


R. Logan Brooks said...


Not to pry but what was JB doing with ya last week? Just curious.

Soy afortunado said...

Love the new header picture with your shadow. Completely amazing.

I am going to insist like my colleagues from Spain: you are invited at anytime. Alicante is a lovely placed with great mountains and it does not get that cold in winter, so when the snow hit Boulder, you are more than welcome ;)

jenny u said...

who's the sexy hot chick shadow you have as your header photo?

Brennan Butler said...

If you don't mind me asking what kind of watch are you wearing? I see it show up in your pics and have never seen one similar. Just curious.

Rogue Valley Runners said...

more importantly, I love the half shirt wearing long haired lanky guy in the background of the "checking out Nicks PI's."

here comes 2011!!

Joe Grant said...

Hal, the correct term is "belly shirt"...

saschasdad said...

Yeah, Jurek's old-school M/P belly shirt is definitely the highlight of this post. Is he wearing his old-school Clif hat, too?

trudginalong said...

Nice meeting you Sunday, might see you at chubby cheeks but probably won't be running as it's just a week after hellgate and I might not be sober yet.

Jay said...

If you liked Scott's outfit, there's a better pic on Nick Clark's blog. Pretty hilarious. How would you like to get school'd by a guy wearing THAT? Ha.

Anton said...

jenny--that shadow is sexy, isn't it.

brennan--the watch i use is a highgear axio max. especially useful for tracking vert with it's barometric altimeter.

with the jurkerman rockin' the early-aughts montrail-patagonia styles i might also point out that NB 101s outweigh Cascadias 3-0 in this photo.

Steve said...

I see the NB Minimus, Im eager to give those a try!

Texafornia said...

Anton, Sorry to ask a question that you probably get all the time, but... What kind of running shoes are you wearing lately?

BTW, big fan. Been following for years. Keep up the awesome work.

John said...

The FKTs I have for Green now:

28:38 2009 Rickey Gates
30:50 2010 Anton Krupicka
31:28 2009 Dave Mackey
32:35 2009 Jeff Valliere

(Hopefully those are all from the same starting pt: Greg Canyon TR)

Corky Dean said...

I've been trying to get some info on both the Chubby Cheeks and Ponderosa Posterior for this year. Can you help me connect with info? I'm needing to put in some longer runs around the Front Range in preparation for the American River 50 miler in April. My email is: Thanks!