Saturday, November 12, 2011


For the last week-plus I was in Brazil -- Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro -- in support of New Balance's launch of their Minimus collection of shoes down there.  A full account of my trip can be found over on my Running Times blog, but here are a few pictures from the week.

Sao Paulo from helicopter.
Brazilian coast and the island Ilhabella (on the horizon) from helicopter.
Sunset on Ilhabella.
Climbing during the 16K NB Minimus Challenge traverse of Ilhabella. Photo: Funf Sports.
Looking down 2100' to the beach from the route's high point.
Castelhanos Beach, where the island traverse ended.
Coconut water straight from the source.
Ferry leaving Ilhabella.
Rio from the summit of Pao de Acucar.
On Pao de Acucar, with Corcovado Mt. (Cristo statue) over my right shoulder.
2800' Pedra da Gavea.
Leblon Beach sunset with Dois Irmaos.
Copacabana Beach with favela behind.
Cristo Redentor from Ipanema Beach.


Juoksentelija said...

Awesome scenery, truly spectacular! I´m planning to get myself Minimus shoes, what do you recommend for snowy winter conditions? Or does it matter?

simplifique said...

hi anton, i hope you enjoyed the trip. i live in rio and a friend of mine, ciro violin, went to ilha bela to meet you.
i came to rio? that's great.
i live near the sugar loaf.
see you.

simplifique said...
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Juoksentelija said...

Rio, one of those must-visit-to-run places in the future! Something else than cold finnish wilderness, though beautiful green summer (even short) compensates the long winter.

Jason said...

Poor guy. What a rough life you have. :)

a said...

Hey Anton ! Great to hear (read) that you visited south america, any chance that you visit other countrys, like Chile in the future?(Andes Mountains)...One question, what camera do You use??

Lisa said...

Wow Anton, those photos are phenomenal. The shot of Rio from Pao de Acucar looks like a postcard or even fake. The colors are so intense!

Brandon Fuller said...

Excited for you man. Cool stuff.

David Herrera said...

Awesome pictures Anton. I really enjoyed the video!!

Rob Timko said...

Nice! I spent last week in the jungles of northern Thailand (Chang Mai) and it was my first time in 'tropical' mountains. The trails were just awesome and so similar yet completely different than Boulder at the same time. Snow on mountains compared to running through dense steep trails in monsoon rain using a banana leaf as an umbrella was awesome.

Coolrunnings said...

Tony, Glad you managed to keep the flannel on despite wearing those funky surf shorts!

George Volpão said...

Glad to receive you here in brazil Anton. I've read your post at running times and I just regret that you haven't more days to spend herre and know better the trail running local scene. Best wishes!

Patrick Thurber said...

did you have to go through the whole visa application process in order to visit or did NB have some way of permitting you to enter more easily? i'm curious because i want to go to brazil, but i hear conflicting things about how best to get in as a US citizen.

great photos!

Steve said...

All I want to know is, where can I get one of those minimus shirts!

Rusty Shackleford said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!

Stationary Runner said...

Thanks for sharing! I was in Sao Paulo and southern Brazil this past summer. It was absolutely amazing. Brazil does not get enough attention as a place for U.S. folks to go and visit. But it is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome, what a great opportunity. It doesn't get much better than fresh coconuts on the beach. I had a stress fracture when i was in Rio a few years ago, but i did manage to run a few hundred yards on Copacabana beach, which i'll never forget. Hope you're making progress with your injury.

simplifique said...

anton, ciro just posted a video about your trip in his blog.
Ciro is a natural runner. He was the second amateur in Kona on 2010, and he got first on his age group.
Bye !!!!

Stacy said...

Very cool. You brought back a lot of memories of my own trip to Sao Paulo and Ilha Bela from a couple of years ago. Great images. I only wish there was a way to convey by photo the energy verging on chaos of the urban street in Brasil, especially in SP.

Maranui AITAMAI said...

Coconut water= simply the best natural recovery drink ever! ;)
Hello from Tahiti, French Polynesia.
Love your lifestyle and your runningstyle, keep going Anton, you're the best!

mtnrunner2 said...

Absolutey amazing photos and run... a bit of a change in climate from the Basic. Great opportunity.

Rio is stunning, I hope I get a chance to go there some day, hopefully with an insider or local. Also would like to see the architecture in Brasilia.

Randy said...

Awesome photos Anton. thanks for sharing them. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and was wondering if you had any idea how the minimus would hold up on our trails here that are mostly lava rock, which tends to be pretty jagged and sharp? Take care.

Oscarjet said...

i really like your activity anton..
if you never come to Barcelona...cross de Garraf mountains....i will like you ! regards from Garraf.

XC RACER said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
XC RACER said...

Where can I get an awesome shirt like the one you are wearing? It looks so cool.

Barry Bliss said...

Did you gain a few pounds over the last year?

(Maybe I am just compating you in the video to the b/w photo where you'd probably lost a lot of water weight.)

XC RACER said...

Where can I get one of those minimus shirts?

yannis said...

Lucky you !
Hope NB will launch the Minimus in France sometimes. I really feel lonely wearing them down here.
By the way, I'd like one these <=> T-Shirts too !

Anton said...

I'm pretty sure the <=> t-shirts were something my host Jullian made up just for the launch in Brazil, it's not something that's ever really been in mass production. Sorry guys.

P. - I had to get the usual visa for Brazil, but NB went through some kind of company service to get it expedited in time for the trip. My girlfriend was in Brazil last year and I know she had to jump through a couple hoops but was able to get a visa fairly easily, too.

Barry - Oh, I'm definitely fatter than in my header pic. I don't own a scale so barely ever know how much I weigh, but summer 2010 was probably the leanest I've ever been--I'm a couple skipped meals away from starvation in that Leadville pic. I would guess I'm a good 10+ lbs heavier now in my current injured-for-months state. I generally don't worry about weight and usually just try not to eat too much junk and let a consistent diet of mileage and mountains take care of the rest when I'm getting into peak form.

v8grrl said...

Great pictures, Anton! Plus…you look great, healthy and happy…
Looking over a few of those pics it appears "everyone has a view" in Brazil

I'm not sure if you are back in boulder but the winds are sucky!

Shannon Beasley said...

Hi, Anton. I'd like to have those shoes you are wearing at the 4:59 mark of the video, but I can't seem to find them on the New Balance website. Are they on the market? Can you tell me the style? Thanks.

Anton said...

Shannon - I'm not sure if those kicks are available in the US or not, but they appear to be called the V50.

João Gitahy said...

Hi Aton, would be great to run with you here
I'm your fan.
See you

Um grande abraço do Brasi

The Running Gator said...

That's cool bro. Kinda reminds me of running up in Olympic park in Washington, but obviously different.

Juan Pedro Hernández de León said...

Fantástica conexión entre la vida de un corredor y la filosofía que debemos tener ante la vida. Simple y sencilla.

Un saludo

wowwowgold said...

Hi Aton, would be great to run with you here

reginag said...

What a great view!.

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