Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week Summary: Feb 13 - 19

Mon-AM: 1:28, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up ASG and down 3rd Access. Microspikes felt somewhat inadequate after yesterday's monster grip from the KTS Crampons, but the trail is really in pretty much perfect condition right now. Mostly running. Incredible scene on the summit with a cloud blowing off of Green's south summit and Bear Peak sticking up through the mist into the sunshine. Truly spectacular.

Tue-AM: :39, 500' ~ Amphitheater
Could tell from the start that the shin was off, so after heading up Amphi for about a minute I turned around and walked home.

Wed- off

Thu- off

Fri-AM: 1:16, 2500' ~ Green Mt.
Felt terrible. All hiking. Acupuncture afterwards. Also, had a productive meeting at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine in the afternoon. Came away feeling optimistic.

Sat-AM: 1:13, 2500' ~ Green Mt.
Felt only slightly better than yesterday. Feels like my legs forgot how to operate. Shin was ok, though. Hiking.

Sun-AM: 1:08, 2500' ~ Green Mt.
Shin felt good this morning. Did a very little light jogging on the way down. Like three minutes.

Hours: a few
Vert: some

This stuff is way more fun and inspiring than anything I've been doing in the mountains lately.  I recommend taking a look.

Delta Spirit - Trashcan from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.


MV said...


Have you been evaluated by an orthopaedist or a sports medicine specialist? If so have they ever discussed Platelet Rich Plasma with you? I am a physician assistant and I work in orthopaedics. Our physicians have used PRP with a fair amount of success in chronic/overuse injuries. Also, have you had an mri of the shin? It might help to more accurately diagnose your problem. If you want some info on PRP let me know and I can get some for you. I am sure you are tired of everyone giving advice/offering help so you can just ignore all of this if it is pissing you off. Good look with your continued recovery.

Spencer said...

Hey man, this is just a suggestion, but attempt it if you want. I was dealing with a similar issue, had posterior tibial tendonitis for a year. I broke my toe, took about 2.5 months off, was still dealing with it, was ramping up maybe max 3 miles a week. I gave up sugar and processed carbs about 2 months ago, and I haven't had any problems since. This guy has some good advice too, he talks about more around his website about how diet often enhances muscular imbalances. I know you hate advice...but whatever. Been digging these musical vibes.

Juan Pedro Hernández de León said...

A bad week has it either! Take heart! You can have everything and more!

Rach said...

Hey Anton,

I'm a huge fan and I have watched Unbreakable countless time in the past month. I have been following your blog and everything that has been going on with you physically, like your shin injury. I so admire your determination to keep pursuing what you love.

As a fellow runner who is having trouble with serious reoccurring injuries, I am struggling with where to go from here. I have people encouraging me and I have other people telling me maybe it's just time to step back and stop running. I have to ask though, what is something that keeps you going despite your injury?

Rory said...

Anton, I'll be 64 in a couple of weeks, ran the Boston Marathon in '77 and '78 (2:49 PB), about 10 marathons and a 52 miler in all, gradually wore out the medial cartilage in my rt. knee, can't run at all now (thank god for biking & running). Before you do yourself irreversible damage decide what you need to do to be healthy a year from now. Forget about anything shorter-term.

Rory said...

Previous comment should have said "biking & swimming"

Anton said...

MV - Yep, PRP has been in the discussion a few times over the past year--super costly in comparison to the likelihood of it actually doing anything, from what I understand. Gonna try some other things before I reconsider PRP. I have had an MRI of the shin. Came back clean.

Spencer - Hmmm. Interesting stuff with the diet...I assume the reasoning is to reduce inflammation.

Rachel - What kind of injury(ies) have you been dealing with? For me, there simply is no other option. My passion for running and the mountains is too strong, too deep; not running is simply not an option. At this point, I can't believe it's been a full year, but the core desire to get out there every day is still as strong as it's ever been. Way too strong to voluntarily ignore.

Rach said...

I have an extra bone in my left foot between the calcaneus and navicular bones. And I'm having issues with my L2 vertebrae and my facet joint in my back. I've done treatment, steroid shots, resting, and now I'm on an oral anti-inflammatory. Neither have really responded to anything.

I completely agree. My bond with running is entirely too strong. I am graduating college in May and after must emotional distress, I dropped running for my collegiate team this semester so I could hopefully give myself more time to heal. I don't want to do any permanent damage.

It's just so hard because I have worked so hard to get where I am and it just seems so strange that a 22 year old can heal from these injuries. But I have to keep believing that my desire and love to run will overcome everything else.

Rach said...

*cannot heal

mr everyday guy said...

Your affinity to running is strong…don’t analyze it or listen to others who might for you. However, do take various healing/rehab advice in pieces and then mend it together for a customized treatment regimen that pertains to you and it will work. Doesn’t matter what anyone else suggests “could be better”; that’s just it, “could be” is not “will be better”. Sports medicine is great if done in a perfect world with no extraneous variables…so combine it with what you know already works as a part time adjunct (i.e. your acupuncture stuff…plus that anti inflammatory diet thing sounds interesting and has some merit behind it I guess).

Ps. Nice job banging the drums on the trolley roof at 1:40 in the Delta Spirit video…gotta be you, although there seems to be many bearded folk with sunglasses

Lisa said...

Hi Anton,
Just have to say, I love that Delta Spirit song. The rhythm is perfect and his voice is so cool. Thanks!

I was running this morning on an old muddy jeep road here in Portland and a pack of very fast, very fit male runners sped past me. I have to say, the way their legs kicked back, looking relaxed and powerful at the same time was just amazing to watch. I think it's the combination of strength and grace that is so awe inspiring. But this kind of running takes passion, like you have and I think it's pretty great that you have something you can really own- your running.

I really hope you can get your leg in order. An anti-inflammatory diet sounds like a good idea actually.

Good luck with it all!

Juan Pedro Hernández de León said...

Hello, Anton! I would like to make a query. I am preparing Transvulcania this year. I train six days a week. The weekly average is 90 km, 8 hours, with a drop of 3000 meters. Do you think that is enough or should increase the intensity of the workouts?

A greeting.

Alex Beecher said...

Part of me hesitates to jump on the "Try this!" bandwagon, because you surely hear so much of it. We all have out pet panaceas, however, and this is mine.
Vitamin D is crucial for bone health, and the reduction of inflammation. Even if calcium and fatty acid intake is optimal, adequate Vit D levels are needed. And no matter how much time you spend outside, it's not possible to produce enough - provided you live at a certain distance from the equator. It's very simple - and very safe - to fix this problem with a dirt cheap 5,000 IU pill.

As with everything else said, take it or leave it; I certainly don't want to spam.

Ryan said...


In my experience with MRIs and injury, even if it's tissue related, something should show up on the MRI. There's clearly something wrong with your shin. At the height of my latest injury, I had an MRI that came back negative. Several months later, after many failed attempts to treat the injury, I had a second MRI but with arthrogram and much better resolution. That MRI showed irregularity to the tendon consistent with tendinosis and inflammation in the bone where the tendon inserts (and, incidentally, plica syndrome). Although this enhanced MRI was much more costly, it proved my pain, enabled my doctor to accurately diagnose its cause, and appropriately treat it.

The best of luck to you.

Charlie said...

One cause of compartment syndrome is through exercise called Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome. According to Touliopolous, CECC of the leg is a condition caused by exercise which results in increase tissue pressure within a limited fibro - osseous compartment - muscle size may increase by up to 20% during exercise (Touliopolous, 1999) When this happens pressure builds up in the tissues and muscles causing tissue ischemia (Touliopolous, 1999). The cause of compartment syndrome is due to excess pressure on the muscle compartments. This pressure can occur for many different reasons, many are due to injuries. Injuries cause the swelling of tissue. The swelling of the tissue forces pressure upon the muscle compartments, which has a limited volume. Due to this pressure, the venules and lymphatic vessels that drain the muscle compartments are compressed, and are prevented from draining. As arterial inflow continues while outflow is decreased, the pressure builds up in the muscle compartments. This pressure will eventually decrease the amount of blood flow over the capillary bed, causing the tissue to become ischaemic. The tissues will release factors and will lead to the formation of edema.

Rosalia said...

love your music. thanks for sharing!!! good alternative for carnaval music. here in Brasil is samba everywhere!!!
rosalia camargo

Ken Bess said...

So sorry that the shin problems persist Tony.

I experienced chronic inflammation for about two years after a particularly difficult race (which left me unable to run for four months afterward due to inflammation). The inflation was similar to yours in that I did better with some exercise than with none, I found that rest and ice actually seemed to exacerbate things. Eventually I started taking scalding hot baths a few times a day, especially right after running, and then lying down afterward. It took a few months but eventually I believe my body adapted or benefited from the hot baths, I've not had any issues with inflammation since and it's been two years. I still take a 15 min bath at ~115-118 degrees F after every run, and when I notice inflation creeping in I use heat to deal with it.

It seems to me that inflammation is a natural process, for me encouraging inflammation has actually reduced its negative effects. Clearly though everyone and every injury is different. Best of luck resolving things Tony, I hope it's not too much longer for you.

Unknown said...

Go see Phil Wharton. Miracle worker for a number of Olympians.

Paul said...

Anton, Sorry, but I've been following all the advice given you for months and can't hold back any longer. My two cents. You are doing everything right. There is no miracle cure out there. Patience and progressive stress while listening to your body. I have recovered from a dozen injuries like this some lasting two years from neck, back, knees to feet just as well as humanity has for thousnds of years. At almost 50 i'm running downhill faster than I ever have. Never got an MRI despite the frequent recommendation and I work in health care. Patience and keep moving. You are young, trust in your body to figure it out. I think you already know this. Good luck and keep the faith.

T said...

Hi Anton,
Sorry that you are still struggling with your shin. I don't have any awesome medical remedies for your shin. I do know that you are a talented scientist though, and you have tons of data on yourself. Have you ever considered plotting all of your data and trying to analyze what works and what doesn't? Maybe you could determine training thresholds that mustn't be exceeded or the shin will regress, or things of that nature. If I had more time I would do it for you. Considering how much inspiration you provide for everyone else giving something back to you would be nice.

MV said...

Loving Delta Spirit! Been listening to them all week. Great suggestion.

Jamie said...


I'm guessing you've probably seen this research already, but I saw it in the Times today and thought it could be up your alley.

It's regarding trout mutations due to selenium from mining operations in Idaho.

Sorry to hear about the rough week with the shin. Hope you're back out on the trails (where you will no doubt blow by me) and back to training soon.


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