Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Week Summary: Mar 12 - 18

Mon - lost this day in time zone shiftings on the way to Auckland.

Tue-PM: 2:07, 5600' ~ Mt. Taranaki, NZ
Really nice afternoon summit on the east coast of NZ's North Island.

Wed-AM: 2:34, 5800' ~ Mt. Ngauruhoe & Mt. Tongariro, NZ
Summited Ngauruhoe from the start of the Tongariro Crossing then traversed the South Crater over to the rim of the Red Crater and the summit of Mt. Tongariro itself.  Most of the day the views were largely obscured by thick, low, swirling clouds.

Thu-AM: 1:04, 2000' ~ Mt. Tauhara, NZ
Decent bump on the outskirts of Taupo that started in a sheep pasture but then turned into a fantastic little forest track to the cloud-enshrouded summit.
PM: :40, 1000' ~ Tarawera Ultra 7.5k Fun Run, Rotorua, NZ
This was more a social gathering than anything a couple days before the real race on Saturday.  Excellent jog through giant redwoods and more traditional New Zealand forest on super soft trails before an outdoor screening of Unbreakable at the Redwoods Center.

Fri - off.

Sat-AM: 1:59, 3400' ~ Tarawera Ultra 85K Relay, Leg 3
Ran from Okataina Lodge to Tarawera Falls on incredible singletrack along the shores of Lake Tarawera and the Tarawera River on the Tarawera Ultra course. Spent the first 30min catching up to the lead 100K/85K runners (Vajin Armstrong, Daniel Scarberry, eventual winner Mick Donges, and Hiroki Ishikawa) before running easily with them for the next 20min. After that I moved ahead and ran the last hour by myself to the end of the leg.  While there were no significant climbs on this leg (lots and lots of rollers), the trail itself was a mix of super cushy lakeside singletrack and quite technical, gymnastic stretches of forest.  Really fun section, especially ending near the spectacular 200+ foot falls and the crystal clear turquoise river.

Sun - off. Lots of hot springs soaking in the geothermal area surrounding Rotorua.

Hours: 7h44min
Vert: 17,800'

Mostly I just did what I could last week with what my shin dealt me.  I tried to balance enjoying New Zealand and all of its opportunities with not damaging/worsening my shin.  On all of my summit trips this week there was lots of hiking on the uphills and the downhills weren't too bad, usually because of ample scree for a fast and cushioned descent.

Up next: Queenstown and the Southern Alps.

Mt. Ruapehu, the North Island's highest point at 9177'. Adjacent to the Tongariro group and last erupted in 1996.
My shadow (and halo!) projected into the misty summit crater on Mt. Ngauruhoe.
Northwest aspect of the Tongariro complex.
Tarawera Falls.


Rain said...

Absolutely beautiful places to run! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

GZ said...

Wow. That absolutely sucks. All that travel. Must have been killer jet lag.

Unknown said...

Dude! If you're still in NZ, I'm living in Wellington right now (and I don't have any running partners). You should stop in if you've got time!

Alexandre said...
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Alexandre said...

Fantastic articles in Running Times and beautiful pictures.
It makes us all dream down here in Florida.
I was in Boulder couple weeks ago and got a chance to caught a glimpse of you running at Chatauqua before to run into you in a coffee shop.
What a treat!
Came for a holiday and saw a great athlete!
Did not want to bother you but keep posting. It is very inspiring.

Unknown said...

Hey Anton,

What are your plans for Australia? Would love to stop by and say hi if you are doing any promotional work for NB.

Chris U said...

Hi Anton,

I believe the shadow and halo combo is also known (in Scotland) as a "Brocken Spectre". I've only ever seen this once, but it is so beautiful when it happens.

Sounds like a great place to run.

Thomas said...

Wow, these are stunning pictures. I really hope your leg will hold up and let you enjoy the scenery in full.

The shadow/halo pic is otherworldly!

trudginalong said...

If you don't hop on the Shotover Jet Boat I will hate you forever. Queenstown is the shit.

Jeff Gallup said...

Stunning pictures.. thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Spectacular! Thanks for sharing these. NZ looks like a green paradise

FondueFeet said...

You have just made me incredibly homesick. Hope you enjoy my country!

knix05 said...

Up next: Queenstown and the Southern Alps.

Hi Anton,

Where in the Southern Alpes ? I live in this beautiful place. I hope I will run with you perhaps two miles !!

See you soom


Emily said...


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Thanks and have a great day!

Unknown said...

That 'Halo' photo is awesome!