Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Week Log: Feb 25-March 2

Mon- 10 miles (1:20) South out and back w/ Kyle.

Tue- 8 miles (1:01) South out and back w/ Kyle.
Shitty. Legs felt great, but I walked the last 2 miles or so because my shin was sore.

Wed- 0 (got some Cold Laser at Champion Health)

Thu- 5 miles (:41) North Monument
Shin felt fine.

Fri- 8 miles (1:05) South out and back w/ Kyle

Sat- 14 miles (2:04) Section 16 Loop w/ Kyle
Ran from John's house in Manitou (where Kyle, Jocelyn, and I were house-sitting), through Red Rocks, up the steep side of Section 16, down the mellow side and back the same way. It was an incredibly sweet run on a nearly 80 degree day. Shin never hurt.

Sun- 23 miles (3:01) Buckhorn-Gold Camp via connector trail, back through Stratton
Today was snowing and windy as hell---spring in Colorado Springs. The shin felt great until the last few miles when it tightened up a bit and I actually ended up walking in the last mile as a precaution. It wasn't an issue at all, though, so I'm confident I didn't hurt it further.

Total: 68 miles (9:12)

This was a good first week back after taking so much time off. I'm keeping with the Cold Laser treatments and just trying to listen to my shin very closely. I think I got it this time...


CoyoteGirl said...

Good for you Anton! Keep up with those treatments, plenty of ART and ice cream. Baby that shin though, so that it doesn't remain a reoccurant problem.

Rocky said...

I think injuries are a necessary evil. More at www.lifeisanultramarathon.blogspot.com.

atwell said...

I recently discovered your blog, and am quite interested in your footwear philosophy. In my ultra training, I had a metatarsal stress fracture. I visited a podiatrist, and he suggested cushioning shoes and put me in custom orthotics. Since then I have had a lot of ankle tendonitis, and have also sprained my ankle a couple times on the trails. Now I see the beauty in adapting to low-profile footwear.

My question now is, do you have a favorite pair of socks? From the pictures on the blog, it looks like you run sockless? Do you do that with all your shoes, the 250s, slingshot, & puma? Have you ever been sockless during a race which involved a water crossing? How did that work? Do you have any sort of blister prevention techniques? Thanks.

Anton said...


i'm not a big fan of socks. i (almost) never wear them (cold temps in the winter being the exception). i have never run an ultramarathon wearing socks. so yes, many of my daily runs in the summer time involve stream crossings (as do many of the races I've done) and blisters have never been enough of an issue to slow me down. don't get me wrong, i've had some superficial skin issues on my feet before--and a sock probably would've helped--but it's never really been enough to slow me down. i mostly don't like the extra water absorption that they cause whether it be sweat or stream water.

CoyoteGirl said...

Anton -

Hope you're doing well. How's the shin? What are you're race plans now?

Unknown said...

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