Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Week Log: March 10-16

Mon- 35 miles (5:10) Kyle's house to Whitewater Mesa to Gold Dust to Main Fork Whitewater to Daloche to Mogollon to Powerhouse Rd to Catwalk and back. ~6000' climbing

Tue- 30 miles (5:16) Pleasanton to Holt Gulch to Camp Creek Saddle to South Fork Whitewater up to Nabours down past the dump and back to Pleasanton. ~8000' climbing

Wed-20 miles (3:00) Gold Dust Trailhead to South Fork Whitewater to Tennessee Meadows and back

Thu-AM: 20 miles (2:30) 4x1mile in 5:17, 5:10, 5:10, 5:09 (3min recovery jog)
PM: 5 miles (:40) North Monument in the FiveFingers

Fri-AM: 11 miles (1:31) Bear Creek and Monument
Raging snowstorm, but still ran in the FFs.

Sat-AM: 43 miles (5:11) Rampart Range Overlook and back+barefoot
Cranked solid with Kyle. Kept a super solid pace even with the 3000'+ climb up to the overlook.

Sun-AM: 37 miles (5:10) Bear Creek to Section 16 CCW to Buckhorn to Gold Camp Connector to High Drive to Section 16 CW to Intemann to Red Rocks to Garden and back.
Another very good run, but it was foggy and snowing all day. The New Balance 790s have proven to be a great shoe...very versatile.

Total: 201 miles (28:28)

Ended up being a bigger week than expected because of the four 5hr runs. I was very pleased with the speedwork on Thursday and was especially pleased with the fact that my shin is now clearly 100% healthy.


Ted Nunes said...

AR50 is going to be fast. Are you still running?? I'm not sure if there have been as many sub-2:40 marathon runners as there will be this year(Bad English...I know). Good luck! Hope you stay healthy and I hope everyone has a great race!

Joseph Lea said...

Great week! Glad to see the shin thing sorted out.

I've been running in the NB 790s the last couple months and was also surprised at their versatility. I'm planning on using them at the Jurassic Coast Challenge in a couple weeks and, although I've never seen the course, am considering them for Bighorn in June.

Rocky said...

All I got to say is: Crap! Thats a lot of miles

brownie said...

Only 200 miles this week? Slacker!

Any idea how far it is from Memorial Park in Manitou up to the Overlook on Rampart Range Road?

Anton said...

definitely still doing AR (good lord, why else would i be doing speedwork? ha ha).

I think it's ~1.5 miles from Memorial to RRR and then ~12 miles on RRR to the overlook.

Nowhere Fast said...

Intrigued and stoked you've had a change of heart on the 790s, recalling yr comments back in Jan
("La Sportiva Loveliness" entry) cause like Pam had suggested i was also thinking you'd like em alot and tear it up in these...

Anton said...

nowhere fast--

regarding the 790s: i had the wrong size with the first pair i'd tried on and was happy with other shoes I was wearing at the time, but now, with some slight modifications of my own, it's definitely the best true trail shoe i've ever worn--even better than the inov8 250s.

Coolrunnings said...

Tony, thanks for the blog, and the movie is cool too. It's been a motivator for me this loooong winter.
I recently bought a pair of Inov8s and man did those things cut my feet to ribbons. It's hard to imagine that even living near NYC, there are very few places that sell a decent selection of trail shoes where you can actually try on sizes.
Can any of your shoe "mods" turn a pair of viscious flesh eating trail shoes into something wearable? The North Face Challenge at Bear Mt is only weeks away and I need another pair of shoes ASAP!

Anton said...

it's doubtful---i'm guessing that most people would consider most of my shoe modifications to actually shred one's feet even more. i'm generally modifying to reduce weight/padding/cushioning


Scott Dunlap said...

Anton - I got a hold of Shelton. Thanks. SD