Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week Summary: Aug 29 - Sept 4

Mon-AM: 1:29, 2500′
Green, up and down Front.
Tue-AM: 1:25,  2500′
Green, up and down Front.
Wed-AM: 1:33, 2500′
Green Mt. up and down Front.
Thu-AM: 2:00, 3000′
Green Mt., up Front and down Ranger-Gregory.
Fri-AM: 1:30, 2800′
Bear Peak, up Fern from Cragmoor.
Sat-AM: 1:30, 2800′
Bear Peak, up Fern from Crag.
Sun-AM: 2:00, 2700′
Green Mt., up Front and down Flattie2.
Hours: 11h27 (only about an hour of which was actual running)
Vert: 18,800′
Great week back on the trails.  Each day consisted of a bike ride to and from the trailhead (either Baseline or Cragmoor) and some quality time cranking up and easing down a mountain (hiking).  The last three days I've finally started integrating some running back into the routine by jogging the first 15-20min of the day (on Bear, that means running to the mouth of Fern Canyon, and this morning that meant running from my doorstep to Gregory TH).  The fibula feels good; moments of tightness but generally totally pain-free.
The thing I'm most excited about is the changing of the seasons.  This morning I never felt the need to take my shirt off.  I've had three bear sightings in the last 10 days.  Select patches of vegetation are already turning yellow, and I can sleep at night without a fan blowing on me.  It's my favorite time of year and I'm so excited to be able to get outside and enjoy it.
For pretty much my entire running life, Fall has been a time of year when I'm burnt out physically from a long summer of high mileage and racing (understandably, this was a pretty big bummer for my academic years when I was trying to compete as an XC athlete), but after barely running for the past seven months I am immensely enjoying my current insatiable mental psych and a fully rested body.
Enjoying some high country autumn with Kyle on Independence Pass, three years ago this weekend. Photo: David Clifford.


Unknown said...

Glad to see that you are easing back into training Tony! No doubt you are taking the smart approach, which should pay huge dividends down the trail.

vis said...

I couldn't agree more about autumn. It's good to see you getting back out there; it bodes well for all of us nerds who follow your blog.

George Volpão said...

So glad to see you back here and on trails. This sunday I watch Indulgence for the fourth time and always have something new to appreciate.

Good trails, Anton!

My best regards from Brazil!

George Volpão

Ian Scott said...

Sweet Tony, thanks for sharing your honest running to hiking ratio. Glad the Flatirons have you back.
By the way, what have Kyle and Erik been up to? Haven't seen much on those two lately.
Keep on the thesis and running Tony.


Andy said...

So glad to hear that you are running again.

ShooterMcGavin said...

It's great to see you posting your weekly log again. That's one thing I used to especially love reading in your older posts. I'm definitely not able to mimic your running schedule yet, but it's very inspiring. Good luck to you, and may the rest of your year be full of joy and enlightenment.

Jannicke said...

Good to have you back running again. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Tony. Glad you are on the mend. It must've been hell for you to have not been able to do what you clearly love doing, and are also so good at! All the best for your future runs.

Edward said...

SWEET! You must be psyched. There's nothing better than a romp on the trails in the fall.

monica said...

wow, 7 months down?? i don't think i've ever been out from running that long. can't imagine how it must have been for ya. so cool to see your weekly totals up again!!! WELCOME BACK TONY!!!

Espen said...
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Jordi Dalmau said...

nice to read about your progress and your return to trails. Autumn is the best station for running. I agree!

regards from Spain!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are getting better. Enjoy the fall and take care of yourself!

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