Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week Summary: Mar 5 - 11

Mon-AM: 1:51, 4000' ~ Green & Bear
Ran from Chautauqua at 6am with Scott, Ian, Schlarb, DBo, and Tim. Went up 1st/2nd access to Green's summit before cruising the west ridge to Bear and dropping down Fern Canyon and back on Mesa. Legs didn't have a lot of pep, but the shin was solid. Upper 60s later in the day, yup!

Tue-AM: 1:49, 2800' ~ Green Mt+19min barefoot
Up Greg-Ranger and down 1st Saddle. Another early and sluggish morning, but still totally worth getting out there, esp when temps were nearly 50F before the sun even came up. Shin felt really good on the barefoot at the end. Brilliantly sunny and nearly 75F later in the day!

Wed-AM: 2:14, 4400' ~ Bear & Green
Ran to Chat to meet DBo and Joel at 6am before heading across on Mesa for an ascent of Fern Canyon. Bopped over Green on the way back, encountering some fairly treacherous icy conditions (freezing mist/drizzle all morning) on the 1st Saddle descent. Legs still have no pep on the uphills, but really psyched to get through this length of run with the shin feeling good.

Thu-AM: 1:33, 2800' ~ Green Mt.
Up Gregory-Ranger, down ASG with Scott. Ugh. Really easy ascent with lots of hiking and then actually a lot of hiking on the descent, too, but that was more because my shin was sore.  Crazy icy conditions out there this morning.  Leg felt a lot better jogging on the streets, but generally a shitty day where I was reprimanded for increasing my longest run by almost 25min yesterday.  Stupid me, I can never get a break.

Fri - off.

Sat - off.

Sun-AM: :10 ~ Streets
Did a little test jog to see how the shin was feeling.  Not bad, actually; I think hiking Green this morning would've been totally fine on it, but I still had to pack for NZ. Never a bad thing to rest it an extra day, either.

Hours: 7h37min
Vert: 14,000'

Lotsa fun getting out with the visitors to Boulder in the first half of the week, but it seems I slightly over-stepped my bounds on Wednesday morning, so I played it safe and just took the rest of the week off so that hopefully my shin is feeling better by time I get to NZ on Tuesday.  I don't think I did anything too nasty to it and am optimistic that I'll still be able to enjoy everything I have on the docket over the next three weeks: Taranaki and Tongariro, Rotorua and a short relay leg next weekend at the Tarawera Ultra, portions of the Kepler and Routeburn Tracks on NZ's South Island and then to Auckland, Melbourne, and Singapore for New Balance appearances and the Down Under launching of the Minimus Zero.  I hope to have a few updates from abroad.

Green summit Monday morning: Torrence, Scottie, Schlarb and Tim. DBo behind the lens w/ shadow on the rock.
Tue morning.
Green summit w/ Bear behind. Tue morning.
Thursday morning magical frost on Green's summit.


Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I'm an acupuncturist and a runner based in the UK and earlier this week, I happened to listen to a podcast which featured an interview with you from some time last year. One thing that stuck in my mind a bit was that you said that you 'ate way too much sugar'. I know you're an intelligent guy and have seen many people about your shin and tried all sorts of things so forgive me if this old news to you but refined carbohydrate can be a significant factor in producing inflammation in the body and can make things like your tendonitis much more difficult to shift. If you haven't done this already, it could be worth cutting it down for a while and seeing how you go. There is a ton of stuff on the internet about this and some interesting studies to get your teeth into.



Rob Timko said...

If you do one thing in Singapore. Eat. Anywhere. The 'food malls' are the best. Don't leave without having some claypot chicken.

If you want something entertaining to do at night, have a casual stroll through Orchard Towers...

Singapore is an interesting place, if you've never been. William Gibson wrote an interesting piece on it a while back that's worth the read:

Enjoy your travels!


amg said...

Hope you enjoy the NZ trails as much as we enjoy showing them off!

Unknown said...

Tony .. great to know you are coming here to Singapore. I will try to meet you when you are here. Keep running !! :)


mathisonej said...


You're going to love New Zealand! I was there with my wife for about in month in December for a solo training camp (okay, honeymoon) and it was such a blast. The trails are way smoother than the Rockies, but every single run I did was amazing. One word of caution: the Tongariro Crossing is great, but there is so much fine sand around that I swear I'm still finding it my shoes/socks.


Jon Allen said...

I agree with the NZ comments- it's a great place, you'll love it. Don't forget your camera, and spend as much time in the Fjordlands as you can.

mtnrunner2 said...

I think I remember Singapore from Bourdain's show. The food looked great :)

As much as I love my Kahtoola spikes (and they are way better than crashing), I have to admit they are hard on the legs, which I'm guessing is due to the abrupt stopping motion as the teeth sink in...?

Great photo set.

Pez said...

Whow!!!!!,...enjoy in NZ, it seems one of worlds trail runners paradise.


Regards from Spain

Barry Bliss said...

2 things:

my experience is very negative regarding refined sugars
I rewatched Unbreakable yesterday and one thing I noticed quite clearly was how mature, deep, and gentle the top 3 finishers were.
That was really a golden happening that year.
Inspiring, as I have said many times before.

Ken Bess said...

Best of luck out there in NZ!

Brick said...

Shame yuor not coming to Sydney.
I would of shown you around some nice trails.


Hoppy said...

Anton enjoy your travels and happy trails.

JLA said...


I have followed your blog and your success and failures for over two years. You are my favorite professional runner. However, I am concerned with your future in this sport. I want to see you at the top again, especially competing in the Mont-Blanc ultra.

Running long distances is very stressful on the body, especially paired with a sickly diet. I noted you would slam into problems long ago when you described your diet and lifestyle. it is important to take time off. You can not rely on your age and mentality to push you forever. Eventually you will topple, as you are now. It has been one injury after another for over a year now. I urge you to get back on top again. Please learn to eat correctly (not vegan, vegetarian, or carb fueled). Stop hammering your shin. Acupuncture will not heal stress fractures or bone issues. Acupuncture is great and heals many things but this is not one of them. Have you used Cold Thermogenesis? Have you heard of using fat as fuel for long duration exercise like ultras instead of gu and carbs? Have you looking into how certain diets result in inflammation? You clearly have a gift of running but I think you are not living up to your true potential if that is one of your goals.

I apologize if any of this sounds rude or unwarranted but I sincerely want you to be healthy and be the best once again. If you have specific questions or want to talk in depth and see my professional perspective please let me know.