Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wednesday Jan 2, 2008

AM- 30 miles (4:13) Mt. Buckhorn-Section 16 Loop-Intemann-Red Rocks-Garden-Monument (sz 11 Slingshot)
PM- 4 miles (:33) CRC Run~Monument Loops (NB240s)

This morning's run started off miserably cold in single digit temps.  However, once I started the 2000' climb up High Drive things warmed up nicely and by time I got to the top of Buckhorn it was a brilliant sun-shiney day.

After running back down High Drive, the climb to the top of the Section 16 loop went surprisingly well.  The trail was packed well and my legs had a lot of pep.  Right before dropping off the ridge, though, I took the social trail out to the rock ridge that marks the end of the mountain--it has an amazing view of Colorado Springs!  I'd never ventured out there before, but it was well worth the 5-10min side-trip.

My legs continued to feel solid for almost the entire remainder of the run even though I didn't take any gels or water with me--I did eat some snow when I was in the mountains.  The last few miles I really had to scamper so that I could shower before going to work at noon.  Great run all around.

In the evening, I ran with Alex and Kiran and the rest of the CRC crew, but my shin was fairly sore.  It's always a little cranky in the evening, but it was particularly unhappy tonight because I didn't have time to ice it after the run this morning.  I definitely need to keep being diligent about taking care of it.

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