Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Week Log: Feb 18-24

Mon-AM: 2 miles (16:00) Monument
Shin was still a bit sore.  Not too bad, so I just turned around and decided to give it an extra day.

Tue-AM: 16 miles (2:11) South out and back w/ Kyle
The shin was a little bit tight every now and then, but it never got worse.  Great weather.

Wed-AM: 23 miles (3:00) Buckhorn Mt. plus barefoot w/ Kyle
Shin twinged every now and then, but I felt great towards the end.
PM: 4.5 miles (:37) CRC run in North Monument with big group in the FiveFingers
Shouldn't have done this run; shin was tight by the end.

Thu- 0

Fri- 0

Sat- 0

Sun- 0

Total: 45.5 miles (6:04)

Hmmm...obviously a bit of a mistake of a week on my part.  I can never seem to learn; however, this shin is proving to be frustratingly tenacious and somewhat unpredictable.  I'm going to bag the Mexico trip and just focus on being healthy and fit for AR.  Mostly, I'm getting tired of not being able to be out on the trails every day.


Andrew said...

Nagging injuries are so difficult - they don't hurt enough to stop you but if you don't stop yourself, they'll hurt more later.

Would it be beneficial to go for long hikes on the trails during the off days, or would that still aggravate the shin? That would be one way to get your trail fix.

tim barnes said...

Hey Anton.
Sorry to hear yr shin is giving you more problems. Dude, gotta rest it, A-R-T it, or something.
Are you into talking about some of those Crosslite modifications?

Steve Pero said...

Not that I should be giving advice to you, but maybe wearing some trainers with a bit of support and or cushioning for a change might help. I had a similar injury in 1980 training for Boston and it was the orthotics that was causing the problem. Once I took them out of my shoes, my shin got better and better every day.
sometimes doing something different creates enough of a change to your foot placement to get the healing process started. Plus lower your mileage for a few weeks.

Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

As an elite, ultra high-mileage runner, I'm sure you're quite used to these setbacks...it's gonna come down to the ol' balancing act--how patient you can be at not pushing it and letting time off do the trick. Because it sounds like you've been right on the edge for quite some time with this shin. The body will let you continue to train and race for quite a while before the tweaky area finally just gives out and slams the door shut. I am on year 4 of trying to come back from plantar fasciitis...each time I'm almost back to normal, I run a 50 or 100 and weaken it again. Some day it might rupture completely, we'll have to see...I can't help myself because I'm a weak-minded fool, but I promise you, if you do what I say, and not what I do......