Wednesday, March 3, 2010

70 and 71

(Starting to shed her winter coat.)

First, I thought I'd cross-post this interview I recently did over at Endurance Planet.  Due to the casual, informal, over-the-phone format I tended to ramble a little; my bit starts at around the 22min mark.

I made it to the top of Green twice today.  By and large, winter is over here in Boulder, CO.  Sure, we will most certainly be graced with (probably several) more snowstorms, but something tells me that they will mostly be of the melt-within-the-next-48hrs variety.  Which is fine with me.  I'm ready for some hot weather.

This afternoon's run involved running hard up the steep frontside of Green.  I started running from my doorstep and joined Jeff at Gregory Canyon where he led me up the Amphitheater trail.  Despite the warm temps, much of this route stays in the shade bascially all day, so what would otherwise be an infuriatingly slippery surface proved to be an exceptionally efficient recipient for the 3/8" cleats on our Microspikes.  I can't believe I waited until January to pick up a pair of those suckers. 

Inspired by the great weather and the favorable trail conditions I moved ahead at the Saddle Rock trail junction and cruised up the gradient with increased intensity, looking to push the edge a bit and make things hurt.  Well, I certainly found some of that.  I guess my legs weren't feeling quite as great as I'd hoped, so I ended up with a 32:49 ascent, 30 seconds off of my PR.

After running down the mountain with Jeff I scurried down to Kittredge Field by the Law School and indulged in two and a half miles of glorious barefootin' on the artificial turf there.  The entire time I was encircling students playing football, frisbee, soccer, and lacrosse, everyone just out in the evening twilight enjoying the still-warm air in the shadows of the Flatirons.  I even got in some shirtlessness for the first time this year.

After days like today, I can't wait for summer and the ambiance evoked by a tune like this (probably the closest to a jam band-y type thing you'll ever see me advocate):


Michael Owen said...

Hey Anton, I'm from Ohio and will be driving out to Boulder next week for spring break. I know you probably get this a lot but it'd be cool to meet up and run. Can get back to me and let me know when your going to be running?

Jeff Valliere said...

Great run Tony! What a great day, certainly one that inspires hope that Spring/Summer is near. Hopefully one of these days soon I will be at least a little closer to pushing you to a new PR!

Stuart Swineford said...

Yesterday was killer in Boulder, for sure. I mentioned just the other day how interesting the transition from Winter to Spring can be. Not sure if it is the shift in the sun's angle that just reaches some sort of tipping point or what but yes, things have definitely gotten Springy of late.

Solid effort out there. Hope to bump into you sometime.


Michael Alfred said...
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Michael Alfred said...

I'm really happy to hear that winter is basically over in Boulder. Like Michael Owen above, I'm also going to be in Boulder in the coming weeks (April 1-4) and I'm planning on doing Green Mountain every day while I'm there. After reading your blog for several years, I'm excited to finally see these hallowed grounds where you train for great race performances.

Billy said...

I for one, really dug the interview with KP @ Endurance Planet and learned a lot from it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all things ranging from fueling to running barefoot.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Im runner from Poland. My name is Damian. Sorry for my bad english. I just want to say I and my running friends from Poland love your blog, you really inspire us many ways, i wish you write a little more :)
PS: Thanks to you i cut heels from my asics running shoes and see MUCH of improvement in terms running form, regeneration speed etc.
You see you have fans even in Poland :)

darkhorse said...

Tony- I don't know what to say other than your a BAMF. Happy running!



CoyoteGirl said...

Hi Anton! I love reading your blog, it's so inspiring to me. Your pictures are beautiful. I wish I cold run to such a fabulous trail right from my doorsteps.

AJW said...


I just listened to your interview with Kevin. Great stuff! I particularly appreciated your comments early in the interview abour readjusting expectations during a race. I will never forget my exchange with the late Dave Terry at Wasatch in 2006 when he was hurting at Mile 75. After pumping him full of calories and helping him change his shirt he said,

"AJW, longevity in this sport is all about expectations -- creating them and then managing them."

After that, he headed out into the night.

I really hope to see you in Squaw in late-June.


Jeff B. said...

Anton, you may get a kick out of some of the things people have written about you at this link

I hope you take it well because it is just part of being a professional athlete and a public figure. All and all most people who love the sport enjoy reading about your efforts and your blog postings that provide more context on your life, but who am I but a run of the mill slow and beginning ultra wanna-be who has never completed a 100 miler, and trolls ultra blogs.

Keep up the effort and the writting, you a make a positive difference for many of us.

Anton said...

I too hope to see you at Squaw in June; good luck with training!

Sam Robinson said...

Hi Anton,

Thanks for writing on your blog. I've had a pretty crappy time of it since this fall and this is coming off the best season of running I've ever had in spring/summer of 2009. It was nice to read your thoughts. Cheered me up and reminded me why I live the life I do. Thanks, man.

If you're ever in Berkeley and want some company for a run up in the hills, let me know.

Unknown said...

Awesome!...Catching up. This is my favorite "Inspired by the great weather and the favorable trail conditions I moved ahead...looking to push the edge a bit and make things hurt. Well, I certainly found some of that." Keep on rockin' it and lovin' it.