Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Dec 29, 2007

AM- 45 miles (6:05) Garden of the Gods loop, then Mt Buckhorn and a bunch of Monument Loops (PC II)

This was a weird run.  I set off this morning with intentions to run 40+ miles in an out and back on Rampart Range Road, but once I started moving through the downhills in Garden of the Gods my right shin got pretty tight again, to the point that I was actually favoring it.  After sitting on a rock for a while (plenty to pick from in the Garden) contemplating what to do, I decided to just run back to the house and call it a day.

However, by time I got back to Monument Valley, my shin was feeling great again and I couldn't think of any reason why I should stop running.  After running a couple small loops in the park (I was now at about 18 miles) I decided to do my usual run through Bear Creek to the top of Mt. Buckhorn and back.  This turned out to be a fine decision as the shin never really protested again the rest of the run, and, aside from the uncharacteristically strong wind, it was a beautiful sunshiney day with temperatures solidly in the 30s.

Coming back from the mountains I really got rolling--I'd been feeling good energy-wise all day--and hit a string of miles back to CC all in the 7:00 to 7:25 range.  It was pretty heartening to be moving that quick after 5 hours or running.  But, the last 45 minutes of this run ended up being pretty rough.  I slowed to 9 minute pace and just tried to finish up the last 5 miles as comfortably as possible which really wasn't comfortable at all--my legs were finished.  That's good,'s time for them to get used to the longer stuff again.

I just really hope that I don't look back on this run with regret in the next day or two and wish that I had gone a lot shorter so that my shin isn't jacked...but, I'm optimistic and think it's going to be fine with some more diligent icing and stretching.  Also, should've worn a long-sleeve t-shirt instead of just the Moeben sleeves with my was just too windy today for it to be truly warm.


CoyoteGirl said...

Hi Anton -

Your blog is a great source of inspiration to me. I'm returning to running after a long layoff due to a pretty bad acute injury and then having two kids (lol). Whenever I see that you went out and did 35+ miles in -2 temps I feel like a wimp out here in California.

It sounds like you have some beautiful, epic trails to run on. Please share some pictures if you can.


Runnerudite said...

Do you ever just take a day to drink beer, eat ice-cream, and get laid? Seriously though... You are crazy tough. Good luck at Rocky. What other ultras are on your schedule for the first 1/2 of 2008? How about Jemez 50? If you come down to NM and run, I will bring you a gallon of ice-cream post race.

Texafornia said...
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Texafornia said...

The pain going away after starting may be the endorphins kicking in and masking the injury. Those endorphins are tricky bastards!

Love the blog. The day to day is very cool. Keep posting nutritional information.

Anton said...


sorry, i don't have a camera, but i can post some links to pictures online of the places that i get to run everyday.


ha ha, what makes you think those things don't happen,too? there's no reason to take a day off for them! after Rocky i'm planning on heading down to Mexico for the Copper canyon ultramarathon, and then probably american river and zane grey in april. i'm actually planning on the jemez 50 race, so i might have to take you up on the ice cream offer...